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Who give up?

When you know of a vacancy, do you ask for the JD (job desc) to check if you want to apply or send your resume first?

Mmm.. what’s the difference actually?

If the employer sees your resume but finds that you are not suitable, you are out.

If the employee sees the JD but finds that the job is not suitable, the employee wouldn’t apply the job.

Power play – whoever gives up the document loses?

When there’s a vacancy, both parties – employers and potential employees research each other to find out if they match. Does it matter who give first?


Interview for Management Trainee

Position: Management Trainee
Company: Local
Field: sales, retail, management
Industry: Marketing & Customer Service
Location: KL town where the buildings are rented RM6-8/square feet.

(Lack of) Preparation before interview 

It’s my practice to try to reach the destination 1/2hr before the scheduled interview so that I still have time in case the train is late/doesn’t come at all, find the location and fill up the application form.

I had forgotten what post I applied for this interview (which is bad – don’t follow me!), company background and I couldn’t search for my job applications online for 2 days because there was “connection interruption in some parts of Klang Valley” according to 100 (Streamyx) – couldn’t online for 2 days.

The caller, Iz (a sweet voiced girl) had given me the full address and she even gave a reminder call about 1/2 hr before the scheduled interview. At that time, it felt like irritation since I was already on the way but I realized if someone were late or had forgotten about it, that last minute reminder helped.

During the interview

Alarm #1

When I reached the building, I looked at the directory and couldn’t find the company’s name. I asked the security guard and he was baffled, “Tak ada company ni. Ada APL. 17 floor. APL lah.”

I thought I had heard the company wrong from Iz but I was sure she had told me “App” instead of APL. So I went inside APL and told the receiptionist that, “I’m here for interview with Iz.”

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Responsibilities and requirements

Konsortium Lapangan Terjaya - funny
click to view the job ad :)

Can you catch it? Upside down.

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