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Manhattan Fish Market – Java Raya Meal set

Sogo was super packed last weekend. There was road block around that area and that caused even more traffic jam. The queues to try clothes outside fitting rooms and to pay were long but they were worth it for the 70% discount :) Though it wasn’t me queueing hehee..

I headed to the higher floors to get to the toilet. Level 4 or 5’s toilet was great. Nobody inside except another girl :) and the stalls were clean. There was a floor of “clearance” – mostly sports t-shirts, pants, shoes and not as packed as the Ground floor Center fair.

When I got hungry, I went over to the LG Floor looking for Sushi. No more. It was occupied by Manhattan Fish Market. Though I had eaten at MFM before, I still forgot that Sushi was not there anymore.

MFM was practically empty as well. Most of the eaters were going for McD’s or Kebab. Actually I headed to Kebab too but there was no seat.

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iPod & sunglasses

I just noticed something weird.

Without sunglasses
iPod without sunglasses

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Bangkok Tip V – last day

So it was our last day already and we were feeling a bit sad that we had to leave BKK already…

Chai had packed yesterday, I 1/2 packed and Nat started to pack slowly in the morning. Since she had the most purchase, it also took her double the time we took.

We must pack and put our luggages at the reception as the check out was 2pm. Our flight was at night.

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