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Didn’t you notice that?

At work, a colleague (C) asked me something that was not 100% under my governance and I told C to refer to the actual “governor”. Once C heard the “governor’s” name, C decided that C needn’t ask the governor but just inform governor what C wants to do. I felt that was disrespectful. Though the governor maybe new, whatever new process that relates to governor’s work, C should ask for opinion for there are impacts on areas that C or I or even governor may not be aware of.

So I told C, “Don’t bully G.”

“I don’t bully G. I treat her nicely. Didn’t you notice that I talk to her nicer than I talk with you?”

Whoa.. I thought about it. Yeah, C does talk nicer to G though sometimes C was sarcastic to G as well and G noticed this too. Was it my bad that caused C to treat me like this? Maybe.. G is a sweet looker. C is not a sweet looker :p I wanted to tell him that’s because G’s a pretty gal and I treat G nicer than I to you too but I didn’t want to hurt C’s feelings.

Then I remembered why this question sounded so familiar. Didn’t you notice that..?

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Download it from:
[the website is in Mandarin but the program is in English]

Bear’s MSN/Windows Live Messenger has slide pictures of himself – topless showing off his muscles and places he had been – he said it was from MSNShell. I had tried to download it previously but the installer wasn’t complete and finally managed to install it just now :D

For simplicity, MSN/WL Messenger is referred as WL in this post. MSNShell is an addon to WL, like Messenger Plus! Live.

The features (refer Review ratings for colour explaination) :

  • Options
    • change the language – in this age, this option is a must
    • position of shell menu
  • UI (User interface) Enhancement
    • auto hide WLM main window
    • Dash Board mode
    • weather (only in Mandarin)
  • Individual Enhancement
    • slide display picture. Cool! You can use it like Imagini – DNA to visualize your dreams or tell something about yourself! :D
    • individual messages behind nickname. Current WL allow 1 msg only. Good for those who have long winding msg.
    • background picture which WL also has
    • skins (the flowery skins available from MSNShell are too distracting for me and especially if you are using it at work unless your work is to distract others)
  • MSN Enhancement
    • multi-account login. Meebo and other online web messaging allow this but WL doesn’t.
    • hide ad banner. Cool!
    • individual chat logs beautified
    • add/delete emoticons in batches. Cool! WL allows adding/deleting emoticons 1 by 1. Continue reading
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