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The Han Room lunch

Celebrated my belated birthday with mom last weekend and I wanted to try Delectable but found out it was only a side shop and the food=cakes & biscuits only :/ I had cakes for almost everyday on the birthday week.

So we headed to Han Room, behind LV in The Gardens, Mid Valley. Had been here for dinner with colleagues before and loved the Salad with soft shell crab :D

The menus – fruit juices, dim sum & mooncakes. 99.9% of the time, mom will not order any drink. So it was up to me.

Han Room (1) Han Room (2) Han Room (3)

The lady that served us suggested Han Fruit Juice (bottom of the menu, also the most expensive drink in the list) which she said consisted of 3 different drinks, all in very small glasses “only”. Ok, we’d go with that.

Here it is..

Han Room (4) Han Room (6) Han Room (7)

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