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foursquare (free)

After the last update, the interface is more modern with the Check in button in the middle (bigger size too).

foursquare (1)

I never noticed if this were in previous versions but in the map, your friends’ recent check in with their profile picture are in the map!

foursquare (2)

As usual, upload pic to check  in or tips.
foursquare (3)

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Safari browser

A few months back, my team was going for a holiday team-building and the project manager was passed from 1 to another till it had been postponed for months and then it was dropped onto my lap as a trial project mgr. :S

Safari (1)

Then the trip was postponed even further more coz I was concentrating on fixing our performance in after sales support and I had to have personal time to check out what my friends & colleagues posted in facebook :p Had neglected blogging because it’s just taking too much time. It’s now instant gratification with internet access in public places – at least public places that I go (shopping malls & restaurants).

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Book hotels online – & trip advisor

I discovered online – as in the web from laptop and then found out there’s a mobile application for it. It’s much easier to book in mobile app than through laptop/pc but maybe that’s just me. The results are the same. Pictures are clearer in bigger display though. (1) (2) (3)

Here I was searching for local islands – Perhentian, Sibu, Langkawi, Rawa, Pangkor and Penang. Hey, Penang is still an island!

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