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iPhone – Period (P) Tracker Lite

When my male colleague asked me what app is good to
install, I immediately recommended Period (P) Tracker *thumbs up on
both hands*! LOL Told him can use it for his girlfriend to prevent
pregnancy :p He’s single. Not sure looking for girlfriend or not..
Period Tracker Lite (5) Period Tracker Lite (1) Pretty! Once installed & opened (2nd icon
on 2nd row), tap on Period Day 1 to add your 1st Period Day. If
it’s not your 1st Day, you can change it later or you can go
directly to Calendar at the bottom navigation. There’s also a paid
version (not in this review yet) called Period Tracker Deluxe (may
appear as P Tracker Deluxe). In a play for words, there’s any Penis
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M Spa @ Genting Highlands

Won a RM100 Holiday Card from the previous Team Building and didn’t use it till the day of the card. Not for my lack of trying.. When I went to Genting Highlands with friends during the Chinese New Year this year, it was too cheap to use for buffet and there were too many people in restaurants. Then, I asked friends and family, none wanted to go go Genting :(

So on the last day of the expiry date 31 Aug 2009 (yeah, now only blogging about it), I went up to Genting alone. Yep, I was a bit feeling sorry for myself and almost begged my friends to go with me!

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Who do you see in the mirror?

Car moaned, “Someone said I got fat already.”

I exclaimed in disbelief, “What?! Who said that?!”

For one, men shouldn’t say women are fat when the women are thin!
Two, Car is super thin. She wears XS size and usually can find clothes to wear in skinny tees and could probably fit into Size 10 of children’s clothes if she dared to wear them. She’s in her mid 20’s.

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