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King’s Confectionery Coffee Cheese Cake

Having cold and phelgm but King’s is  having 40% discount on cakes! Darn… Couldn’t stand it and asked mom to buy 1/2 kg cake but she bought 1kg instead. By the time I woke up, 2/5 of the cake was inside parents stomach already! From top – a thin coat of clear jelly with chocolate… Continue reading King’s Confectionery Coffee Cheese Cake

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Bangkok trip III – shopping in Pratunam

2nd day in BKK and we had instant noodles for breakfast. Nat urged us to wake up early and so we did but the shops were barely opened! Most shops open after 10am although the signs say they would be open at 9.30am. Since some shops were not opened yet, we looked for a place… Continue reading Bangkok trip III – shopping in Pratunam