Movie, Music & Food Reviews

Looking at my blog, the ratings are not user friendly.. If a person is blind, 1 relies on verbal clues. With the ratings in colour, how to differentiate? Not tat I hv any disabled readers (yet), tat I know of.. but every webmaster/web programmer should strive for accessability to every1.

So! Ratings revamped from:

Ditch it! *****
Keep it for deco *****
OK *****
A Keeper *****
Can’t live without it! *****


Traffic light word(s) meaning =
Red I can’t get no satisfaction! :( 1/5 Skip this even if it’s FOC! I regret this!

2/5 That’s all?

Orange Unh :|3/5 Ok laaaa. Good for RM6/7 movie once. Sometimes as good as claimed/ So so uh.
Teal Oh yeah, baby! :) 

4/5 I thoroughly enjoyed the movie in the cinema

5/5 I want to watch this again, even if I have to pay full price! Results as good as claimed or higher than claimed!

Rating: 1 (lowest) – 5 (highest)

Can’t really understand Mandarin so I’m judging by the tone and tune only. Oh and yeah, the feel good (happy) factor.

Not a frequent cook (unless you count mixing egg + vege + Maggie or Yee Mee) and never had professional course in food tasting. All gut & tongue feel.


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