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Palm of Fortune/Your palm reading – win iPad2?

Did you notice this advertisement on the right side of your Facebook before?

Palm of fortune 4

Once you click on Your palm reading, you will get a page & a pop up:

Palm of fortune 1 Win iPad 2 contest

Which should alert your brain that this is a scam! Look at the pop-up. Looks fishy!

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New York Skin Solutions (Updated)

Mich gave a free facial to me sometime last month at New York Skin Solutions.

“You must call them to make appointment, they are very busy one,” she told me.

My ‘beautician’ explained my skin type and what she would do while scanning my face with a eye-scope and displayed the images in the notebook screen. Eeek! Lots of clogged pores, dirt (a lot of standing, waiting for bus?), oil and blemishes.

The reception area appeared small but according to my beautician, “There are 22 room here,” when I asked her. The walls are in navy too so it’s quite dark but the rooms are in beidge or white – couldn’t really tell.

Each room has a bed, a sink with automated hot / cold water (convenient for facial & massages), a mirror and hanger for your clothes. Most of the customers would have a machine brought in for facial. There is a loose garment to wear because there’s shoulder & neck massage. Some of the products are applied there too.

The facial would take about 1 1/2hr – 2hrs. For my pimples with oily skin, I was:

  • cleansed
  • 2 masks
  • pimples, blackheads & whiteheads extraction
  • brief face & shoulder massage

It was very relaxing – I almost fell asleep. Except the extraction part. 2 cotton pads were put over my eyes to protect them from the light onto face. And I suspect to absorb my tears. After the facial is finished, I was brought to the same room as the screening again to check results. Really, cleaner and fresher. There was less red marks from the pimples retraction compared to Praise Beauty.

Then she introduced the facial package. RM2000 for 10 facial sessions and 50% discount on skincare products. Aha! It was too expensive for me. Seeing my reluctance, she offered another package – RM1000 for 5 facial sessions and 3 products in full size (cleanser, toner, moisturizer).

“Let me think first,” I told her.

“You must sign up today. The promotion is not valid on another day.”

Wah, shit. This is how New York Skin Solution capture you.

“You also get 3 free facial vouchers for your friends each month.”

Next time, I’m going to research all freebies and jobs/companies at Online Consumer Community Portal!

London Weight Management (formerly Sensualite Slimming),
New York Skin Solutions (formerly Giant Ginseng) & Yun Nam Hair Care belong to same Singaporean HQ: all 3 companies use same hard-selling tactics, same operation. There have been cases filed against them at the consumer tribunal for misleading advert, unethical business practices, cheating etc. You can read those horror stories under consumer messages headings “Yun Nam Hair care” & “London Weight Management Sdn Bhd”.

Consumer – New York Skin – suspicious and unethical

SingaporeBrides.com – Discussion Forum For The Singapore Wedding * Beauty, Health and Fitness * New York Skin Solutions

My beautician also recommended Collagen drink to detoxify and have more energy – there’s a promotion of Buy 2 Free 1 for April. 1 pack is RM180. I didn’t buy it. She persuaded me to take it but I insisted not to.

The point is:


By the time I reached home, the red spots were apparent! I thought we shouldn’t get scars from facials! But after a day or two, I noticed my skin was better and no more red spots.


  • Learn to say NO more often
  • Eat more Vit C & fruit
  • Drink more water
  • Shit more
  • Exercise and manage stress

Update 10 Jul 2007

When I searched online in Google for “New York Skin Solutions”, I found:

This post is at 2nd place! No wonder I get lots of hits on this post :) Thanks for visiting – hope the skin care did help your skin.

I scrolled down… down for the company’s website. When I wrote this post, I couldn’t find its official website. Now, I found it at 2nd last of 1st page:

Google search New York Skin Solutions

New York Skin Solutions

New York Skin Solutions is a reputed skin care brand from the United States.”

Whoaa. From US? Reputed? If it’s really from US, then why there’s no brand called New York Skin Solutions in US?! Nobody has heard of it – except Malaysians and Singaporeans!

In Malaysia, 1 of the ads are here.

The appearance of Milia is usually an indication that you’re using a product that could be unsuitable for your skin.

New York Skin Solutions – Skin Problems – 8. Oil Seeds and Milia

I was using New York Skin Solutions skincare – cleanser, toner and moisturizer for acne skin and I have smaller oil seeds below my eyes-nose area ever since I changed to other brand cleanser. So its products are causing oil seeds and not helping my skin.

I’m thinking of getting back my money too. How?
* Update 24 Nov 2008 *

PASIM РNow Everyone Can Complain

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