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The interview that never was

Position: Business Development Executive
Field: sales, admin
Industry: Healthcare, Beauty
Location: Not stated in job ad


I never applied Advertisers job. Except 1 or 2 where the job descriptions were “captivating”. Here’s what I think of them.

I was surprised that after a day or 2 applying this job online, I got a call on last Friday from a girl asking hesitantly, “Hello.. are you.. MJ?”


“Did you apply for Business Development Executive at our company (claimed to be 1 of the leading healthcare chain stores in Malaysia)?”

I racked my brain. I didn’t apply job at that company but I did apply Business Development Executive so I told her, “Yes.”

After giving me the interview time and date, she asked, “Do you know our address?”

“No (the ad didn’t mention the address). Can you email the map to me?”

“Err… to your email (she spelled it out)?”



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