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Eminem feat Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie

Love the music tunes and the background. However, is Rihanna degrading herself further cooing “I love the way you lie”? The woman gets herself abused and she loved it? Is she a sadist or what? Being abused by Chris Brown is not enough? Eminem has sung about killing & hurting women before. The lyrics (not in… Continue reading Eminem feat Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie

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Ip Man (2008) review

The other day at lunch, my colleagues and I were sitting at the pantry. The Star was open on the table and we were suddenly discussing about the current movies in cinemas like Bolt and The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) One of the Malay engineers asked, “I.P. (Internet Protocol) Man?” I work at… Continue reading Ip Man (2008) review

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Who’s the Pendatang?

The only original citizens of Malaysia are Orang Asli. The rest of us had ancestors coming from all over the world. So why the bias that certain races get discounts in buying house & cars, lower passing rate in education exams? Kuda Ranggi – Antara pendatang dan penumpang [Bahasa Malaysia or it it?] Scottthong –… Continue reading Who’s the Pendatang?

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For a person who loves food and have a history of gastric when witholding from eating or being gluttony, I can’t NOT eat within 4hrs. I imagine it must be really hard for Muslims to get up way earlier than usual and have to eat enough to last till evening, then work without lunch or… Continue reading Puasa

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Sex pictures in computer

This is not even new – taking pictures while having sex – but the Chinese media is having a field day with Edison Chen sex scandal with several famous celebrities. Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and countless public figures had experienced this before and they didn’t try to commit suicide or quit the entertainment business. But… Continue reading Sex pictures in computer

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Shopping & AIDS

This was the first time I went for both FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sale (301107) & DKSH Warehouse Sale even though I blogged about them in PASIM hahaa. FJ Benjamin warehouse sale Q management When I reached Park Royal, the queue was at the escalator at lobby and I couldn’t even see the front. It was… Continue reading Shopping & AIDS

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Steps on rooftop

A few midnights ago, I heard some weird noise of something heavier than the stray cats that like to find holes for their kittens on my house’s rooftop. It sounded like someone was walking from the front to the back, then some sawing/cutting sound on cords. I immediately grabbed brother’s walking stick and switched on… Continue reading Steps on rooftop