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BSC Xmas 2010 & O Gourmet

Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) has lots lots of chocolates!!!

There’s even Hello Kitty Color A Cookie Kit! Cute. Happy?
BSC Xmas 2010 (2)

HUGE Toblerone
BSC Xmas 2010 (3)

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The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) review

Keanu is back as alien, Klaatu. Good character for his wooden/cool expressions. That’s not really true. He did scowl in Constantine and he made The Matrix cool.

Rottentomatoes - The Day the Earth Stood Still
Rottentomatoes – The Day the Earth Stood Still

The poster has 1/2 of his face, with green iris. His character actually has brown eyes in the movie or did I see wrong colour?

I supposed the green is for environment or the bubble. The orb is not scary at all. You’d never guess what Klaatu had to do if you had never read the review or saw the original movie before.

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Higher living costs

Do you pride yourself being rich & cultured when you are staying in higher living costs places?

Petrol hike was announced this evening, right after work and there were traffic jams around petrol stations. Seriously, how much could anyone save in a session of petrol pump? 1 meal? To wait for so long for your turn – wouldn’t you burn petrol already?

For the rich, it’s just a “small ant” issue. For the poor, additional RM0.70 is going to make their lives tougher. Once petrol hikes up, anything that requires transportation will go up as well. What, you don’t need food delivered to you? You’ll go to the market. Heh, the farmers & sellers will tell you, “Petrol hike, we also have to hike to survive.”

When politicians give such pathetic excuses & “bad” research on petrol that other countries have to pay higher for petrol, think again. How much is the cars over there? Quality cars can be bought at RM30K, after convert. Here? We can only buy low or medium grade cars.

Seriously, Malaysia has so much resources from petrol to food yet the government doesn’t know how to run the country efficiently. If the living costs were lower, there are even more billionaires here.

If I had earlier flirted with buying Myvi, now I’m more sure of buying Viva to save petrol. Yet, the best car would be solar or any other resources than petrol-based car. Unless Proton comes up with such car, every other cars, however environment friendly and safe would be more expensive. Of course there’s the public transport but we hear of trains delayed almost every month. Soon buses will increase the fare too because of petrol.

Is our country’s thinker & politicians thinking of the solution in the long term because petrol is sure going up, not down? Are we finding other, better ways to live? Why not lower the prices of environment friendly products?

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