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How to blog post in with Instagram pictures

Update: The steps here use Firefox browser. If you are using Chrome, the only difference is for the Featured Image. This is how I add Instagram pics 1 by 1 from my account to post. There maybe better ways, like using Widget or Plugin but I want to be able to choose which Instagram… Continue reading How to blog post in with Instagram pictures

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Sex pictures in computer

This is not even new – taking pictures while having sex – but the Chinese media is having a field day with Edison Chen sex scandal with several famous celebrities. Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and countless public figures had experienced this before and they didn’t try to commit suicide or quit the entertainment business. But… Continue reading Sex pictures in computer

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Tohtonku – Follow Me – Oil Control (Updated)

This is a review on Follow Me – Oil Control (pimple gel) and its website Tohtonku. Follow Me – Oil Control (pimple gel) Price: RM15.30 @ Tesco The paper packaging’s font is quite modern with rounded square O which reminds me of small images in the web. The colours in grass green and orange reminds… Continue reading Tohtonku – Follow Me – Oil Control (Updated)

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StoresOnline – Internet Marketing Conference

Last Saturday, I followed Devi to StoresOnline – Internet Marketing Conference at JW Marriott. It was advertised in newspapers with “Free dining experience”, “Free MP3 & organizer” – which reminds me, I have to redempt my business organizer! – with free entrance! I was going to work during the weekends so I couldn’t join her.… Continue reading StoresOnline – Internet Marketing Conference

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Why should I reveal my past salaries?

There are some headhunters – including Manpower and TempGirl that require information on your past salaries. Some ask for the latest drawn salary, some ask for the salaries for all jobs you have held. JobsDB is even worse – there’s a compulsory column for Latest Salary for all work experiences. JobStreet has this column too… Continue reading Why should I reveal my past salaries?

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Onion Club emoticons (updated 201208)

There were the angel cuties for Instant Messaging emoticons. Now here’s Onion Club’s cat (duh me!) Onion (hahaha): Onion Club (blog) @ is in Mandarin It’s in Mandarin but you can use Google Language Tools or AltaVista Babel Fish to translate to other languages. I love it!! I even subscribe to the newsletter… Continue reading Onion Club emoticons (updated 201208)