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Interview for Management Trainee

Position: Management Trainee Company: Local Field: sales, retail, management Industry: Marketing & Customer Service Location: KL town where the buildings are rented RM6-8/square feet. (Lack of) Preparation before interview  It’s my practice to try to reach the destination 1/2hr before the scheduled interview so that I still have time in case the train is late/doesn’t… Continue reading Interview for Management Trainee

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Interview with cool IT manager

Position: Project Exec Company: Local Field: IT Industry: IT, Customer Support, MLM Location: In an area full of Malay residents but the company has only Chinese employees & employer Pre-Interview  I had bumped into an ex-colleague a few months back and she said, “Eh, my company is hiring. You want to try?” I was skeptical.… Continue reading Interview with cool IT manager

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Reason #1 interviewers ask for your salary

Most of the interviewers that I had been to asked me about past salaries and expected salary. Now, Why should I reveal my past salaries? The only interviewer that didn’t ask me these 2 questions was the Sales Manager for a top IT company which I blogged about because it was the most Interrupted, interview… Continue reading Reason #1 interviewers ask for your salary

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Note to Hiring Execs: Get a Clue

Monster Blog – Note to Hiring Execs: Get a Clue blogged about 3 main points and I added my 2cents, eh, actually these are worth more than 2cents to the employers who really want to know and care: They Want What? Recognition for own effort in verbal, written or benefits (allowance, bonus, trips, free meals/coupons,… Continue reading Note to Hiring Execs: Get a Clue

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Questions to ask before you work in retail

Retail job is among the ‘not so good career lah’. Long hours, low requirement and qualifications, etc. Actually you are not advised to ask every questions here to the interviewer or people in charge but also yourself. Do you know that some Zara, LVMH & Gucci promoters get at least RM2K basic? Some engineers and… Continue reading Questions to ask before you work in retail