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Firefox 3.5.3 can’t load Gmail

Ever since I upgraded my Firefox to 3.5.3, I am unable to load Gmail properly. The Status bar will continuously load and then back to 0, load again.. and again.
Firefox - Gmail can't load (3) by you.

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Streamyx sucks

Yesterday, my brother informed that he couldn’t online since Monday midnight. The DSL light was blinking rapidly. He had removed the splitter and it still didn’t work. Reset both modem & router didn’t work either.

We both tried to call 100 yesterday but nobody was free to take the call several times. It was like either everyone was calling 100 to complain or TM Net had problem in its IVR.

So I went to the website to report complain but the form doesn’t respond when I clicked Submit!

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Bangkok trip IV – hot, HOT day

A new day. We were going to Four Faced Buddha, at Erawan (luxury shopping mall) and Chatuchak Weekend Market. Last day to go to Chatuchak as it’s opened on Fri, Sat & Sun only. Duh me I didn’t know it was a weekend market and told Car on Saturday nite that we still had Monday in BKK. Alvin had suggested that I brought a hat, a cloth and sunscreen to Chatuchak.

The receptionist informed that we would just spend about 10 – 15minutes at the Four Faced Buddha coz it was very smoky. I wondered if I should wear spec or contact lenses. It sucks when smoke or dust gets into the eye while wearing contact lenses, I could be crying for minutes and unable to open eyes yet couldn’t close the eyes. Common sense prevailed and I wore specs instead. At least I’ll have protection from the joss stick smoke :)

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