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Bangkok trip IV – hot, HOT day

A new day. We were going to Four Faced Buddha, at Erawan (luxury shopping mall) and Chatuchak Weekend Market. Last day to go to Chatuchak as it’s opened on Fri, Sat & Sun only. Duh me I didn’t know it was a weekend market and told Car on Saturday nite that we still had Monday… Continue reading Bangkok trip IV – hot, HOT day

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Bangkok trip III – shopping in Pratunam

2nd day in BKK and we had instant noodles for breakfast. Nat urged us to wake up early and so we did but the shops were barely opened! Most shops open after 10am although the signs say they would be open at 9.30am. Since some shops were not opened yet, we looked for a place… Continue reading Bangkok trip III – shopping in Pratunam

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Bangkok trip I – browsing

Nat msg: We overnite @ my bf, then we go to Chai, to airport. I didn’t want to overnite at any other place than my own bed and pillow – didn’t have enough sleep for whole week already though I had been determined to zzz as much as possible on the week before I travel… Continue reading Bangkok trip I – browsing

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Raya Holidays @ Cameron Highlands 7

That night, we went to pasar malam but my side (Jim, Young Gal and I) had to go back to the apartment to boil the soup to prepare for dinner. I hadn’t finished walking the pasar malam but the stalls were pretty much the same. When we reached the apartment, Jim and YoungGal fished for… Continue reading Raya Holidays @ Cameron Highlands 7

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How can this be??

Bro looked at his monitor in shocked. He exclaimed, “Cannot watch Bleach oh!” “Why?” I peered at his monitor. It was Veoh’s page but super simplified: “Did you register?” I asked him. “No.” “Let me try later.” … Duh! There’s no option for login. Dang! He told me the other day that latest Bleach episode… Continue reading How can this be??

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Higher living costs

Do you pride yourself being rich & cultured when you are staying in higher living costs places? Petrol hike was announced this evening, right after work and there were traffic jams around petrol stations. Seriously, how much could anyone save in a session of petrol pump? 1 meal? To wait for so long for your… Continue reading Higher living costs

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Performance != salary

For the first few days of work, it was a breeze to relearn the applications & processes. Then 1 of us resigned because there was no way he could get promoted up unless someone leave. So, the remaining people in the team had to take his work load. I took the more volume, another colleague… Continue reading Performance != salary