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Wedding invitation through email

1 of my colleague was getting married and she had told me face to face that she would pass the invitation card to me when it was ready. Between that time, she also emailed the invitation to her colleagues (me included).

In Outlook, there’s option to Accept, Reject or Tentative. I had clicked Accept.. I asked her, “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“You know HisEnglishName?”

“Err no..”


“Oh!” We had emailed before, I think.

About a week or so before the wedding, the husband sent out another email to those who had accepted the invitation to block our Outlook calendar. In the email, he listed his wife (they already registered) as Required. Hahwhawah! I wonder if my colleague replied Tentative in playful mode.

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In a relationship

1 of my friends was surprised that she could add herself in Facebook while using her iPhone. Didn’t know if she indeed tried to add herself as friend but it got me thinking that I could add myself in any of the relationship?

I tried, I could search my own name but after clicking my name, I got the message:

You cannot create a relationship with yourself.

Huh. Why not? It seems to me that everyone should start loving themselves 1st. Then other relationships will be so much better because you don’t need other people to love you more than you love yourself. Of course that’s not to say we don’t or can’t have other people love us (or more). It’s just that a lot of us place more emphasis, some compulsory to have relationships, then get married & have children or else, you’ve failed your life & God forbid that!

So. Since I couldn’t add myself and I didn’t want to revenge on anyone (practicing good karma hee), I decided to just change the status to In a relationship without any name. For people who have multiple accounts, they can add their other multiple personalities ;)

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Seating arrangements

In 1 of the recent trip with friends, I found out that 1 of them, A, was dating stealthily indeed. Dating 1 of our mutual friend’s (B) colleague, C.

That friend’s colleague had wistfully, regretfully said to me on the way to the destination trip, “I’m closer with B actually.”

The moment A changed his Facebook relationship, we congratulated him and some berated him for delaying changing the status.

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