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Lost/Stolen purse in 1Utama (along with other stuffs)

Forgot to take my pink purse (a birthday present from friends) from the Ladies toilet in 2nd floor near MPH & Sushi Zanmai, new wing of One Utama. Came back for the stall immediately when I realized it in front of Zanmai and it was gone. There was a lady inside and when she came out, I checked the metal “rack” was empty.

For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the girl’s face or clothing who came into the stall after me!

There were RHB Debit card, Maybank & CIMB ATM cards, Touch N Go, IC, driving license and several membership cards, about RM500 (either for parents or part of car loan damnnit), eye drop and lipstick. Immediately I asked the cleaner who was helpful but said nobody found anything. Then I went down to report at the Info counter and the young guy asked me, “Who stole it?”

Didn’t they train Info counter staffs on how to handle robbery/thieving cases? You should ask, “Did you see who steal it?” or “Can you explain what happened?” At least he called Security guys right away and gave the Security & Safety Dept complaint form.

The Security guys came and told me they would call me if they get any news. I asked to see CCTV and the guy told me I had to report police. “Police will check CCTV, you cannot.” There’s such thing? When my camera & wallet were stolen in Bangkok, the shopping mall’s security allowed me to view the CCTV after reporting to the mall’s security.

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