This is not to introduce the people in my blog. I need a page to keep track what I named them. ;)


Car, BraveSafe CoveredUp VampireTeeth, Pig, T, Z, Mermaid, Bitch, G, M, Lynnee, iPay


ShopMgr, MCL (Mariah Carey Lover), SmoothOperator, Thong, BlackHairedGal, Chimmy, PotatoGal, Supervisor, (ex) MaleSupervisor, Month, TuxedoGuy, Dragon, LongHairedGal, Sweetie, Hairstylist, PrettyEyes and JiewBaoGang

AmazonWoman, Dimples, Blondie, Cutie, CurryChicken.
Jas, MatureBabyGal.


7 thoughts on “People

  1. Very interesting blog!

    I came here thru a Google search on “Gasoline Cafe”, tho I had the one in Seri Kembangan in mind. Haha, but anyway, thanks for the “Top 50 Mistakes Made By Men When Trying To Have Sex” post. Gotta say I’ve made the same mistakes… >_> now I know better!


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