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New York Skin Solutions (Updated)

Mich gave a free facial to me sometime last month at New York Skin Solutions.

“You must call them to make appointment, they are very busy one,” she told me.

My ‘beautician’ explained my skin type and what she would do while scanning my face with a eye-scope and displayed the images in the notebook screen. Eeek! Lots of clogged pores, dirt (a lot of standing, waiting for bus?), oil and blemishes.

The reception area appeared small but according to my beautician, “There are 22 room here,” when I asked her. The walls are in navy too so it’s quite dark but the rooms are in beidge or white – couldn’t really tell.

Each room has a bed, a sink with automated hot / cold water (convenient for facial & massages), a mirror and hanger for your clothes. Most of the customers would have a machine brought in for facial. There is a loose garment to wear because there’s shoulder & neck massage. Some of the products are applied there too.

The facial would take about 1 1/2hr – 2hrs. For my pimples with oily skin, I was:

  • cleansed
  • 2 masks
  • pimples, blackheads & whiteheads extraction
  • brief face & shoulder massage

It was very relaxing – I almost fell asleep. Except the extraction part. 2 cotton pads were put over my eyes to protect them from the light onto face. And I suspect to absorb my tears. After the facial is finished, I was brought to the same room as the screening again to check results. Really, cleaner and fresher. There was less red marks from the pimples retraction compared to Praise Beauty.

Then she introduced the facial package. RM2000 for 10 facial sessions and 50% discount on skincare products. Aha! It was too expensive for me. Seeing my reluctance, she offered another package – RM1000 for 5 facial sessions and 3 products in full size (cleanser, toner, moisturizer).

“Let me think first,” I told her.

“You must sign up today. The promotion is not valid on another day.”

Wah, shit. This is how New York Skin Solution capture you.

“You also get 3 free facial vouchers for your friends each month.”

Next time, I’m going to research all freebies and jobs/companies at Online Consumer Community Portal!

London Weight Management (formerly Sensualite Slimming),
New York Skin Solutions (formerly Giant Ginseng) & Yun Nam Hair Care belong to same Singaporean HQ: all 3 companies use same hard-selling tactics, same operation. There have been cases filed against them at the consumer tribunal for misleading advert, unethical business practices, cheating etc. You can read those horror stories under consumer messages headings “Yun Nam Hair care” & “London Weight Management Sdn Bhd”.

Consumer – New York Skin – suspicious and unethical – Discussion Forum For The Singapore Wedding * Beauty, Health and Fitness * New York Skin Solutions

My beautician also recommended Collagen drink to detoxify and have more energy – there’s a promotion of Buy 2 Free 1 for April. 1 pack is RM180. I didn’t buy it. She persuaded me to take it but I insisted not to.

The point is:


By the time I reached home, the red spots were apparent! I thought we shouldn’t get scars from facials! But after a day or two, I noticed my skin was better and no more red spots.


  • Learn to say NO more often
  • Eat more Vit C & fruit
  • Drink more water
  • Shit more
  • Exercise and manage stress

Update 10 Jul 2007

When I searched online in Google for “New York Skin Solutions”, I found:

This post is at 2nd place! No wonder I get lots of hits on this post :) Thanks for visiting – hope the skin care did help your skin.

I scrolled down… down for the company’s website. When I wrote this post, I couldn’t find its official website. Now, I found it at 2nd last of 1st page:

Google search New York Skin Solutions

New York Skin Solutions

New York Skin Solutions is a reputed skin care brand from the United States.”

Whoaa. From US? Reputed? If it’s really from US, then why there’s no brand called New York Skin Solutions in US?! Nobody has heard of it – except Malaysians and Singaporeans!

In Malaysia, 1 of the ads are here.

The appearance of Milia is usually an indication that you’re using a product that could be unsuitable for your skin.

New York Skin Solutions – Skin Problems – 8. Oil Seeds and Milia

I was using New York Skin Solutions skincare – cleanser, toner and moisturizer for acne skin and I have smaller oil seeds below my eyes-nose area ever since I changed to other brand cleanser. So its products are causing oil seeds and not helping my skin.

I’m thinking of getting back my money too. How?
* Update 24 Nov 2008 *

PASIM – Now Everyone Can Complain

431 thoughts on “New York Skin Solutions (Updated)

  1. I tried them too a while back for free – the hardsell turned me off totally as well as the unfriendly attitude. I read their staff turnover is very high and they are pressured to earn their commission through sales and bring in a certain target. Needless to say, I’ve never been back.

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  2. I had a similar experience with Marie France, but they did not push me to sign up when I said I wanted to think about it. The lesson here is “there ain’t no free lunch”.


  3. I’m really a sucker… I can’t say no… but luckily I’m satisfied with the service… no no, not this NYSS, it’s another beauty salon… teach me how to say no, please? (So, you gonna say no to me?) :P


  4. Paris Beaverbanks, mine was really friendly – that was hard to say No to. They are definately under personal sales commission – that’s why the 3 free vouchers to other people must be liased with the same staff.

    But damnit, it’s actually not totally their fault. I mean everyone has the choice to say ‘no’, no matter how bad that would feel.

    KML, free lunch but expect payment in the long run.

    Angel, which beauty salon are you going to? $? You can put a stop sign and say, “Talk to the sign.” :D Then ciao!

    Sometimes I just say that I would think about it, like KML. Then add, “If my friends are interested, I’ll refer them to you.” But if the service is really terrible, I may just tell them about it for them to improve it. And never go back there! Then blog about it to spread the warning :p

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  5. *whispers*
    Body Perfect…

    *continues to whisper*
    I got a so-called “free” facial that’s supposedly worth RM300+ but when I went there (abt 2 years ago), I had to pay a bit more (can’t remember how much) for a ‘proper’ facial.

    BUT… in the end, I signed up 10x.. then 6x… and the rest is history… I also go for their spa… it’s expensive but… *sigh*… *donwan talk about it*


  6. Angel, *heh hehe* So now body & face very perfect? I saw their promotions and fairs @ Mid Valley – they looked quite aggressive.

    RM300 for a ‘free’ facial. You must be rich. :)


  7. Saying no face on is tough, so sometimes maybe can practice “think think 1st”, then when they call u back say no then.. it did work for me a couple of times, especially those fitness centres craze..

    ps: always liked this theme of urs.. :)


  8. Jian, I kena before from those in fitness center. And 1 of the caller was my friend – got free ticket. I always said next time, next time till she also gave up haha.

    P.S. Thanks :) You like the girl in the image header huh?


  9. I went to New York Skin Solutions (Penang)too for the 1st time facial promotion at RM40. I was told the facial actual cost is RM200+.Then, the beauty consultant persuaded me to sign up a package. I was so stupid at that time. It burnt a hole in my pocket. The package cost RM12000+, with 50% discount. Needed to pay RM5000+. I was so tempted because my face was having quite a serious of blemishes/pimples.I really desperate already. After 18X treatment, my face get better but the pores and scars still so obvious.

    One day, a so-called “specialist” from KL visited Penang branch and I was invited to have skin check-up with her. She is so rude ! What the heck. Asking me to sign-up another facial treatment for my pores and scars to get a baby-face skin. I said I need to think. But she keep on forcing me to decide on the spot. I tell her I got financial constrain and she suggested me to call my bf and asked him to pay for me. The “specialist” said this is what a bf need for. Need to fully utilize him. Then, I told her not everyone is like her and walked out. The bloody hell “specialist”. As a beauty specialist saying something soooo unprofesional.
    Later, my consultant (who’s doing the facial for me everytime I visit NY Skin) apologized to me.

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    1. I also have been there in NYSS. I just started with rm38 promotion. after facial, my face looked a bit changes but still unsatisfied after only one session. after that, i also went to a room and they scan back my skin and seen like clean not like b4 facial. then, persuasive session like u all started. i really don’t have much money at that time and i said i really cant, she persuade me again to pay deposit for, i have paid. in my problem now, I’m still confusing to continue this kind expensive facile treatment. is it possible for me to refund my deposit? somebody can help me????I’m really curious


  10. AnnChi, RM5K package?! Do they simply quote the price? Frankly there are better facials and skincare than NY Skin Solutions. With such name – “New York” – people think that it’s a company from US. The bottles even have “Made in US” but the company’s actually from Singapore.
    The ads using real people with Before and After effects would’ve failed to get customers trust like other ‘junk’ or unknown companies but NY Skin Solutions spent a lot of $ in billboard ads! So naturally, people think they work. Including me..


  11. Hi there.. I googles New york Skincare Systems just to see what’s on becasue I have to admit that im totally smitten by the billboard adverts since my complexion is pretty hazardous. but by reading all these comments I am glad that i googled it before going there as im planning to go to the Lot 10 outlet today. thank you so much so this info. minimum 5k for the whole course of treatment? NO WAY!


    1. u r lucky no go there ya.i just came back from there that day.their services really bad bad bad.the free treatment is got free a set of travel pack also but after u said want to think about it,they not given u anything.Walao…at that time,that consultant ask me why u mix ur facial care can like that!must using 1 set.then i said i no money to buy 1 complete set.then she said,the face is urs,if u dun 1 to care is ur business.i can’t said anything.when she persuade me to bought their products,i said my salary also not enough for it.then she said u got credit card/atm card rite?i said i withdraw money from have any card.then she said or u ask your bf pay for u.i told her my bf no support me to buy any facial care.that time i go with my bf’s sister.then she said or u borrow the money from her?i said she also no take too much money come.then she said u got how much money with u now.i said RM100 only.then she keep quite.the face totally changed.i said nevermind la,next time 1st.expensive also nevermind if i think i really 1.then she knew can’t persuaded me then with dark face ask me to give a signature.then i walk out.their attitude really “shit”.


  12. Let me tell you about my experience. I signed up for a package. Upon one of my later visits, the consultant who treats me was on assignment at another outlet. Another consultant attended to me and insisted that my face was bad and I needed to upgrade to have extra vitamin C and collagen treatment. I was reluctant at first to pay an additional RM1200+ citing financial constrains. She then offered to reduce the package to RM830 with monthly payment credit card. Aha, when the chit was given to me to sign for the payment, I found that they had charged me RM1000/-.

    I am just going to finish up what I have already paid for and certainly will not sign up for additional facials.

    I have this to say. Beware! The business practice is certainly questionable.


  13. Hi MJ,
    Yeah, it’s the RM5k package. The price was on the leaflet in conjuction with their new opening in Penang Branch.

    Sometimes, they do reduce the price for you in the package,depending on the branch manager. If they have the authority or maybe discount voucher with them, they will give the discount. You gotta ask them.

    They also asked me to upgrade my package, but I am not the beginner anymore. I said NO, no matter how they persuade me.
    Just wanna finish up the course & find other better place.
    They even tell me I will get the “baby skin” everyone would wanted if I upgrade the package.I told them to deduct the remaining course I haven’t go for it and use the $$ for the “baby skin” stuff.Why they didnt straight away recomend me this package when I first sign up. Now, they said the remaining $$ is not enough.I don’t believe in them anymore.


  14. MJ,
    They reduced price, but products & treatment the same still, I guess. They use all the codes to represent the products, which is printed out when you visit them for treatment.


  15. I am also an unsatisfied NYSS consumer who was cornered to sign up for 10sessions costing me RM1800.

    I only signed up last Tuesday. In fact last Sun….I called them up and asked for more sessions as the price is high but they just ignored my request. The Manager said that they are very systematic in doing things, but honestly, at first they said the per session is RM300 and can only give max 30% discount. Finally, just to make sure we sign up, they give some more discounts!

    I also told them that I am not working now…as a result, I require to think it over but they do not give you space to breathe. The consultant did not manage to get me to sign up so the Manager came in instead……

    Can someone advise whether I can get a full refund??


  16. Hi Catherine Seet,
    You’ve paid full amount with your credit card ?
    I think it’s hard to get refund bcoz it already stated in the paper when u signed up for the package.
    You can replace your treatment with buying the products with the remaining money left.


  17. Hi, I suggest you all report this centre – it’s possible that the products they use are not even registered in Malaysia – they try so hard not to let u see anything outside at the reception!
    I, too, went for a first time trial RM48, at The Curve. Yes – the whole routine with the ultrasound/whatever, and they tried to get me to sign the ‘agreement’ to do the facial – I read the fine print – it actually says you agree to whatever package the beautician puts together and the price is variable – that gives them carte blanche to do whatever! And that’s b4 the facial.

    Then after the facial, the beautician tried to press me into a RM3500 package, then reduced to RM2000, etc, ‘this is available only today’, etc, etc. I smiled and said ‘don’t push me, I think your products may not be legal’ and she hurried me off after that, minus any signed packages. Sad to say, a week after that I have huge angry pimples on new areas of my face!

    Certainly, be careful of this type of salons. Yes they are owned by the same S’pore company that owns London Weight Mgnt, and Yun Nam Hair Systems.




  19. The staff I signed under was ok in facial but she seemed always busy. I had 2 more different staff and 1 of them didn’t apply steam before picking the pimples.

    I prefer the last staff who did my session – she was friendly and professional, no pressure to buy anything. I heard from my friend who goes there – people who are getting treatment for dry skin gets better results than those with acne.

    Joanne, RM8K. Wouldn’t it be better if you buy products to use daily? Please use refrain from using capital letters unless you are shouting :)


  20. Dear All,

    Thank you for your review on New York Skin Care aka (Singapore Company), I normally drop by shopping complex for dinner after a hard days work. So I just walked around window shopping (Subang Parade), after going out of MPH Book Store, yes there’s Yun Num Hair & New York Skin Solutions. She have approached me to make appointment. This my first time doing facial & taught it was for ladies only. To my suprise a RM48 for 3 hour treatment? So I googled for researched. You have saved me from being con by a sweet talk, nicely dress women, how can a man resist…

    For what spending RM8,000 knowing one day we will be old & no treatment can change that, rather save that money & use it for retirement. Let nature take it’s course, we are uniq in our own way.

    God Forgive them!!!


  21. I was surprised to find that your website tops the “official” website of NYSS.

    Needless to say… my experience itself was the same as most of you people. RM48 which includes a “3-hr facial + travel kit + RM300 voucher”. The facial was a pleasant one. Soon after, the beautician unveiled her fantastic marketing skills. I was only given 2 choices: pay 1 shot for the RMxxxx package, or easy payment. This NYSS is cunning enough not to let you have the third option of saying NO. I find them utterly irritating, and kept nodding my head whether I listen or not while focusing on the blank table, hence I don’t even remember the price of the packages they quoted. Walking out the beauty parlor, I’ve no regrets paying RM48 for a mere 1.5 hour facial (the rest of 1.5 hr is crap talk). NYSS had just mold me into a tougher person. For me, it’s a 1.5 hr lecture of “various ways to say NO”. The beautician gave me a 3-day period to reconsider. Boy, I couldn’t wait to give them a 1.5 hr lecture too.

    Salons such as Clara or Dermalogica do not tick ppl off. They merely informed you of their promotions and are not pushy. I’m more than willing to revisit these salons or splurge my money on established facial products. Sorry NYSS, my RMxxxx goes to them, and not YOU.


  22. I was so tempted to try NYS, but so glad that i found this forum which help me not to be lured with offers from the salon.
    Thank you for saving me from experiencing an agony of saying no to their persuasion.


  23. I went the other day and another staff gave me the facial. This time, my skin was much drier and she recommended another set of products.

    Actually the products are not expensive, ranging from about RM50 to RM300 per bottle (from the price list I saw). So don’t be fooled by thinking that NYSS is giving you a lot of freebies worth a lot than your facial package.


  24. JOANNE, this blog post is about my experiences in NYSS, so of course I had been to NYSS. For P&C, I’m not going to disclose the branch but it’s in a relatively new shopping mall.


  25. would like to share my experience too…

    Went down to a new york skin solutions branch in singapore with my friend after much temptation by my colleague (She said that there was a free trial, and i was eager to try it out since my skin condition is pretty bad)

    The skin consultants there were really pushy! Promoting their packages to us. Slashing the prices to S$500 for my friend and I respectively. They put it in a pretty manner ” Your skin is really bad, you have to consider it, tell us ur budget and we are willing to help you.”

    MY FOOT…

    We rejected their repeated attempts and we even wanted to give up on the “free trial”…citing financial difficulties…

    The consultant, nt giving up, asked us to check our balance in our atm cards…You may think that the ordeal is over since we might be able to got out of the shop to check our balance…But this did not happen!!!!
    The consultant got us to check our balance IN THEIR shop!
    This is unethical and a check with their so called other branches shows that they so called dont carry such practices to check the customers’ balance in the shop..
    “No we dont do it.” <—their claim

    We were not allowed to even go to the toliet together!! This is to prevent any one of is slipping away and to ensure they DO close a deal…

    We were both cornered in a small room with TWO consultants hovering infront of us like some vultures…

    My friend and I had not much choice but to sign up. Anyway, we thought that it should be reputable and since the consultants has slashed so much of the pricings, it should be rather worth it…
    We paid 300 bucks each and we totally regretted it.

    NOT ONly did we lose our money over their scram…
    my friend’s face became swollen after it…She had to see a doctor and fork out another 100+ to make the swollen go down…

    I really lose trust over its products which they claim that it will make wonders to the skin…They even claim that my friend’s swolleness was not due to their products…

    It is VERY hard to get a refund.
    ” Every company has its rules” my consultant said!

    RIGHT….The decision has to be made from the top management..
    the manager and the staff are freaking defenseless over it…

    After 2-3 days,
    they told my friend to produce a letter from the doctor to get a refund..This does not include the GST paid to them…

    As for me, they cant do anything about it and they said they can only exchange the money for products..

    (Btw, I had infection on my eyes the day after I did the treatment and I aint sure if it has anything to do with the treatment New york skin solution done)


    1. i totally agree the NYSS is a cheated companies. I am a undergratuade student and i spend a lot of my money from PTPTN to such cheated companies… Now i already spend about 4k to the company and now was already 8 sessions, no any good effect at all. Before do the treatment i not a pimples face person, just suffer the problems from scars, but now not only my scars not recovered, i need to facing pimples problems too… so regret i choose to believe such company through channel 8 media, the advertising is so attracting, the before and after treatment was so attracting skin problems person including me. But what i can said at here is i totally regreat to do this decision, now i left not much money for my study and i also need to spend a lot of money go to see skin doctor since my face now come out many pimples after treatment. We are on the same boat, i hope the victims of NYSS will reduce after all readers read this…


  26. X-X, your case is by far the worst I had known. My next appointment is my last and definately not another signup. I’m just going to let them know my opinion and leave. :D


  27. i regretted to signed their package rm6300+++
    resulting my skin got more pimles,drier skin & very oily skin with only 5 session.Due to a sweet talk from their Consultant name angel at midvalley.


  28. Denni, probably they guessed I wouldn’t be a loyal customer anyway. During the facials, the staffs are quite attentive. Perhaps the products and the way some staffs squeeze out pimples do not work for me.


  29. really so bad NYSS??i already make an appointment for facial next week…they told me got promotion for student where i no need to pay a sen for the facial and can get 3trial set of their product..after seeing so much comment about NYSS,i was sked to have facial the product good?


  30. I signed up 10 sessions in NYSS in MidValley (RM1800), and my skin got worse every session. i got more visible pimples, red spots and scars during my treatments. They told me it is ‘normal’ as the products are suppose to ‘dig’ out my internal ‘dirts’. My skin got so bad that every time after my session i complaint to my beautician! i requested for a refund, but to no avail. They intended to replace my remaining two sessions with products or more free upgraded acne treatments. I rejected both as i found their products are not working for me and their extractions are doing well from the result on my skin! at last they replaced my last two sessions with very-expensive-scar-treatments (RM500++ each). But i have not go for the two treatment anyway.

    I ended up spent more money to sign up for acne treatments elsewhere to clean up the mess they’ve done to my face. My skin got a lot better now but visible scars left on my skin. :(

    I really think this website is useful as my friend just signed up a 10-sessions facials there for RM2350! She got oil seeds and milia after only 2 sessions! I hope their unethical business practice could be published so that no one will get CONNED anymore.


  31. miyuki, for every product and company, I’m sure there are customers who find the services and products useful and some do not. In the 1st place, my skin already had pimples before I signed up and it didn’t get better but the feeling of having facial masks and massages were great and relaxing. It’s just that the products & methods didn’t work for me.

    Cecilia, they told me the same thing – must squeeze them out and the skin gets worse, it means it will get better because the congested oils and dirt come out. To solve the scar & more pimples problem, sign up more courses ;) Where did you go for further treatment? I’m still looking for ways to ‘recover’ my skin..


    1. go to Skin 11 ~! i’m not a beautician there.. but.. my sis. she’s a customer there and and use to go for facial treatment. Her skin condition improve so much! after 4th session :) she use to have pimples and acne.. i’m going there later.. to have free session.. since i’m a student.. i might try their student package.. rm588 for 6 times.. thou, it’s pricey for me.. if it give me good feedback. I would try… wait for my feed back guys ^^


  32. I went to New York Skin Solutions because I take part in the so called competition by answaering a question after a show in channel 8. I initially thought that is was good so I took part in the competition. As I thought they will help me in my acne problem. As you know woman are mostly vain. Surprisingly I actually wom myself a $300 vouchers. When the person called me and told me about it and asked for my age. When I told them I am 17 the person told me that I have to bring my mother along. So my mother and I went for the treatment as my mum also have some skin problem.

    When we reached there we were bought to a small room which so called a consultation room. The two consultant did a face scan and told me that my skin has many problem such as clogged pores, sensitive skin uneven skin tone and enlarged pores. When I heard that I was so shock then my consultant told me not to worry she will help me solve all this problem and persuade me to signed up for their package. My mum and I were reluctant at first and so they keep persuading us and told us that if we do not signed up for the package on that day itslf the next time we signed up for the package will cost us about $1000. So after hearing that we signed up for the package. The package cost me $500 without GST and my mother also signed up for the package at the same price.

    As my first treatment is free and they try to tell me how good it is to give me confident. They help my mum to remove oil clogs using laser then after that her consultant told my mum that she need to buy placenta which cost $180/small bottle but as we are first timer they will give us a discount of 50%. My mum initially did not want it but her consultant really talks very well and have convincing skills and she scare my mum that if she don’t buy the placenta her eye area will have a very big scar after removing the oil clogs. So after hearing it my mum bouught 5 bottles which cost her $450. After the treatment the consultants gave us a piece of paper stating there they will help us solve all our skin problem by signing up for the package, they also ask us to sign in like signing a contract.

    Two weeks later we went for our first facial. After the facial the consultants bought us into the consultation room again. This time they told us to upgrade our package as my consultant say my ance problem is very serious by upgrading my package she will give me don’t know what mask and use machine to inject something into my face to cure my acne problem, as I am a student my consultant told me that I will be entitled to a student price which cost $1300. After hearing that large amount I told her no but she keep convincing me until I say yes. My mum also signed up for a eye treatment package as her consultant told her that her eye problem is aging. After we signed up for the upgrading package my mum consultant persuade my mum to buy whitening essence to treat her pigmentation my mum did not want it at first but after her long convincing talk my mum bought it again.

    This facial treatment cost me about $1500 which burnt a big hole in my pocket as I am only 17 I am still schooling so this really cost me heart ache for my money. My mum also spend about $2000 for her package. Now she keep nagging about it how can a facial treatment cost so much.

    We feel that we were cheated. The Consultant in NYSS certainly have the glib and they are convincing. I think this is how NYSS earn money.

    I will be going for my first upgrade treatment next week. Hope that after 10 treatment, I will have the beautiful skin I desired as my consultant promised.

    I am to blame to cause my mum and myself to spend so much money just on our face.

    This is the price to pay for being vain. How I wish I can take back both my mother and my money.

    If the treatment is not good after the 8th session. I think I will complain to CASE


  33. I think other than Joanne’s RM8000 package, mine combined package was the most expecsive. I received the same “treatment” like you all got.

    Some time in April, a friend of my gave me a free trial facial worth RM280 at NYSS and I was told that must go and try, don’t waste it… (later I found out because if a new person signs up a package, the introducer will get a free facial as a thank u token), therefore, I went to give it a try.

    But the nightmare has started when the nice, free treatment was over. The consultant was hard-selling their top service of course including their computerised skin check machine.

    The consultant kept pushing me to sign up a 10 times package cost RM4000. I said no no, no $$. But I was not allow to leave as the consultant told me the facial she did for me was RM400 and not RM280. So I have to pay the balance if i go. Then she gave a discount for the package if i sign 15 times.

    I was only given a choice to make full payment or easy-payment for the RM4000++ package (after discount). Yea, she said she was “kind” enough to give me a “free gift – free 3 times facial”. Ended up forced to sign up the package.

    1st treatment – safe!
    2nd treatment – force to buy a bottle of shooting gel. RM200++
    # 3rd visit – try a new product (something like double radiant) with discounted price of RM300. Ended up must pay RM200 deposit to book this new package for a discount price.
    4th visit (supposed to be 3rd teatment) – Must sign the new 10 times package cost RM6500 (after discount is RM5000++) because consultant had started the new package without my permission.

    Conculsion, from early July till mid-sept, I have to spend RM4000plus + RM5000plus.

    Can anyone tell me who can have a total saving of RM10,000 in 3 months?

    Jesus Christ…



    I am one of the existing cust. there also.. but I DON THINK SO!!
    the product is really made in US, but sell at m’sia n singapore wat..

    for my skin problem, im one of the cust. that appears on their tv show..

    its really good result for my skin problem n works!!

    maybe the product not suitable for all people, right?


    if the brand really bad as wat u all complain.. how come it stil can business at m’sia n singapore???



  35. i m a bimbo..i went for the trial which is FREE…yea..and the pushy b**tch use alot of marketing tactics to convince me pay sum deposits..god damn it..i pay rm500 in d end..thank god i didnt pay 1k..i almost wanted to pay 1k u know..and after i went hm..regret like hell..after tat..i google and saw so many bad comments..gosh..i feel totally ill towards how stupid i can be*shame*..i faster call up n ask to speak wif the consultant..she went for com trip in bangkok(damn it..use $ that conned plp go enjoy..suxx)..then the receptionist try sooooo hard to convince me to wait n talk to her when she first i was like ok..just after i talk to my fren..she say why wait u oredi decide u dunwan to take the course..just grap wateva product n i called back..find the manager..then we expected try to convince me to take 3 time facial by topping up another rm340..and free me one set facial was quite attractive..i mean the still i went last nite talk to them face to face..i bring along my fren..(coz i scare i kena conviced again:p)..then she start all the strategy..say free me the eye treatment oso..bla bla bla..luckyly i stand on my decision..i choose to take the product n the moment i say i wanna take product n go..all the nice smiling face gone(so damn sarcastic)..then cincai like dunwan layan me..ask the receptionist that i doubt tat she know me sume of the d end i didnt follow wat they recommend me to take..i choose myself..i topup another rm36(which is still ok i guess) glad tat everything is over time i must learn to say no..dun give a damn need care their feeling..just SAY NO to this kinda bad pushy sales person..god bless us:)


  36. I was watching this NYSS promotional program on TV and was keen on having my wife try out the promotinal offer. The TV show looks promising, so I thought of having her to try out this new service and product. However, upon googling, your site seems to come off tops on the PageRank rather than the official site itself, so you have some validity with your comments here.

    With such a plenty of negative comments, I’m relating to my wife as she is preparing dinner on all the customer’s poor experiences with NYSS, regardless in Malaysia or Singapore. But to say it as negative statements is rather much being very humble; I personally think it is outright scary.

    With this my wife is staying back with Leonard Drake Dermologica (LDD) with one of the prominent shopping malls in PJ, which she is very happy about as the she mentioned the beauticians there display the utmost sense of professionalism. No product hard selling, no pushing of signing up for more, just serving her with skin care advices and as what was paid on agreement.

    What’s even better, my wife signed up for a 10 treatment package. Halfway through, my wife had to be in New Zealand and was away for about 2 – 3 years, and upon returning back, she was allowed to continue with her package treatment. No rubbish saying ‘oh your treatment validity has expired’ or such. She paid for it, and she was allowed to finish the whole treatment. All in all, it took my wife almost, with the time away in between, 5 years to complete the package, with no restrictions from the LDD.

    You must be wondering, is LDD products outcome bad and hence I have thought of trying with NYSS. The answer is NO; I was merely just thinking of trying out something new, that was it. LDD has improved my wife’s skin considerably.

    Now i’ll be realistic, nothing changes dramatically by 100%. Lets be real. LDD has improved my wife’s skin and I’m willing to put her back into the LDD program even if the visible improvements is around 20 – 30% (by the way everyone has different rates of improvement so do not take this as a benchmark).

    You must be thinking ‘rich people can talk like this’. I’d be honest, I’m not rich, but more of a very reasonable person. What do you expect; RM 3,000 – RM 4,000 to solve your worst nightmares in 10 sessions?

    Some of you must be thinking I must be paid by LDD to write on this. Answer is NO. On the contrary, I’m going to pay LDD back again for another 10 sessions for my wife. And she’s most happy to go back to them for treatment again.

    Enjoyed your site and thank you all for the comments.


  37. Hello friends,

    I also been to NYSS. Is there any way to get back my money. Please advise. Plz let me know asap. If I go to consumer tribunal, do i get the money.



  38. Shekar, it depends on individual cases but click the link to Consumer – New York Skin – suspicious and unethical in the original post and read the comments there too. Good luck and do update us!


  39. i saw new york skin advertisement on tv, and i trying to browse some news from internet then i saw tis site. is really make me feel curious. if the cow do not want to drink water, nobody can force it to drink rite??same as the situation when the consutant trying to ask u to sign up a package, you got right to say NO rt??they didnt hold the pistol to force u rt? if you really get convince by them, not becoz they good in sales bcoz you really see the result thats why you get convince.
    why i say this?i’m not one of the staff from new york skin, and also not their customer, but my aunty is one of the customer from there. and she is one of the customer who got result and will come out from their TV programme which will show on every weekend on channel8 soon!
    no doubt she really spend lot. bcoz she got pigmentation problem. but the result she get is amazing.
    No free lunch in this world.


    1. they do force. thankfully i walked out of the room. Read the comments on London Weight Management and Yun Nam. And dont get me started on Mayfair.


  40. Celest & SK, care to disclose how long & how much were spent? Of course there’s no free lunch all the time. It’s just that the products & facials didn’t solve the problem for some of us. Glad you & your aunt’s skin had improved a lot.


  41. i’m a male. and i’m 18 this year.
    currently still a student.
    this website is really caught my attention…
    i got quite serious skin problem…
    and i decided to look up for more information on the website.
    so, i check for the official website of NYSS and there show the detail of those skin problems…
    some of the problems even mentioned tat can cure while ur age <20
    that’s sooo facinating…
    and i saw the advertisement on the tv with the beauty programme on 8TV…
    i’m almost desperated for it…
    when i googled and i see this blog?
    it’s quite sad to heard the situation from u guys…
    make me sick of it also…
    btw, CELEST & SK…
    don’t u think tat’s suspicious tat only both of u who success appear on the tv screen?
    how much was the cost?
    from this website only i knew tat the face specialise is so SUX…


  42. I too, I just went NYSS yesterday!!!
    And after the free session, the Sales Girl name Enew, ask me sign up for Rm3500 for 10 session, then
    reduce to half for 5 session, then i say NO
    then, Enew introduce me Rm688 for Student package,
    Then I said I need to think first.

    You see, they keep on asking you to sign up. Lucky i say NO and I get a free facial skin session. But they didnt give me 3Pc Skin care product which is stated in the adverticement.


  43. I ‘m in nys abt 2 mths , i has skn problem for 5 years ago,I spend RM 5700 after 6 trt my skin totally recover I don’t know why u said no gd. (my beautician hand skill I satisfied her service.


  44. i am also one of the victim..really very disappointed to their service, products, i already signed a package with 10 sessions, worth RM 1899, i can see the improvement in my first time, but after the second time, third time, my fact get worser and worser, growing a lots of pimples, they told me this is normal senario, will see the improvement at this fifth times!!but after the fifth time, my face already a lots of pimples and ugly scar!!i took my pic and show it to another beauty saloon, they said this is infection! i already there for 6 months treatment, and their service also very bad, they will change several of beautician during your facial without inform you. There was very radiculous is when i transfer to Mid valley (As the curve one spoil my face). they replace me another intensive treatment as they said cant refundable..i have no choice and they also keep saying to ask me to give them a chance to fix my face! but the first time i went to Mid Valley, the beautician who in charge of my face one didn’t show up (then why call me come for interview?!), then another one come to service me…i remembered at least three different beautician entered my rooms without any infomed during my facial, then they always skip the step, such as eye treatment, already skip twice (one in the curve, another one in mid valley..they said will replace next time and next time….


    1. I paid RM5800 for 10 + 3 “free sessions”. last month just after i’ve fully paid the RM5800, they insist me to sign up for another vit.c sessions which cost me anor RM5800. They asked me to combine my credit cards but i said wait until next appointment. i want to think 1st. huh i really feel so reluctant to continue with my sessions there though i have another 10 sessions. to be honest i dont see any +tive result as yet!


  45. Although i only spent RM 1899 for my 10 session, then they keep asking me to buy their products (50% off for memeber), i bought for several of products from them aleady. in fact,everytime i went for facial, they will persuade me to buy things. i did it until the fouth times, my face get worser and i stop to buy anything from them and transfer my account to another branch, i thought will be better, but more worse, nobody called me and ask me come for facial after months. Perhaps they are busy and not willing to follow up my case.

    I don’t mind to pay expensive treatment, but at least it can cure my problem, not make it worse. i spent money for skin specialist, and i become very desperate and my homon imbalance, every frens also see my differences, and keep asking me why my face become like that?i am really very sad…

    Really want to take back my money, and their products..i still leave them at home without using anymore..really a nightmare, and i miss my face in the past, i have just one side pimples problem last time, but now whole face also got, and left some scarring..and holes..worser than i got chicken pox last time

    i really think to complaint to some organization before, but no idea for the channel, and after this time, i won;t believe the advertisment in the TV, it is a really bad experiences for me.


  46. Hi,
    Len, may i noe where were u did ur facial treatment(which branch)?
    i’m really getting desperate edi…
    my skin is getting worse than the starting of this year…
    when i look at my phone for those photo tat i hav took b4 this year…
    there juz 1 pimple!
    and now…
    tat’s a big different…
    after the break up…
    learn to drink alcohol…
    sleep late…
    and now…
    what the hell is wrong with me?
    although i noe there’s no free lunch in this world…
    and dont hav any good things are cheap…
    may i noe any other facial treatment centre tat’s better and cheaper?
    seen NYSC is quite expensive for me…
    all package also around 1k…


  47. Im currently is the NYSS’ customer too. I quite bad experience with their attitudes too. I was tried on the free facial and attracted with their package which will get 20% discount if i sign up the course on the spot after the free treatment. The consultant seems like useless to me, i attended 3rd time facial, everytime also made the apppointment with the same consultant but end up i served by others beautician. And i need to wait her for maybe 15mins and 30mins for her to arrange another beautician to me while she was entertaining new customers. Is that the way to treat the existings customer? Wondering if like that why i should arrange my time to suite the consultant shift and end up i served by others. Really speechless on their attitudes. But so far, the treatment is so call Ok.


  48. Hi guys..i suppose this website’s helpful for us to get more info on NYSS. I was really interested to go for the free trial session like what was advertised on the internet and has signed for one yesterday. Got a call frm the beautician, fixing me an appointment for tomorrow. But after reading wht some of u hv experienced, I’m giving a second thought about it..Anyway guys..those of you who’d like to claim back ur money, try to search the website of the Consumer Claim Tribunal, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs at the following address:

    Thanks for all of the info here. I believe some products are good for some, but not good for others..but the issue here is how to find one tht’s suitable for us with good and courteous service..


  49. betul ke apa yang berlaku pada saudara….bila saya membaca komen-komen di atas membuatkan saya berasa risau di tipu oleh NYSS….sebab saya akan berjumpa dengan perunding di NYSS minggu hadapan….


    1. betol..absolutely york skin solution memang penipu..chrges tinggi result x kemana pon..the most importnt thing is they are not from US and their product also not sold in US..they are from singapore..such a lousy pls la..haramkan saja new york skin solution di malaysia


  50. Many people feel that their acne is overly embarrassing and unmanageable. I have read story after story of heartache, especially from teens that endure heartless bullying from schoolmates. There are so many different remedies and medications. What most people fail to realise is that each individual has a different biological makeup and what works for one person may not work for everyone. In some cases certain acne treatment can adversely affect already irritated skin. This further causes unnecessary embarrassment and frustration to an already uncomfortable situation.
    Propaganda fuels misconceptions about different so-called remedies and even causes. The idea that chocolate and oily food causes acne. When in truth, makeup, unhealthy skin and even perspiration can cause acne.
    All of these factors affect the skin. But even your skin makeup can affect your skin and create back acne, scalp acne, large assesses or ingrown hair. There is an acne questionnaire done by a company called Skinmed that will help to diagnose acne problems through a series of questions, and then it n recommends the best acne treatment for each individual.
    Teen acne is typically the most difficult to diagnose because of hormonal considerations, but there is a special area meant just for teen acne that has a completely different set of rules when running the formula that determines the best medications or treatments. In some cases simple changes in hygiene and daily washing is all that it takes.
    The site also has a free offer on acne facial cleanser that is made up of a three step process. The primary reason most teens, especially boys tend to have more problems with chronic acne is because of a lack of simply washing their face regularly. So this treatment is free is a way to create a healthy daily routine, while gently healing the skin to prevent acne scarring brought on as a result of squeezing the sores. Once daily cleaning is practices, and hormonal issues are taken into consideration, a proper treatment regiment can be highly affective.
    At the end of the day most acne, even teen acne , can be eliminated quickly and permanently with the right motivation. After all, we all want to be beautiful don’t we?
    Susan Smith


  51. hey ,,,i am one of staff >> i am agree SK say all the true thing..our company is really for free for 1st trial only..we company really not accept 1 sen after finish the 1st trial treatment and if u say NO ! wat we false? we just suggest course according ur face problem only…u have choice..we not hold the pistol force u..rite? but if u really want recover ur face problem u wont have complaint many rite ? except ur all like ^FREE^ then complaint after finish our 1st trial..
    ** no free lunch in the world i like whose SK say it..tq SK!


  52. You all are lucky. For my girl friend, she went to New York for facial. Unfortunately, she was seriously scalded by the streamer. New York seem like refuse to compensate my gf. Black listed company. Don’t visit there even they give you money for treatment!!!!


    1. you should sue them , under consumer right ! look for a lawyer.. let them learn a lesson . Yes,i partially agree with those people who are supporting NYSS , there’s free meal in this world, neither did anyone force you in signing up in theirpackage.. but making your gf face scald , it’s a serious case… take an action


  53. Like most of you, I’m really REALLY drawn to New York Skin Solution’s promo and promises. The urge for me to go and try out was so strong until I stumbled across your blog.
    Before this I had had treatments before for my skin. And you guessed it, I got from bad to worse. Spent RM5000 for worse skin? All for the name of beauty! But that was a completely different story.
    And so I thought, maybe NYSS is different. Their products and facials might work for me this time. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get that smooth, flawless skin I longed for. But I’m no more silly to fall into the same trap twice! I mean…thanks for this blog, I’ll have to blacklist NYSS forever. I pity you guys who had fallen into being their victims….and really angry as what a scam they are!
    But is it THAT difficult to find a place that is truly genuine and its treatment are truly effective for us, people with not-so-perfect skin?
    If any of you had any good places that is TRULY effective, do share. I’ll be checking in into this blog to read for more responses. Thanks again….

    *prays* Dear God, let bad skin be gone from everyone and only beauty etch on our very skin….


  54. HI..actually im quite shocked when saw all the the nyss customer too..have been sign up about 3weeks..I have paid abaout 2800 for 10 session,free 1 session with two free voucher
    NOW im using this product..for the first time was very nice,n felt more better and after that i feel that my face become oily..nd I have another 10 sessions,
    I dunno either I need to CONTINUE and really scared when I read all the comment..BUT my face was so oily..and is it I need to stop using this product or not becoz the price also most expensive that I have it really work or not please help me..


  55. luckly…luckly…i hv saw tis web b4 i become the next stupid…jz now i sms n successfully get a 1st free trial, they already call me n make appoinment 4 me.the branch that i choose is at penang one. b4 tat i scare i wil be persuade by the consultant to sign a package,after i saw all the comment, i think i am right, i think i wil reluctant to go the 1st try.i scare my skin wil become bad after the 1st sad my skin is oily, pimples. It make me cant feel confident while taking with others, in prior i think NYSS can help me, but now seen tat no one cane help me!HELP!!!!


  56. Thanks for the good and bad feedback. I am a parent who was seriously considering taking my 15 year old son to NYSS soon for consultation. This website has saved me lots of time, effort and money.

    Since most of your experiences are negative, i conclude that this centre is not providing the type of quality that it is promoting. I am so glad i googled before making a bad decision.

    So, thanks again to all you folks out there. You have saved me a lot of hassle and heartache.


    1. My friend had persuaded me to try NYSS. Nonetheless, after reading all the feedbacks and comment.. i’m so glad i google and found this forum:) if NYSS really make my skin condition even worse. Thus, i need to pay a huge bundle sum of money without getting good feedbacks. I”m going to make my money worth and sue them nicely


  57. Hi Gals & Guys, after have read all ur comments about NYSS, either in Malaysia or Singapore forum. I think we should take ACTION for those who want to redeem their money back from NYSS. actually we got chance to get back our refund. we have to get together, i read the singapore forum and some of them can get back their refund. why don’t we do it now instead of “rungut” here???? i already paid for RM10,800
    but just do a two trtment only. i plan dont go for the trtment as my trtment is on 27Dec for scars. i was worrying as them will purposely left the scar at my face then they can persuade me to buy more product.

    Now, who want to join me??? i living in Sg. Buloh, my email is,
    my h/p: 0162157866

    we have doing it NOW, we have to TAKE ACTION, there got the laws, we protect our right. We go to Tribunal, there got chance for us to get back our refund, we dont scare them. We just gather together and go to Tribunal in Malaysia. It’s like what the Singaporean did as well. What we are waiting for, pls….we have to help each other and prevend more ppl become their victim as well.

    I’m waiting for u ppl………..TQ



    Ketua Seksyen,
    Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia,
    Pejabat Perdagangan Dalam Negeri
    dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna Selangor,
    Lot 03-13A, Tingkat 3, Kompleks PKNS,
    40622 SHAH ALAM,

    TEL: 03-5511 8271/ 5511 4929 FAKS: 03-5511 6981


    Ketua Seksyen,
    Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia,
    Pejabat Perdagangan Dalam Negeri
    dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna Kuala Lumpur,
    Tingkat 16, Putra Place,
    100, Jalan Putra,
    50622 KUALA LUMPUR.

    TEL: 03-4042 3058/ 4042 4194 FAKS: 03-4042 4259

    above are the Consurmer Tribunal location, contact no and the URL. pls go to this URL and read. I thk i have no choice but have to go for the 27Dec scars treatment, if they didnt do the job well, or didnt see the result, i sure will go to PKNS branch. anyone who interest to join me, pls email me and we keep in touch. more ppl join, there is the strength we fight for our right. pls read the example case
    at Tribunal website. This site is REALLY helpful and should be broadcast to others. Nowadays, the ppl no MORAL because of the MONEYYYYYYYY. Tats such of the bitch…….

    Thanks for MJ, u do a good kinda job, even the NYSS is good or either, but they can’t attitude bad in selling. This is wat i dont like. Maybe after this case, i plan go to LDD Leonard Drake Dermalogica. I read the article from Internet, ppl said they are good and professional and i think their product pricing and the treatment will not expensive like the HELL like the NYSS rite?????? I suspect they open pricing like “suka-suka” there seems like no procedure for the product pricing. they like say how much then how much. that’s the FUCKER, i’m really angry. Even if, i say if only their treatment is no result worse to my face, i still backlist them. i think the other beauty salon also not expensive as them. How come that day i sooooooooo STUPID?????? but, this is the learning lessons in my life, i’m now more “intelligent” to facing the other problem and challenging in future of mylife. Anyway, i plan go to Consumer Tribunal on 26dec to know more at PKNS Shah Alam.

    Thanks again to MJ, i think the GOD will record ur “JASA”…. :)


  59. any1 know how the service of dermagenesis and leornard drake ?? isit recommended rather than go to new york skin solution?? please advise.


  60. i have losed confidence on NYSS after i read all the article above as i plan to hav facial there …

    can anyone recommen any good facial salon, thanks!


  61. *sigh*…..
    after reading all the comments.. i have lost my confidence towards
    NYSS….i feel sorry for those victims =/

    err hem…well me ( not me but the user name ‘me’ who called herself as a staff of NYSS )
    well, can you please STFU!!!!!
    WTF!!! Thanks for your holy crap GOOD english!
    man you really annoyed me (although my english sux too >.> )
    and i think you should leave this forum at once
    wtf you dont have the right to talk to us
    and the way you talk is like OMFG and i feel like crushing you into pieces O.O (if i have the chance)

    SK has the point but you DONT
    stop talking like you are so pro, you are just a dog of NYSS!!
    i wonder how come people like you can be a staff of a beauty centre
    are you a toilet cleaner or something??
    or this proves that NYSS is a place where nuts gather <..> i am just an emo xD
    well i cant stand such nut talking crap in a place where people are shooting them….zzzz

    hahax everybody have a nice day!


  62. I too had an uphappy experience with new york skin in Singapore.
    I paid S$2800 for a 10 session package with promise that I will see the result I want after 5 sessions.
    But now I completed the whole 10 sessions, and instead of getting the result I wanted, my skin condition is more worse than even before I started with them.
    They keep asking me to sign up for another package saying I will need that. It cost me S$3800. I am pressure to take up and now I am seeking full refund with them cos I have not started on that new package and with no intention to start as I have no more confidence with them anymore.


  63. another FCUKING COMPANY, WORST IN SINGAPORE n MALAYSIA . dont even go to try the free trial.
    the first free trial == beginning of the nightmare.


  64. I am currently NYSS customer. I had joined since Oct last year. I went for the free trial which cost RM38. However, based on my skin condition, they recommended me to top up with RM180 for better result and calming effect due to my redness and sensitive skin.(I suffered from Eczema).
    I used to try other Beauty Saloon and every time after facial I have terrible face redness. So, that time I agreed with the recommendation.
    First trial is quite satisfying and after one treatment I able to see the result. It is quite amazing. My face was not so red even after the 1st trial. Then I signed up a packet with RM2000++ with 10 session. I notice the changes after each time of the treatment. I used only 2 product of them, which they highly recommended to me to solve my itchiness and redness of my face. They are Soothing Gel and Soothing cream.
    Only after 4th session, my face turn from redness to fairer. It seems like much more “stable” compare to previously. Sometimes it still have some acne. Some red spot and scar even lighter now. Pore smaller.
    It has improved a lot…for me ;) and i am still using my own facial product which is from Clinelle (Wash, toner and moisturizers)


  65. thanks all of you…
    i really feel greate that i google out this blog.
    luckly im not fooled by NYSS bcoz i just plan to visit NYSS to cure my seroius ance problem…
    can any one suggest me any good salon…


  66. i’ve never been to NYSS but heard from lots of frens saying that they r s**k and pushy. i personally go Leonard Drake (LD) for facial. they r so pro and Dermalogica is well known brand name than New York!!! LD solved my acne problem and im their loyal customers for 6 years already!!! i highly recommend LD than NYSS. don believe a salon that suddenly pop up and has no good records in the past. perhaps their products ingredient will just cause cancer in long run consumption!!!


  67. Hmm….i am very unlucky for visiting this website after i have been push by the beauty consultant of New York Skin to sign up. I was influenced by their ads on TV so i sms them. One day they get back to me and fix appointment. According to their ads, free facial will be given for the first time. Upon arrival, the beauty consultant scan my face and told me where the problems lie. She didnt mention about $$$$, and ask me to the room n get facial.

    After done with the facial then only she told me about the package….she said i have to undergo intensive treatment which consist of 20 sessions, plus i’ll be getting free set home care product, free 10 session eye treatment, plus discount for collagen and what not…bla bla…total cost RM4900.00. I was shocked, i told her its very costly and i dun have $$$. She never gives up, she ask me to hang on as she find help frm her manager. Then she came up and told me how lucky i am today because, her manager allow discount to RM4655 n still can swipe my credit card with 0% interest installment.Luckily my citibank card having problem so i couldnt swipe, the beauty consultant manager even called up the bank twiceeeee to make certain what possibly wrong with the card. Duhhh!! to that extent!

    In short, i was a victim today, they persuade me like hell although i say noooo…they willing to reduce discount alternative package plan etc to get a customer..yes they were pushy! n i was mentally tortured i couldnt get out of the room in fact! i was being hypnotised sort of heeeeeheee! Unbelievable i sign up for student package cost me RM688.00, for 3 sessions, still i felt regret doing so.

    But i will make sure…after i have done with 3 session, i wont allow them to persuade me! i learned my lesson oredi. So people, better be careful, i had quite similar experience with those people who wrote here. Dont get yourself into trouble.


  68. hai everyone. thank you for the tips and advice.
    i’m not worried about their service, we could always say no but i’m curious, since their products are made in USA, how assured are we about the content? is it safe for the skin?
    i think i will stick to Dermalogica.


  69. hai…im miya..actually i new customer at NYSS.i penah buat free facial for 1st session.for the 1st time i asked the consultant about the price..then consultant tu ckp takde bayaran tambahan.then mereka minta saya untuk buat rawatan penuh..n the cost about RM4000-RM7000 la.i said no.then they asked me to buy the products.i say no.i just want to try 1st.they forced me to buy so i buy 2 produt about RM 122.when i back , i used that, i think its ok…now i already buy 6 more product..i dont know the result yet..until i read this, i rasa takut untuk menggunakan this product……


  70. hai …im miya…just want to know ur opinion ..sesape yang penah guna NYSS …brape lama agaknya kita leh nampak kesan setelah menggunakan NYSS?…if anybody knoes bout that ….plz tell me …


  71. miya,hi u gune product nyss dah brp lame?i baru nk try tapi bile bukak blog nie rase dah x yakin plak…i tgk rancangan kt ntv 7 setiap kul 7.30 ptg monday macm elok jea…


  72. huh,thank god i’m not go there,cause i have been plan for free facial the way whose already experience ,is that the product work on you??


  73. yoo hee…actually i already used NYSS since 3hb Feb 08…but i rasa cam tak berkesan jer…dah seminggu lebih tapi masih tak nampak apa2 perubahan…so i jadi tak confident la nak pakai…i beli 6 jenis produk.cost about RM 513… now i just simpan je n hold that products … how about u yoo hee?


  74. i just receive phone call from them.she ask me to make an appointment,but i said that im not free.So,i think i will cancel to get the free facial…


  75. yoo hee..i think u make a good decisions..actually for the 1st free treatment memang bagus….i can see the different…but the bad things is they will force u to buy their products and make a treatment lanjutan….the cost so expensive…i feel not satisfied coz the products will take time to make our face radiant , smooth…n no pimple…i ada kol their consultant and she said that i bottle cannot make my face least i need more than 1 bottle..that means paling kurang 3 bulan baru leh nampak perubahan…..


  76. well hi there..
    i’m newbie in here..actually i got call from them first i,myself really eager to go to their clinic to fix my pimple problems..
    well after i read what u people write i think i gonna cancel it..hmm any suggestion about other means to solve skin problem??other clinic??


  77. ohmy.
    they just called me to go for a free treatment.
    i SO want to go.
    but after seeing all the comments, i do have second thoughts.
    though my thoughts are not easily swayed by others, what i am worried is that the first treatment will not turn out good, it may worsen my skin condition or make it even oilier. so frustrating. can someone let me know about their treatment and whether it is worth going to try out just that once? any negative impacts on the skin?


  78. i went for their free treatment,
    after treatment i felt quite good
    ok who woulnt feel good after a massage an a facial rite? so..
    after the facial the lady gave told me abt the facial packages.
    asked me to pay 4800 for this ampule treatment thingy
    and i said i cant afford it
    and said that i shud go for the 2800 treatment.
    and said i wanted to leave to think abt the promotion
    but she wouldnt let me leave
    and said that i shud use the products as well
    so she gave me 6 products at 380 i said fine. coz i wanted to leave so much
    but then she said i have to pay deposit for the 2800 treatment, and wouldnt give me a chance to think abt it.
    i said i had to go coz i have another appnt and kept insisting.

    so i bought the products and paid deposit for the 2800 treatment which costed me 800 bucks.

    after 3 days, my face which had very minimal acne before, turned out red and big big pimples started to come out of my face.
    and i still used their product because i thought hey maybe its normal.

    that turned out to be such a bad decision, because now, my face is itchy, blotched and red, and is full of milia and oil, and the big acne is everywhere on my face and chin, i’ve stopped using the products now
    i had to go to my GP to get antihistemines and told me not to use the products anymore because i might be allergic to some of their chemicals.
    i want my money back but i doubt that i will get it.
    i’m glad i did not pay the full amount.

    guys i suggest that u go to a more reputable skincare company.
    i’m really sad now that my face is horrible and worse of all the pain and itchiness is really bad.

    even if you wanna go for the first try, dont be a sucker like me and say no.
    even if the beautician turns into a green monster.
    say NO.
    and leave.

    just say NO.

    sincerely yours,
    the sucker who now has bad bad skin and still needs to pay 800 bucks credit card debt.


  79. last friday i meet my friends,she had trial for free facial treatment at NYSS…She said that after the treatment her face full with blacken scar…The scar is very obvious…Try to imagine if we got a lot of pimple,how many scar will be left at our face…so terrible


  80. Well, New yoke is merely a name. I can name myself that too. (we never know how true it is.)
    Nowadays, people can come up with all sort kinds of nonsense to make money.
    Trials session are cheap but it act as a bait to catch fish.
    Anyway, product from new york doesn’t mean “good” or suitable for us asian. Facial are maintenance, not a solution.
    I think it better to see a doctor when you have a skin problem.


  81. Im having a nightmare at New York skin solution

    I’d a serious keloids on both side of my cheek, and the first time of the consultation i was consult by a “International Skin Specialist” from Singapore. At the end of consultation and free trial, she had convince us to signed up for treatment cost RM12000 (30 session, RM400 per session). Fine, that’s the first time i get cheated and i wasn’t aware then.

    During my 3rd time of consultation, another so called “skin specialist”, this time from Malaysia (local) approached me and ask me to use their “ampoule” cost RM180 per bottle and ask me to use daily. I was hesitating at that time and wanted to say ‘no’, but my father insists and saying that “fully utilize” their treatment, cause once we’d started it, its useless to stop in midway. I felt so heartache by then. My father paid another RM18000 (100 bottles)

    Days later using ampoule, i felt something amiss (my keloids getting worsen), and i alert this to my father and my consultant, and demand for a refund. What they keep on doing is dragging my cases longer and longer, keep on telling me stupid explanation, and what they do is everytime i asked for refund they’ll call their another skin specialist to look over my case. Me and my father felt so fedup with their unethical business practice. Me any my father also ended up quarrel with their skin specialist. After so many times of demand, i felt like there’s no more hope to take back my money.

    Now they told me that it’s normal that the keloids getting bigger (i mean what kind of stupid explanation is that), i’m paying for so much money, and you tell me that its normal that it gets worsen?? And even if this is the treatment process, why dont you tell me during my first time of my treatment. I’d even requested for black and white copies of previous customers with keloids problem to show me (because they keep on telling me they’re confident with my case and had experience with pass customer similar like me), but they’re unable to show me any, but only blank promises from their mouth ..

    Please be smart before signing up any of these packages, i admit that i’m being such a foolish signing up these courses and cost me RM 30k in total .. though its my parents money i felt heartache everytime i think of it.


  82. The first time i was consulted by their “International Skin Specialist” from singapore, she persuade me and my parents to signed up for 30 session course cost RM 12k (RM400 per session).

    During the 3rd time of consultation, we were approached by another specialist (this time local) and persuade us to buy their product “ampoule” cost RM180 per bottle and used it daily. We’re desperate that time, i had a pretty bad scars on my face. But i had to say it was so stupid to sign up that time without thinking. We actually ask for 1 week supply first and see if anyhow it suits then only we get another week of supply and so on. She ended up saying that its cheaper and they had promotional price of buying 100 bottles (RM18k) rather than RM200++ per bottle if we take a week supply. And again me and my father was desperate at then.

    Now after a week of using their product, i suspected something amiss, my scars (keloids) getting worsen after using their product, and demand a refund. We ended up quarrel with their specialist (the first time i went to quarrel with others) for few times, and there seems like no more hope to take back the refund. All this while when i raise this issue to them, all they do is to ask another “skin specialist” to come over and look at my face. I felt like they had the intention of keeping on dragging my case, with no intention of making any refund at all.

    Please be careful of their business tactic (so damn bloody unethical – sorry i had to say this). All they do is persuade you and later after that, ask for your credit cards. I had a total of RM30k with them .. sad .. What a professional “salesgirl” ..



  83. Anyone had a similar case like me, and had succeeded in making full claims on remaining product and courses available from them ?



  84. Hai,

    I had 4 unique treatment , plus 1 free trial treatment. On the 2nd treatment, since i was complaining my acne keep on breaking out, the so called consultant had asked me to buy 15 bottles of ampoules. I have spent 4.2K treatment and 1.8k of of ampoules product amounting to 6k!!! what the hell.. and my face getting worse, acne breaking out more and more… and the consultant said.. its ok “boleh hilang punya” and convince me that its a toxic that the ampoules trying to soften.

    I was dissapointed. Today i am trying to get medical doctor letter to check my skin and confirm that i should not continue the treatment and use the product. I will then make formal letter to NYSS with the doctor attachment to get my refund of another 6 sessions i have not completed. I will lodge complaint at tribunal if it turns out they dont “timbang rasa” with my complaints.

    Why dont we all be united at least 10-20 of us, and make the complaints and do something?

    how come i was so desperate to remove my acne at that time, feel ashame of it. So sad!


    Wish me luck.


  85. I am writing this based on my dissatisfaction and disappointment of NYSS product and treatment sessions on my acne face which were guaranteed by the consultant named S** and her supervisor at the Curve branch telling me after 4-5 treatments will definitely make improvement. This was done before I signed up the package of RM4200 for 10 times treatment, they are such a convincing ppl there and i believe they are trained to be unethical.

    I had 1 free facial treatment (without ampoules) and 4 formal unique treatments (with ampoules) which equivalent to 5 times treatmetn altogether and on my second formal meeting treatment I made a complaint on my acne breakouts and she said it is because the toxic is being generated which caused by the treatment and asked me to purchase RM1800 ampoules and said it will soften the acne. After applying 5-6 bottles of the ampoules, plus all the 4 formal treatments that I went through which were done by the consultants using ampoules, my face doesn’t make any change, but worse. It becomes itchy and the acne breakouts more, in addition applying the ampoules have made my skin felt warmer (burn) and uneasy. My face was not even 1% improved but on the other hand, I have to experience treating the itchiness, uneasiness and more acne breakouts. This is such a disappointment and RM6000 that I have spent is a terrible waste.

    They dont treat you like human being, what they want is just money. I did go to see doctor today, and she advice me to terminate the treatment and refer me to skin specialist at hospital.

    Anyone interested to make tribunal complaint please buss me at


  86. Hi Chan / Unethical Business Practices,

    I’m felt really sympathy on your case. Bcoz i have faced it before. Anyway…

    One Thing U must know and REMEMBER it in your mind. U GOT 50% above CHANCEs to get BACK UR MONEY!!! Pls bear it in ur mind & believe it. I’m not TALK CRAP at there and truly tell u i got a fren tat successfully get the refund, how come u can’t. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. U SHOULD HAVE STRONG MIND AND BELIEVE URSELVE!

    U must curious to know how to get the REFUND RITE? First, u not need to see them anymore, coz u will never get the refund if u keep asking them. U WILL NEVER!!!

    The things that u need to do in order PREPARE to fight for UR REFUND are:-
    – Go to see the DOCTOR FOR UR FACE & GET the LETTER
    (doctor’s letter is very useful)
    – Shot ur Face(Befor & After Trtment)& Print it out
    – Keep ur resit as a PROOF,
    – Gather any SOLID FACE from Website, fren or any that u
    can think from ur mind.

    then go to “Tribunal” (pls refer to username called “Chun”) for addresses and contacts.

    BEFORE go to Tribunal, makesure u type ur case at home in details and print it out few copies to save ur time when at Tribunal for filing. Don’t worry for the process, they will teach u how…

    Tribunal is a GOV ORG. that protect customer right to help them redeem the money back if there got any cases such unfair services, cheated or whatelse incident occured.

    Pls try it, u got chances to win and get back ur money. Pls be STRONG MIND, dun BLAME URSELVE anymore, this is a LESSONS that WE need to learn! Never Try Never Know.

    Good Luck!
    God Bless U.


  87. Hey guys,

    Maybe u’ll be surprised that NY skin care reaches out to Shanghai, China. I guess this company hardly can survive in Malaysia and Singapore so that the owner decided to transfer. The problem is that they under-estimate the IQs of Shanghain women.

    I was attempted to make an appointment with them for this Saturday. But because I had a bad experience with another local beauty salon before (similar to urs with NYSS), So, I did a little homework. I do appreciated all ur efforts to put so many comments about this company.

    However, I will still go for that appointment b/c:

    1) it’s a free trial
    2) I really want to see it in person how hard their selling could be
    3) if it’s totally true, I will post my comment in Mandarin to several reputable websites to alert people; also, I will file a complaint to Shanghai Administration of Industry and Commerce which can directly interfere such disputes.

    But, for sure, I will not sign the contract after the trial and will not buy their products since they are defected somehow.

    Again, thanks to u all!


  88. almost case are similar…i have read all your coment and out of 95% did not seen any improvement after go to NYSS…so i don’t believe NYSS any more….So guys better go for dermatology clinic for consultation rather than seeing unethical ,’speacialist’.


  89. Hey Ginger, you better not go to their free trial or you’ll get your face screwed.

    I just stumbled on this blog after googling. I went to NYSS at the Cruve today because I need treatment for my eyebags.

    I parted rm 200 as a deposit and originally wanted to pay them extra rm 300 for the eye treatment. Called my dad and he asked me whether I visited beauty parlours instead of REAL qualified skin specialists. He said he doesn’t trust them because he heard loads of stories bout them.

    So i googled and here I am. My face is getting oily and there are red posts around my nose, now praying it doesn’t get worse. I think since there’s load of you guys complaining against NYSS and lose a lot of money u guys should group up and even file lawsuit against them!


  90. sorry my comments are a bit messed. called my dad to borrow money and he said didn’t trust those beatu parlours. peace.


  91. there got one building called MRCB, near at PKNS building. Ur ppl can go there at 15floor (Pejabat Perdagangan Hal-Ehwal Dalam Negeri) to complain it. Better more ppl complain it and Bless Government to investigate this case.

    I think so far there is no ppl complain it, that’s why they still survive.


  92. NYSS service is “horrible”. I feel like owning them million of dollars for calling to make appointment. They come across very unfriendly, EXTREMELY RUDE on the phone. Excuse me, I did pay for the service, I am not getting it for FREE!!

    Besides, I have hard time in making appointment with their consultant. Within less than 1 year period, my Consultant have been changed for 3 times (high turnover).

    On 3rd May 2008 (around 4p.m.), I dropped by to buy some products for my mom. The receptionist saw me and said: “It has been time I didn’t see you.” I replied: “Yes, I have hard time in making appointment.” Then, she smiled and kept quiet. At the same time, there was another Consultant sitting next at the front desk saying: “Why do you have hard time in making appointment? Is it because you want to arrange it during weekend?” I said: “No, I always arranged it during weekdays. But somehow, the consultant is always BUSY.” Then, she said: “Why don’t you arrange it everytime after the facial treatment?” I said: “I can’t, I have signed up program at few places. I always called in 3-4 days in advanced.” Then, she sarcastically smiled and said: “No, no, you must call in 3 weeks in advanced.” I said: “What? 3 weeks? Huh, I always can get the appointment elsewhere.” She asked me where did I do my facial. I said it is Demarlogical. Their service is GOOD. She asked me not to compare with Demarlogical. I said NYSS is no better than Demerlogical. They are very professional, and polite. Then, she looked unhappy and kept asking me to make appointment earlier.

    I regreted for signing up with them. Anyway, it is a good lesson to learn!! Thought I am the only “victim”, who knows their reputation in the market is such BAD!!


  93. Oh no. I feel stupid. Desperation always result in stupid actions. I nak cerita sikit the cause of my desperation becoz I wanna let it out. I just got to know this really cool guy and I am not confident to meet him with my acne scarred face. I went to NYSS to get some treatment. I went alone. And ended up taking the 5800 (unique treatment) + 350 (collagen drink). :( I should have done research on this b4 trying :(. Like the rest they called in a specialist a week after that and said this and that about placenta treatment and I said NO. For that, I have to top up another 10k!. LUckily I had my brains back by that time. But… desperation was still looming, and I bought the 15 bottles ampoules. That is another 1800. Oh no, totally to 8k for a promise of better skin. I just went for my second treatment. I got 3 red pimples on my face. I hope there won’t be more :(. I think I am going to reduce my use of the product and go for the rest of the treatment less often. I believe too frequent facial doesnt allow the skin to recover. I hope, hope, hope for luck.


  94. hi.. saya telah pergi ke yun nam hair care 2 hari yg lepas. so, 1 day after that, i decided to cancel it and asked for deposit refund which is rm250. tapi, as expected diorang tak bagi refund and nak exchange wit other treatment yang same amount. but i only want my money back, since i didn’t start or getting any treatments or products yet. so what should i do to get the deposit? is there any chance? pls email me thanks^^


  95. I have bad experience with NYSS myself. The ‘manager’ in charge was holding my credit card and seemed reluctant to hand it back to me unless i sign up for their package that costs me RM5,600.

    My advice for people that are going for the free trial – leave your credit card at home! In that case, no matter how much they try to ‘squeeze’ you for money, you have none to pay for!

    Good luck!


  96. Hi… I m the victim of NYSS too… in few months ago I was paying RM48 for the first trial session… during the treatment the so called beautician try to know my financial conditions by asking the stupid questions ask how much my pocket money monthly since I was student… n ask whether I got credit card o not… that time I so stupid I go tell them I have but leave it in the car…

    After the treatment, my face look like got lot of improvement n I feel satisfy with the result… den the nightmare has begins… first the beautician try to offers me the 10 times treatment (RM1800) den I said too expensive edi… den she said give me free 10 times eyes treatment worth (RM1000) coz she has the discount voucher for student… but need at least pay RM500 as deposit… den I said I didnt bring so much money… she ask me to go my car n take that credit card… I said let me think first… den she said she can go with me to take now… this time I feel like forcing by her a bit n said no first… den she asked her branch manager to talk with me… dunno what that manager name edi (Subang Branch) den she offers me RM500 for 3times plus the free 3times eyes treatment n jus need to drop RM50 as deposit that all…

    Den I asking the manager why the price keep on changing… I feel myself like getting cheaper n better offer after negotiate with ur guys… den she smile n said bcoz we wanna u as our customer so we try to fulfill ur require and some bull shit… den I asked them for the printed price list… they said they dun hav tis… den I jus said I feel no confidence of ur guys since the price keep on changing… let said if I sign up when the beautician offer the RM1800 package den I wil be the idiot la… den she said she dun wan waste her time to negotiate with me again n ask me go… coz she fed up edi… when go I ask for free 3 bottles products as they promised n they giving me with the unhappy n angry look… wtf..

    Now I shift to Dermalogical.. they really good n nice nvr force ppl to sign any course n easy to make appointment oso n hav own locker to put our stuff…


  97. i hope that everybody who are writing in this web realized that there are actually some products which are not suitable with our skin condition. probably just becoz the ingredients are not familiar for us. i recommand that to try inner health product than outer health product.there are cheap and easy to get in various shops. the main here is that every skin problems are started from within. try B`White or Soy Collagen that enhances ur metabolism. so, why wasting ur money up to rm12000 than rm38 for bwhite?


  98. Hi,

    I’m writing again. I have gone for 2 treatments. 8 more to go. Been using the products and I think my skin has grown lots of little white heads. I wonder if its that time of the month or am just stress of work, but if anybody that is going through the series of treatments and would like to compare notes with me please contact me at Anybody going through the same conditions I am?. Thanks. :(


  99. The friend whom I mentioned that she was pleased with NYSS for her dry skin, has changed her mind. She had signed up a RM9 000 course & regretted it, wanted to get back the $ & she hadn’t used any of the facial.

    Another friend’s friend who knows about laws & consumer rights advise this if you don’t want to report to Consumer:
    1) Complain to the outlet manager that you want to cancel the course – even after you’ve swiped the card. Financial companies (bank, credit card) will take 2 weeks to complete the transaction. That means right after you decided to cancel it, ASAP, either meet up or write / fax complaint letter to NYSS HQ / outlet.

    2) NYSS may counter offer with discounts & more packages for you.

    3) Get NYSS to write an official letter for you / your bank stating that the transaction should be on pending status. This should be passed to your bank so that your bank doesn’t transfer $ to NYSS.

    If this doesn’t work, report to Consumer. If only I had known this earlier (& braver).


  100. Omg… I am so lucky to read abt all this feed back abt NYSS.

    I tot that they are great as how TV had shown about them.

    I have signed up for the free trial and luckily i did some research online regarding them before going for it.

    After reading many forums, I have concluded that NYSS is not worth to visit at all.

    I don’t mind paying $10k if i can successfully clear my acnes problem 100%.

    But i won’t even want to receive a free trial from a company such as this.

    One day they will confirm close down if they never change their stupid attitudes.

    If any of the NYSS staffs read all this posting, you should be shamed of urself.

    I wonder have you ever put in these people shoes and feel how they felt….


  101. is there any package for rm1000,for 5 session..
    i jz signed up for tht..i’m worried worst cum 2 worst..i’m not gonna spent even 1 sen afta tiz..


  102. Last 2 years a friend of mine brought me to try out the free facial at NYSS and after that, the beautician cornered me into buying their package. I did not sign up for anything but they made me pay a deposit for the facial and also to keep my record open so that i can get the same package the next time i visit them.

    Before the facial i had in NYSS, i have never gotten ANY acne in my life. Even during my teen-hood. But after the facial… it was the worse years in my life up till today. My face starts to breakout badly at first. And then pimples and acne start to haunt me day and night up till today. Thanks to that ONE VISIT i had at NYSS.

    I STRONGLY URGE everyone NOT to go to this cheating place as it has indeed left a terrifying scar not only on my face, but my life.

    seriously. NYSS, thanks for nothing.


  103. Urghhh! If only I’d come across this website earlier! :( Like so many of you, I was fed up, at a loss and depressed by this sudden bout of adult acne…I never used to have acne problems, not even as a teenager UNTIL recently (I’m in my late 20s).

    So, like many of you out there, I was attracted by NYSS’s “Before & After” results deep down I know results WILL vary depending on the individual)AND since there was a FREE trial for 1st-timers, I thought “Why not? Try onli wat..If don’t like then dun go again lar”…. Yea rite, if onli i knew the financial nightmare this was about to cost put me through!!!*HAIHHHHHH**

    Anyways, when I went there for the 1st visit, they took me into the consultation room….In there they used that machine thingy to scan my face & then they told me how bad my skin condition was bla x3 ….Then went into the room for the free facial. After the free facial, went back into the room….They scanned the face again, showed me how much better the skin looked (duhh, of course lar, it’s immediately after the facial which is why it looks good…dunno what will happen in e.g. 3 days time rite???)….

    They told me stuff like “Oh, for your condition…need 30-40 sessions etc to see results….Then said somore “Oh but we understand it’s very expensive so we start with 10 sessions 1st + 5 free dunno-wat treatments….Ended up with me swiping the damn credit card for RM6800!!! With Easy Payment for 12 months, each month RM566…URGHHH….And now this is eating into my card credit limit!!!!Sucks lar.. ESPECIALLY after reading all your comments….At least if the place has a good reputation oso not so bad.

    Now I know I’m not the only victim!!! Lesson learnt. Next time, do research 1st, esp when it involves parting with your hard-earned $$$$$$$$$!!! We all know that I’m sure…But I guess desperation does make one lose once’s mind and common sense!

    SOMORE when I went for my 2nd visit, they then recommended further ampoule product to dry up the pimples etc…..Said that would cost another RM5400!!! I told them NO….!!! Imagine, I haven’t even finished paying all instalments for the RM6800 treatment, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, I HAVEN’T even seen the results of the RM6800 that I swiped YET and they STILL want me to spend more $$$$!!!!?????

    So now im going to just finish up this package, finish paying the instalments….and forget about NYSS!!!!! Luckily I haven’t used their Free facial products…Scared got side effects so I think i will just stick to my usual products. Now oso I’m scared to go for my next appointment — dunno wat other ways / sweet talk they will use to make me spend more $$$.

    I donno whether it;s a good idea to even continue going for the facials….I know I already paid but what if (like u all said) their products are not safe???

    Next time I shud just leave my credit card at home when going to all these places.


  104. Also, am scared to go for next facial at NYSS in case they leave scars on my face on purpose hoping i will spend MORE $$$ with them on additional treatments and products to ‘heal’ the scars…The thought that they may purposely make my face worse instead of better to get me to swipe and swipe and wipe my credit card is SCARY!!!


  105. tq.. 4 all comments about NYSS..
    Actually my appointment with NYSS are next week. Since i’ve already read all this comments i started worried about this product. i’m ok if the coast is about below RM1000 but whats really happened is not reasonable laa kan… tak kan sampai beribu-ribu plak.. itu pun kalau betul-betul effective betul tak.. so thanks for all. I prefer to use Local Product.. Cheap and easy to find..


  106. Hi All,
    I went for free trial with my sister today..After treatment,they force u to buy the expensive package and when u rejected,they will reduce the price,they even say mys sis took up the package which i dont believe since she can afford to do so.Finally,after long negotiations,i agreed to put deposit and they said if i change mind i can buy the product.Weird rite if i refuse how can i want to buy the product.during the consulation,the beautician said everybody diff
    kind of cleanser n bla bla ..but before when back they give us the same sample.How can it be,my face dont have any acne but my sis a lot of acne.Initially ,i just accompanied her to know the price of facial treatement and trapped with the free trial.They even make face if u rejected and try to control with smiling.after read all ur comments i dont want to try the sample and willing to burn rm68.The outlet i went is at the curve.
    What a bad day..


  107. hai guyz..
    i dah mula takut cz i br je ambik pakej from NYss ni..xtaula jadi or tak..4 the 1st time,i juz try free facial,then they asked me 2 take the treatment package,i spend rm2k (5 session),n they gave me 5 products..byk sangat negative comment y i baca..better i truskan or stop jer?cam rugi jer rm 2k..banyak tu..


  108. I’ve read almost all the comments in this many negative comments..n all these comments make me think again wether i wants to try to do treatment there or not as my face got so many pimples… actually, i have make my 1st appointment there at NYSS (IOI Puchong) tomorrow. But then, after I read the comments here, it makes me think again about it. Then, i’ve made my decision – i have better not to go there n cancel the appointment….TQ Very much..


  109. i have just signed up the RM38 first trial n thinking to make appointment to go next week. signed up in pavillion.
    OMFG now i read this forum i am so scared! I do not dare to go for the first trial!

    I dont dare to go not because I am afraid to reject ppl by saying NO. I stand still on something I dont want! BUT i am afraid they purposely spoil my face and make me keep signing up n depending on their products!


  110. wow.. i’m so shocked.. i thought i want to try it dis sunday..
    luckily i found this site..
    anyway, anyone knoe good products for acne problem?
    not very confident with myself..
    takut nak kuar becoz of dis prob..


  111. Hi,
    Please becareful. I go the the New York Skin Solution at Midvalley after i saw their tv commercial 2-3 month ago. The 1st time i go there, they said i have to make an appointment, so i came in a few days later, they said i can do the free facial, without explaining any further details. So, like others in this forum, they pushed me to sign-up the package..the price is about RM8000,then reduce to Rm4000 because I still say no..and the way they pushed me is unacceptable…at last, i’m afraid they will do something to me..i agree to pay Rm100, they said its for the service for “free facial”.

    It’s obvious..they lie..


  112. Hi, thank you for this post.
    I actually just got home from New York Skin Tiong Bahru branch here in Singapore. Needless to say, I was so disgusted with them.

    The beautician “harassed” me and demand me to get the package. I told her NO many times. I told her im not interested! Damn it!

    Then she was forcing me to go and get my credit card and NETS because its only for today. SO WHAT!

    I almost want to slap her upfront!

    then they called i have to go back coz i have to pay! What shall i pay??? What a scammer! They called me many times on my phone and I wanted to know what was it all about and then because i didnt avail of their service they told me i should pay for the scan!



  113. I am a customer at the NYSS,Curve branch since 2005(when they opened). Their service has just dropped to the pits. But since i have already dumped in my hard earned money with them, i continued going to them.So after a long break i went yest. My beauty consultant name Grace attended to me. So she did the usual steaming of my face, then extraction. Okay then she started putting on my mask,and eye treatment. Left me in the room for 30 mins all alone. By then i was fuming. Then comes some other consultant who says she is not Grace. I was just so angry that i got up sreamed at her and the supervisor asking them to get out of the room as i was leaving the place right away. I went ballistic really. Got dressed went to the counter and screamed my heart out at them. I was just so mad. Told them that this is not the way to treat a customer and everything i could tell them . They kept saying sorry, sorry… Until now no one has rang to apologise. I just want my money back. I will write to the add given above to the govt to complain. I will also write to Malay Mail hotline. Yes, even if i don’t get my money back, i want these dishonest ppl to suffer. Just terrible how they suck our money and treat us so shabbily. All of us must voice out together.


  114. Hi!
    Tank goodness,i thought i’m the onli one that was conned by them..

    I went for my first facial there as a new customer.They did a scan.Since i was only 17,they asked me to bring along my mum.At first,my mum decline as she was so sure that these facials and companies were fraud but eventually,she agreed to accompany me to the NYSS at White Sands.

    I remembered our consultant then as she scanned our faces and showed our bad skin conditions on a monitor nx to her.
    It was very terrifying to see the damage caused by the acne etc.Then,she told us that our skin problems can be helped when we signed up for her recommended treatment.

    The price for me only costs about S$1000+.My mum then complained that i was only a student and that i could not afford it.

    bla..bla..bla..until the consultant gave a reasonable price which is around S$450 for 5 treatments and she promised us that my skin will improve a lot.

    My 1st visit was fine with the consultant herself but then the 2nd onwards was not cool.Upon my 2nd visit,i got a new consultant taking me and when i asked bout the previous one,the receptionist said that she was taking her maternity leave.

    The new lady then told me to get these bottles which she claims is a need for a faster recovery.Since i was alone with her n another consultant in a room,i was very tempted to do agree.Btw the prices for these bottles are $1000+ for 20 b.I rejected but they keep insisting on me taking the offer.Since i was a student,they offered 10 bottles at $400+.They added that it was a one time offer and in order to secure the offer,i need to make a deposit of S$214.Since i was a student,they offered 10 bottles at $400+.

    I also told them that i need to discuss wif my mum as b4 i buy anitin,my mum will be asked 1st.
    They then said ,”y not put a deposit 1st,and tell ur mum later at home”.

    Due to myself being alone with the 2 consultants,i was easily infuenced as i couldn’t say NO to their smiling faces.

    When i reached home,i told mu mum wat happened tat day and she pissed off as she knw i was scammed by them.The following day,we went to the place and my mum asked 4 the manager.We then sat in a room as usual and my mum complained to her bout the consultant’s way of cheating money on young people.

    There were loud disagreements in the room and still,no refunds.

    My mum was very fed-up with the manager and went straight to CASE the nx day.She opted for the small court whereby she would be representing me against the company.

    A few days b4 the small court takes place,NYSS called my mum and apologise.They also want her to cancel the small court appointment and decided to give us back our refund.

    I was happy to get back my money and was so thankful to my mum!
    So guys out there,be very careful when going to NYSS.To be stupid like me..The lesson is,”Think twice b4 saying yes”


  115. Hey guys,i just wish i saw this blog ealier!! i went to NYSS at subang parade last tuesday for the first timer free trial! somewhere in part of my brain already thought about ‘how can any company give something for free..hmmmm’when i make the appoinment.
    Well, i went there anyway,and when i’m waiting for the consulatant i saw my ‘back-then-highschool enemy’ with flawless skin in one of their satisfied customer pamplet!it makes me more eager to try the service….. and after finished the free facial,i can felt a bit different in positive way until they pushed me to take their package which is cost RM 1250 for 5 session and free 5x eye treatments! to be honest my budget really tight every month…and i dont have that such of money to spent anyway.When i said NO to them..they start to pushed me more and more..(oh yeah..there s 3 of em and me in that small room)! when i said i dont bring my ATM cards and dont have credit cards (which i really dont)..they said just asked anyone that i know and ‘borrowed’ their cc instead..duh!!
    and then they start to spaek in chinese to each other which they thought i didnt understand they kutuk2 me!(i’m half chinese and i can understand mandarin maa)
    and after almost 1 hour battle..phew!! i end up paid them deposit RM 180 in cash (it’s all cash i got at that time).yeah..i lost the battle just because it took so much time arguing and im already late for my family dinner… got to pay all the balance before end of the week! YEAH U WISH!

    i dunno either i dont like the product and the treatment or the staff tactics…but they already make their point on why i shouldnt go back..hmmm what about my RM 180*sigh*
    i know if want to be beautiful there’s price to pay! but its too pricey! i rather spent rm500-rm600 for good quality skincare product and do it myself!
    anyway, u guys said dermalogical is good..may i know roughly the prices !! TQ


  116. Hi everyone,
    This is my first time I visit this blog, after three years already I’ve been a loyal customer(considered loyal, i think) to NYSS. I’m not here to judge people or to say either we wright or wrong, but I’m here just to share my experiences with you.
    My first trial treatment, started a few years ago, after I’ve seen advertisement in tv commercial produce by the singaporean people to the malaysian. Since, I’m having very serious face problem, I try to persuade myself to try NYSS after having serious breakdown with a lot of beauty products.Because you know women will do whatever it takes to look beautiful, I’m willing to travel from ipoh to KL midvalley,because that time, they do not open yet at Pinang branch and I’m not familiar with the subang area.
    I couldn’t deny,the beautician NYSS are very persuasive.I did have my 10 session plus with the 3 free treaments and it all cost a lot of money. Everytime I attented the treatment, they will try to persuade me to upgrade my package and talk about my face problem and if you want to get an instant results, you need to pay with another more RM6K…walah…bla..bla…and we give you some discount…only offer for today,again I convinced myself, long as my face will improve..and no financial problem, maybe I can try. Until one stage, I cannot stand anymore.Ask me to by the placenta and the others thing cause you more than RM2500.(i don’t know about the price nowdays)
    That it…I can be broke for every month just because of this. I’m asking myself, why the price of the product and the discount keep on changing when you say no..and I did see their expert people where they came down from singapore to KL and commented on my face skin.and even when I said no, they still tryin to convience me to upgrade again…and maybe if you lucky enough, the NYSS will put my face on TV commercial and you get another more free session…what?
    Yes, my skin is improve, but really slow.Maybe as what others people say, some works and some are not.It takes two years to prevent the senstive and dry skin ONLY. Not yet with the pores and bla..bla…and until know I only used their product and no longer having treatment in that place.I’m afraid if I change to other product, my face become worst back as I did try to stop their product such as rosemary cleanser, soothing gel and cream, beauty cream, toner..and a lot more…you know what happened? on my face suddenly appears to have pimples, blackhead and redness that why I still continue the product. Anybody like to suggest to me with a new products?
    Their service, I can conclude that,they still ok, except when the done the suggestive selling (;p).My beautician also already resigned but she did a good job to me eventhough sometimes she keep on missing certain time cause her supervisor keep on calling her to entertain other peoples.She did appologize to me.
    To my conclude, we can say NO as we have the rights. Still not too late rather like me.Thus who really in treatments..and paid, what can I said…no refund right? Go..experience rather than you paid them free.If you get the refund..thanks god.thus who gets the good result continue as what you already decide..
    As for me, I’m still searching for the right product for my face.I don’t want to go to the beauty shop whereby they only seen your face without scan it..and suddenly suggest to you, this is the products that suits you. We have the power to make changes.Remember, to get fine face it requires times to recover. No such things as instantly…and the money as well…



  117. I went for a so-called free facial today at penang branch and the beautician managed to make me signed up for a RM3xxx treatment session. my skin improved in term of complexion (i have acne problem) and i was at first a satisfied customer. but after reading all the negative comments here, i’m scared that my skin condition is going to get worse if i continue with another 10 sessions with them. i haven’t paid for the whole program as i only paid for the deposit RM100. should i leave it like that and not paying if i choose not to go for more treatments? because i already signed up for the 10 sessions treatment.


  118. hi, diwi from KL. being some sort of a frequent web surfer, i wish i did my homework thru internet before signing up with the damn new york skin care. being so desperate to have flawless skin like an artist, i spent RM8000 till to date and only got rashes from day to day. i kept track of my skin condition using my own camera as an evident and now i have lodged a complaint to tribunal pengguna to get a refund. last friday they only offered RM1000 and 10 more cooling treatments. so lame after i had expressed to them that i have lost confident with their treatment. now, i’m still waiting for their management’s verdit. and of course they asked me to revoke the complaint but sorry, they are messing with the wrong person. if i didnt get full refund, i’ll put whatever within my capacity to make this thing come to light and no more will be skinned alive!

    so guys and gurls, if you are willing to be my witness or provide your genuine testimony to me before or during the hearing scheduled on 15/12/2008, do contact me at it’s time to teach these blood sucker a real lesson


  119. NYSC really a blood suckers…I wish to complain them or give them the lesson…but i think it will be very hard. Until now anyone success to sue them and get back the money? I think the answer is nobody, they have prepared well for ppl to sue them, they r big company now after con so many consumer’s money.


  120. i too am a client of NYSS at the Curve Branch. i am 43, went in for slight pigmentation problems and slight sagging of my cheeks. i went for the free treatment and was impressed. they did one side of my face first and let me see the difference, and it was incredible, the side they worked on was higher!!! incredible right. so i was taken in immediately. they were incredibly pushy. the treatment they recommended for me was the planceta which consists of 10 treatments, costing RM980!! each. i was taken aback, but they said if you sign today, they will give me additional 10 treatments of chamomile worth RM580 each, plus eye treatment etc, totalling over RM22000.
    i was just taken in by the way my cheeks looked, so firm. i actually refused becos i needed to talk it over with my significant other. but they told if i signed up another day, i wouldnt not get the free 10 chamomile treatments and the eye care etc.
    they brought in total of 3 people to convince, and i felt pushed into it. and i put in on my credit card.
    but unfortunately, the lifting of my cheek area just happened that one time, i havent seen that miracle since.
    and after one or two treatments, they start telling you that in order for my treatment to work faster i should buy ampoules, which cost RM180 each. and you are supposed to use one per day.
    i finally relented after my 8th treatment and bought 10 and got 5 free.
    not much improvement. i went to my i think 15th treatment on the 25th of November 2008. and 2 hours later, both my eyes were swollen, my left side of the face from hairline to chin looked like it was burned, deep red, and deep red patches on my right cheek. i was shocked. i called my therapist and she told me to go in the next morning. i went in and they gave me a soothing treatment, which is just cleansing, repair serum which cost about RM8, and cool steam for 20 minutes.
    after which they asked me to buy the serum,10 caps which cost total RM80 and that was that. didnt offer any treatments for the damage. no reassurance.
    i went home hoping it would work, but it didnt. i cried myself to sleep the second night.
    called the salon manager Iris. told her what happened, i thought she could help. called at 11 am in the morning. she told me she would get all the facts and call me back, i waited until 5pm, no calls, i search the net looking for a number for a head office, there is none. i called the number on the web and it was the pavillion branch. i asked for a head office number but she said there isnt one. she asked for my number and said she could speak to her manager and maybe she could help. i briefly told her what happened. and miraculously, five minutes later, the salon manager at the curve called me. and told me to go in tomorrow, and they will let me have a cream to apply on my face.
    i understand that this skin reactions could happen, maybe my skin is sensitive to a particular product in that treatment. but the reason why i am angry is not the fact that it happened, but the fact that they couldnt be bothered to do anything!!!!!!! once you have signed up and paid they treat you like you are nothing.
    all i wanted was for them to treat me the way they did when they wanted me to sign up with respect!!!
    i didnt ask for refund, i paid for the repair serum, after they did this to my face. i still paid!!!! they offered me no help, no treatment to repair the damages, nothing.
    i am shocked at the way they operate. i still have 4 to 6 treatments left. they actually asked me to sign up for another course 3 weeks ago. i was tempted not becos i have seen improvement. but becos i have already spent RM11600. there hasnt been lightening of my pigmentation, or any firming in my face. but after this shoddy treatment of me. i wouldnt advise anyone to go there.maybe if you buy their ampoules costing several thousands of ringgit every month, they will treat you like a vip. maybe the treatment do work but in my case it hasnt and it has damage my skin, i hope not permanently.
    i have never seen my face as bad as this, never in my 43 years. i will be going tomorrow to get the cream that was offered to me. i will be updating this tomorrow evening. i regret going to new york skin solutions. please people out there, beware!!


  121. i am linda from the previous post. this morning i went to the dermatologist before going to NYSS to meet with the salon manager. she promised that NYSS will provide me with all the treatments needed to repair my skin. she then provided to give me a small tub, she said contains cream that was flown over from singapore just for me. and she told me to apply it over entire face twice a day for 5 days.
    when i opened the tub, i saw a tiny tiny amount. maybe around the segment of the little finger. i suspect it is some sort of pharmaceutical ointment especially when she told me to apply that tiny amount, just as my dermatologist had told me so this morning.
    now i am torn. my face looked so shocking, that i was stared at every where i go. and now, my dilemma is do i use the cream, knowing full well, a salon has no right in dispensing that ointment (if it turns out to be so) or do i risk going thru their treatments again.
    maybe i will get the ointment tested before i decide.
    for those people out there who is comtemplating going to NYSS or any salon, be really careful. i thought i was in chosing a famous salon.
    but beware!! anyone out there who has had severe rashes, or burn like marks like mine? pls send me an e-mail, maybe we can do something?


  122. well, we’ll give it a shot. win or not, at least we tried. if i dont succeed, we always have media and other mediums to channel our frustration. i already obtained email address of FOMCA’s president (by chance), so if tribunal pengguna doesnt work, try to go to the big shot pulak. those who had been conned, do file your complaint thru tribunal, its online only with RM5 fee to open the file. do fight for your right as a consumer. we were conned and duped with sweet talk and empty promises and these are not our fault since we really need a solution to our skin problem and doesnt expect it turned to be this way. come on guys gurls, lets do something!


  123. Hi,

    I have a very bad experience with this NYSS, luckily I manage to get back my money after make a police report and draft a letter to my credit card dispute dept. This story happen when I try the RM38 promotion , after the session, I agreed to sign in the facial treatment cost 3K, ,after the trial facial I go back and search in the website, I horror and regret after non good review from their customers. I immediately call them to cancel the package, but no feedback from them. I went back to the outlet, I want to know what the reason they give me, I ask nicely the consultant to explain the reason, and record with my hand phone, I said I need this as a proof, the consultant was very angry and chase me out of the outlet. Then I went to the nearest police station to log case, I draft a letter and fax to the credit card dispute dept to investigate this case, I also attached together with the police report. After a few days the Manager of the outlet call me and agreed to make refund by cheque but my easy payment through credit card have to carry on, I also have to pay for them admin charges.


  124. thanks faiz for sharing your experience and willing to give testimony should i really need it during my hearing next monday onn 15th dec ’08. i’m now rehearsing and anticipating their questions that they are going to throw. now the excuse given are i’m big enough to think and decide and nobody forced me to sign up. well, they try to be funny after what they did. i still looking for your support who had similar bad experience to be a witness if u got the time, you may come to the mall, kl level 16 and give testimony against NYSS. i can be contacted at 019-2780902 and my email believe me, all we need is a healthy skin and we came to them with genuine intention to get the solution to our skin but look what they had done to us… do come out from the silo and join effort to nail this company


  125. oh wow. after reading all the comments i’m quite worried. i’m currently a customer in spore and i signed up for the collagen treatment package. i still haven’t finish paying for this coz since i’m a student, my consultant allowed me to pay 3 installments. but i still have 1 more session to go as i paid for 2 sessions the last time i went there. now i’m not sure if i want to continue. maybe i’ll just go for that one session? so far, i’ve went for 3 sessions. i’m not sure about my collagen, whether there’s any improvement or not since they never scan my skin anymore after the free trial session. but my skin, the only improvement i see is that the blackheads are gone after the consultant extracted them out..


  126. i would like to ask i went for their free trial and they pressure me to sign up for 10 session which i did but after all the last session my face is still not cleared they also ask me to buy their products which i did and i am still using till now my face has not been cleared they say for the first treatment you can see visible results so after 10 sessions you should see your face cleared. i would like to know if i can get a refund for my 10 sessions ? if i know this is going to happen to my skin i should not have sign up for their package.


  127. Did anyone successfully claimed the refund? How? I need that in every details please..

    I had just signed in a 2+1 “student package” at RM 560 in total. But i haven’t make any future appointment yet.I wish i had read this before my FREE TRIAL session.Now Im feeling damn regret paying with my atm card.

    Now i want to cancel my membership and get my refund.I doesn’t aware that i already signed the contract which stated ” I voluntarily purchased this package of my own accord”and “no refundable” after i had made my payment.

    How? I need help desperately !


  128. hey… its reali sounded so scarry bout nyss but is it reali true.. i have few friends of mine taking courses in nyss but they seems happy with it.. and frankly speaking i can reali see improvement on their skin xpecially one of my friend that took an eye treatment over planin to go there soon as well.. bout the prices it might be a lil bit expensive compare to the other facial saloon that provide rm50 for 1 time facial but i guess u will realize that u can see different result with different prices u pay..of coz when u ask for refund they will turn a bit aggresive well in the other way round u r aggresive urself when ure asking for refund dont u???!!!so its the same what goes round comes around..its not like im trying to stand on their side but i just try to tell what im thinkin..i guess if on that day i reali cant see any result on the treatments that im taking on the day i just gonna say no..but ppl will only pay for the pakages when they satisfied with the result they see right??!!so no point asking for refund after u paying it and read those comment bout what other ppl say in this forum??!!


  129. OMG!!After I signed up the package which cost RM3k++ only I saw this website..Now I m abit hesitate about my decision.I had went for my first facial. Tomorrow will be my second one. I duno wat r they going to push me since I had read thru all the comments from the other readers…so sad here…


  130. Just signed up RM 12k for 20X treatment. The consultant told me that all their products are made in usa although some maybe packed in s’pore or m’sia. I noticed that their products do not spelt out their ingredients unlike other reputable products from USA or Europe. Also the manufacturer name and address are not identified. I need someone to advise the following

    1. my top concern is whether nyss products are safe and without side-effects.

    2. And are they really made in usa?

    3. For members the products are 50% discount? The staff told me that only 10 or 15 or 20% discount depends on the accumulating amount you spent as member.



    1. LG, almost everyone’s skin is different, coupled with sensitivity, allergy, etc – it’s hard to judge how skin would react until you try it yourself – hence, the free trial given by people who had signed up for the packages. It’s how NYSS get new customers and for potential customers to try the products/services. Of course, the service during free trial would be great – they would take time to explain, draw pictures of skin, scan your skin, explain where the problems are… after trial facial, they would scan another time to show you the differences.

      Yes, no ingredients listed. The box & packaging are really simple.

      Made in US? It can mean a lot of things – are the ingredients from US, bottled in US, quality measured by US government?

      As for the current promotion or discount – I’m not sure since I stopped using this long time ago. If you don’t want, they’ll offer more discount. So the trick is to say “NO” a few times if you really want to get more savings.

      siti, best if you go to qualified doctor than beauticians since NYSS treatment & products are not working for you even if you are taking care of yourself (enough sleep, no stress, eat right, etc). Alternatively, you can also cancel your package but you need valid reason for this – needs thick face to claim back, maybe a lot of noise or report to Consumer.


  131. i am also one of the NYSS customer since july 2007…i have pimples problem, whitehead and redness on my face.. till now i already spend more than RM15K..i keep upgrading the treatment as advised by my consultant as they keep convince me to upgrade it every time i complaint that i still not satisfy with the result from the treatment..

    now im still have about 4x collagen treatment, 10x “chemoma” treatment (not really sure the spelling) and 5x skin renewal treatment.. after the 2nd skin renewal treatment…i have more pimples coming out on my face, my skin dry, hv more redness and itchy… some of itchy part leave scar to my face…it seems that now i hv the infection from the treatment… i feel so much down as my skin look bad than before.. help me… what should i do????…


  132. i had seen de advertisment that NYSS offer in de web site. i was very very crazy abt it. i had sign up 4 de free session in their web site. a few days later, they had contact me. i m very happy 2 b offered a free trial of their treatment. i had made n appointment. when i told my sister abt it, she told that it is all a lie but i don believe her. then i start 2 feel suspicious. so i make a research on the net & saw all ur comment. thank God!!!! that i didn’t go 2 de appointment. but i had use up a few credit on my hp just by calling them. till now nobody had complain abt them 2 de kementerian hal ehwal pengguna. as a consumer, we should know our right!!!!! FIGHT 4 UR SKIN. U BETTER DON TRUST A STRANGER!! THAT DAMN NYSS’LL GET A ‘SPECIAL TREATMENT’ FROM THEIR CUSTOMER. JUST WAIT & C.


  133. Hi LG.. Have u gone over for your facial treatment? I had taken my second facial treatment there, no improvement at all, new breakouts are coming out and the consultant told me that it’s common as the treatment push the toxin lying in ur inner layer of skin to the outer layer, that’s the reason u have new breakouts… did u face this problem? my mom said my blemishes seem redder compared to earlier b4 I went to NYSS. now i m trying aloe vera n the other supplements too… so sad here…This Sunday will be my 3rd treatment but I planned to delay it to a later date…


  134. hi all….i faced the same problem as u guys too frankly speaking i’ve spent more than rm20k at their penang outlet as they kept persuade me to upgrade the treatment. I was so reluctant at first but the way they made it seem like if i dun upgrade the treatment, i will no longer see any improvement on my face. I was so stupid to get cheated by them and spent most of my saving to get my face free from acnes. After more than 30 treatments, there is no improvement at all and all i got are rashes and more acnes, which left me feel frustrated. I went to see a skin specialist and he claimed that i was allergic to the new treatment. I told my consultant about it and guess what, she said it might be due to my food intake or lack of sleeps…not their problem at all….and asked me to buy some soothing ampoule’s which cost rm1800 for 3 boxes (buy 2 free 1)…which i refused to buy…then again, she showed me an annoyed look and the next thing i knew was she kept me waited for empty room for more than half n hour each time i went for my treatment, and i always got the one sharing with other peoples, and always ask different beautician to serve me. When i confronted them, all they said was “she is busy with new customers”…….

    I still have 4 more sessions to go but i think i can no longer tolerate with this kind of treatment from them. I believe the reasons we go for facial treatment is not just to treat our face, but we also seek for relaxing moment as well..but i don’t get any from this new york skin solution….trust me….all i have from them is frustration and disappointment…and made me spend money like no one business….

    Please help me…..


  135. Hi Vaness, i know how u felt and how is the feeling as a victim, bcoz i’m also one of u ppl also. i hv spent 11k + the other trial products, already duno how much…

    anyway, i learn from this lession. i giant more knowledge, more frenship and so on… I know who they r and how angry and hate from me to them…

    anyway, for ur acnes, i thk u better go to see Klinik Skin Specialist rather than go to other beauty saloon. I hv been b4 and they gv me ROACCUTANE. just beawere of this medicine for someone who has allergy to the medicine or currently using the other medicine. this product cant be use for PREGNANT WOMEN. u must consult the doctor b4 using this product and dont simply buy it. anyway, ROACCUTANE, RETIN-A, DIFFERIN product r well know to solve the acne problem. but they are irritate to the skin. Therefore, u should go to see the doctor first and ask which product or other method that can solve ur problem in minimize risk.

    beside tat, it’s good for u to browse website and read more info available one the net, u will get more and more knowledge that helpful for u. u r the one who can help urself. i just gv u suggestion only. Currenlty i’m using ROACCUTANE for about 4months and seen some effective on my skin.

    So, if u want ur acne skin to improve, u hv to patient, at the begining usage of the medicine, it may worst for few days 2 few weeks before skin gets better. but this u must consult the doctor when u go to see them.

    just beware in mind, not every product suitable for everyone and just becareful when using any strong products. Good Luck!.

    For the money refund, u can get back if u fight for it, i hv fight for it and hv meet 3 specialist and firm my strong mind, i finally gets back RM3000++. Dont need scare frm them, u know how scare i’m when entry the office tat all r gal as one guy is me, but i dun care, once i entry the room, i just tell them my decision and ignore all their offer becoz i already tried twice offer and it’s useless. to fight for refund u hv go to consumer centre. In Selangor, KL there is TRIBUNAL, but at Penang, it’s Consumer xxx centre, i forget it. but they r same, just go there and ask for ur case, they will help u want. u hv to do some action if u wants ur money back. for my suggestion, u just dont go back for ur remain 4 session since u already 30trmt and seen nothing improvement. u have power to fight back for ur money.

    if u want my help, u can email me at, i hv a fren at penang tat i can ask her to help u on how to do.

    Good Lcuk & God Bless U.


  136. OMG! I’m glad I found this site! I’d made an appointment with the Subang Parade branch tomorrow morning! When I went there few days ago, I asked them if the free facial is without any obligation and the person there confirmed it’s with NO obligation! After reading through some of the comments, I’m not so sure now! I’m gonna give this NYSS a miss tomorrow! Better be safe than sorry!


  137. Hey all….im also one of the people being conned by NYSS….just to tell you all, if u noticed which i did but to eager to not to say no, when they scan ur face for the first time, they actually scanned 2 parts which is the first layer the visible where u can see the ugly hills n everything and the second layer which is the inner layer where you can it is not so ugly and lighter in colour than the outside…and after you did ur facial, ur face got scanned again and they just compare ur outer skin and inner skin….not the before and after, thats my experience la…dunno bout anyone else…and the people are very extremely pushy….and after u signed up they tend to be rude…


  138. ATTENTION !!!
    hey guy~ i need u guy help~ if u guy want 2 get refund back from NYSS (new york skin solution) or dissatisfied will their service, feelin cheated by them. pls contect me soon we need to create awareness to other consumer for becareful wif this company, dun get cheated by them~
    so rite now i need u guy respond, feedback and support
    coz tis company image might be damage by u guy respond~

    thanks 4 attention~ believe urself u can to tat


  139. ATTENTION !!!
    hey guy~ i need u guy help~ if u guy want 2 get refund back from NYSS (new york skin solution) or dissatisfied will their service, feelin cheated by them. pls contect me soon we need to create awareness to other consumer for becareful wif this company, dun get cheated by them~
    so rite now i need u guy respond, feedback and support
    coz tis company image might be damage by u guy respond~

    thanks 4 attention~ believe urself u can to tat


  140. Regretted not checking on NYSS online before hand. Went for their free trial yesterday (15/4/09). Same procedure & story.
    The consultant initially offered me a package cositng RM4K for 10 treatments. She was really pushing hard to get me to sign the package.

    When I told her that I need more time to think, she tried to make me worry by telling me that my sensitive skin can get worse if I delay treat and that at my age (38), I should take good care of my face. She kept on talking & emphasized on the seriousness of my skin problem though I vaguely remember her putting my skin condition as moderately sensitive in my record chart.

    When I kept quiet, she quickly changed topic & get me talking by asking me about my normal beuty regime. 5 minutes into the talk only did I realised that she was trying to persuade me to buy their soothing lotion in order to stabilise my skin condition.
    I rejected by saying that I have just bought a new range of products recently.

    Then she changed tactic; this time offering me a package costing RM580 with 3 treatments plus I can buy their products at a discount of 50%. Said that this package is normally reserved for students only but she can offer me this package provided that I paid today.

    When I insisted that I do not want to make any commitment, she asked me to make a deposit instead to reserve this special package. She kept on talking until I started to get a bit annoyed and hungry too as it was almost 9.30 pm. Finally I said I can only make a RM50 deposit which she readily and happily accepted. Only then did her smile returned. So realistic!! I was also given a small travelling gift back.

    On my way home, I decided to forfeit the RM50 & treat it as a payment for the ‘free trial’. I ain’t going back there ever.

    After reading the complaints here, I am really glad that I got to escape with a mere RM50. Really pity you gals who have paid a fortune but yet with results to prove. Hope justice will be done…..


  141. Hi Everyone,

    I had the same experience as well and now my face is getting worse.. Whole face is full of acne and it irritates too. :(

    Will just finish up the course that I have already paid for and certaintly will not sign up for additional or anymore course.
    No second time for me in any of the beauty centre. The first & the last time!!

    I think the best way for me is to seek for Skin Specialist.
    BTW, do you guys know which is the best SKIN SPECIALIST in Penang?

    Need help!!


  142. Hey …gal out there. I am quite late to do anything. I had paid RM 5600. They asking me to visit every week for collegen treament. According to them my face had damage caused by BML product.
    On one visit my consultant so bussy so i hv to wait so long. i hv gone thru the NYSS pemplet. I notice one of photo they put mother (before) and doughter(after). Shit dare they do that noticed this is two different photo after see the hand of mother more wrinkle the doughter very smooth skin. After that i was compare both of them eyes, mouth and eye brow…I was vary confident there are 2 different persons.
    So after that i asked my consultant.. she just smiling and say dont know abt tht due to she was newly joint NYSS.


  143. i was signed up a package with new york skin solutions in singapore ( White sand). The package cost S$2400 for 10 times. During the 4th time when i visit them. And the beauty consultant .Her name is Chris ask me to sign up another package Cost S$3510 ( 16 Time, deduct the 4 facial which i take before).
    Chris still said i can pay from my credit card and entitle for 36 mth instalment….bla bla

    Terrible! Went for 4th treatment and ask me pay S$5910??? ( exclusive 7% GST somemore)

    Regret to visit NYSS… BEAWARE!


  144. gurls, guyz..dont get conned. whoever still has the remaining unused/unopened product or facial treatments, PLS STOP IT IMMEDIATELY and lodge your report to the tribunal pengguna.

    if the F#@* NYSS giving excuse that you have signed everything so u cant claim or get refund, DONT BELIEVE THEM!! with tribunal, of course you cant claim back everything but only the unused service / products.

    there’s still way to get at least some portion of your money. STOP NOW WITH NYSS and ACT NOW!go to the nearest tribunal pengguna and lodge a report. you may still continue to ‘negotiatte’ with NYSS if they offer you and if you are satisfied with their offer, u can revoke the complaint.

    but normally the F@#* (sorry, i was so furious with them)NYSS will offer the free 10 treatment of ‘soothing’ treatment. DONT BELIEVE IT OR TAKE IT. take it if you think that u want to give them a chance and u will continue being duped by them (it happened to me!)

    i managed to forked back some of the money. initially they just wanted to refund RM900++ konon2 nye setel luar makhkamah(after deducting the admin fee and deduct the free cleansing set (Bodoh betul, dah bagi free nak claim balik, i fought for it)and finnaly i got RM2800, see the different?

    you may call me at 23317419 to get FREE CONSULTATION on how to go to tribunal, what is your next step and some useful tips for you to at least claim the remaining unused service/products. all the best


  145. Me also one of the NYSS’s victim. I’ve spent RM 9800 for plantcenta tr. I’ve been trapped when the first time step my foot there alone for a free trial. I refused many time to take their package but they said the free trial actually costing RM 4000 and actually the skin scan procedure also have certain charge.

    They scared me that my skin condition cannot wait any longer. I refused, again they suggest me to take 15 x treatment out of 30 and said ” Sayang….you are pretty, very good looking, yet ada infection,sayang kalau tak jaga ma..rupa cantik kena jaga lorr”. Finally, they ask 4 my credit card after much tarik tali nego. They ask me to sign a piece of paper which I didn’t aware that this is the acknowledegement stated no refundable cash for any discontinue treatment. I assumed the slip just only signature 4 payment bcoz they ask me to sign after they swept my credit crd. They never mention or remind us bout the T n C.

    My consultant who in charge my file from the first trial never attend to treat me, n they change the consultant untill 3 different person. 4th treatment, I was so frustrated to see what they have done to my face. My skin began crispy dehydrated, lot of burn, itchy n warm. I couldnt sleep at night. My sister said so scared seeing my face. They only said it’s a normal condition, but I’m regretted bcoz I’ve never ask for that type of treatment. Futhermore I already asked them to confirm NO PEELING, NO REDNESS. They confidently convince me no such thing. When this bad thing happen to me, they just said that the treatment just free bonus from them not included in my package. I cannot exchange the package. Then they recommend me to upgrade package to Chamomile tr. Meaning I have to buy another package worth RM 3000 plus additional product ( soothing cream n ampoules). They also promote their collagen drink which costed ribu riban also.

    I have no choice than to take the new package. Wishing my skin will come back as well as before. Unfortunately, same as before, they did well at 1st session only. How terrible the itchiness i have gone through this 2nd time. Why is it 1st treatment (new package), got no problem? Same as original package, why is it 1st to 3rd session ok, no problem. I’m not so dissapointed if the result slow but the point is, they made my skin worsen. And ask me to buy this n that without responsible for what they have done. Of course they can say, may be I’m not suitable with the treatment, but I’m just curious bcoz the early stage the treatment seem ok, if not so good to see instant result at least they don’t make worse. Logically, after 4th session, should become better not become worse. If my skin not suit them, then why not it happen at the early??? Supposed in one session we could know whether the treatment bring allergy symptom or not. Did they change the ingredient every session under the same package? Why they do that?

    And now, they refused to refund me. I still got 19 balance treatment 4 both package. Anyhow, I won’t go there again. I will fight 4 my right. They ask me to see their skin specialist if I want the refund and let them see my medical report from my doc. They have no right to do that. I just want my money back! I don’t want any skin test from them! If they consider to refund, then just do it. Don’t need to ask me to do anything such skin test or what. If they don’t tolerate me, See me in court!


  146. Hi,

    Any of you recent visitors to the centre were BMW White Card holders?? My husband wants me to use up all these vouchers he receieved having the BMW White Card, and one of them is a free trial facial treatment worth RM300 at NYSS. I have already booked an appointment this Saturday at the Pavillion outlet (as it only lets you go there to redeem) and was feeling quite happy thinking I’ll finally get to pamper myself without having to break my purse but luckily I did a background check on the net, and after reading so many bad reviews I’m really having my doubts! I have no skin problems and I’ve never really done a facial before, so I don’t want to take any chances of screwing up my face. I guess I’ll just skip the treatment and use up the other vouchers. Better safe than sorry!


  147. Hi! Jane, you made a right decision. Better be safe than sorry. Most of the victims took their package bcoz of the satisfying trial treatment. But then, after gain our trust, I don’t understand why is the result different than the result after free trial? Why is that the consultant who took in charge our file from the first trial, suddenly changed or being told resigned? It not only happened to me but others also same situation. And after that they made our skin terrible.

    FYI, when the 1st time I went there, I do not have critical skin problem. Got only small pimple at several skin area. They said, my skin already got infection and I must do something early before they get spread and make my face ugly like …..(they showed me pictures of bad infectioned skin). I’m so shocked to know how much the cost I have to pay for the recommended treatment. As they said that I have pretty good look, then why is that the cost is so expensive just like my skin in such serious skin problem? Finally I fall for them thinking that ‘berbaloi’ spend more if the result as we expected, they claimed that they are specialist, international brand, well known in U.S bla.. bla…

    If the treatment didn’t suit us, then why they didn’t allow us to change another treatment? Why must we pay for the new type of treatment to recover the problem that they made to us. The first contract, they promise me to give free eye treatment. But they simply change that free treatment with another treatment (without informing us) which irritated my skin badly. And I have to pay on my own cost to treat that problem (upgrade treatment). Also have to buy ampoulse “konon-konon” dpt instant result. Recently I saw their Yun Nam advertisement on tv, also put that ampoulse which I put on my face (as following their advise)onto skinhead/hair?????? That ampoulse didn’t help me any….


  148. OMFG, I just made an appointment with them yesterday, after they called me like 5 times. After all, it is free, but THANK YOU GUYS, I don’t think I will go. I read every single comment in here, so here’s the summary

    1)they force you to pay for the Deposit
    2) 2-3 people will try to persuade you at the same time
    3) they don’t have price list.
    4)they keep on changing the price, cheaper each time
    5)no significant result from customers
    6)they change diff doctors 2-3 times
    7)they ‘persuade’ you again to invest more in each session
    8)result is good at first trial.
    9)the computer scanning is manipulative
    11)the former company also had bad reputation

    summary of advice from other comments:

    1) DON’T GO(especially for FREE TRIAL)
    2) If u still want to go, don’t bring your credit card.


    1. stingwray, There’s no doctor. All of them are beauticians, some with qualifications as beautician and some without.


  149. Huh……today just make an appointment go for free trial, but after read all the comments, better not go, where got free lunch in this world lah?


  150. There’s always free lunch if you want to take. Just because you went for the free trial doesn’t mean you need to purchase something. It’s “Trial”. Consumer has the right to decide if they want to buy (more) or stop after free trial.


  151. My sad story took a wrong turn:-

    A little history from me.. I’m their regular client for 2 years now (sign up 2 yrs ago cuz conned by their pushy hardsell tactic, similar as everyone else’s here) and there had been no major issue with the treatment except maybe minor irritation or red spot from extraction after facial.

    I have been avoiding to go NYSS for 3 mths now and my skin improved alot on its own with very smooth and fair radiant pink skin.

    Unfortunately, last Sunday (26th april), I walked in to NYSS at Midvalley with clear smooth skin but 2 hours later came out with burnt, red and blotchy skin entirely on my face, and worst part under my eyes. Apparently the therapist had turned on the ultrasonic temperature level too high, thus my burnt skin. She used the ultrasonic for better collagen absorption. She herself admitted her mistake and blamed that the machine is brand new, so she doesn’t know the heat is so strong. Why can’t she blame herself??

    Anyway, now I’m very worried that the burns have damage my skin tissue and severed them permanently. I also looked 2 ton darker after 3 days now since the incident, and my face is ever so itchy now and I can’t sleep well at night cuz always feel like scratching it. I don’t put on make up as I’m afraid it will aggravate the burnt skin. I looked as if I’ve been outdoor in the hot sun for 3 days.

    Have anyone also happen to encounter similar incident or any of your friends or fellow blogger of NYSS? I feel so sad now cuz I risk losing my youthful face from this moment on. I’m 28.


    1. Dear Sylvia,

      I totally knew how you felt. It happened to me last 2 weeks. I have severed burnt on my face as the consultant turned on the ultrasonic machine temperature too high. They still blamed it on the machine.

      I’m on MC for 2 weeks. I think they only think about is their commission commission.. everything money money money. I am so angry and dissapointed. How is your condition now after a year? Do you consult any other doctor?


  152. this nyss is all about PUSHY! only god knows hw extremely they will push u.I just gt my experienced last thursday,fr the free treatement.Waaa the first time enter aa,all gud one.They jaga u and consult u very333 gud.Like u know,1st they take ur details askin u silly questions,whre u frm,student n bla222.Then u were brought to a room,which ur face will be scanned.Then u compare ur skinn.dan abis tu,u go fr ur treatement,walaa the place so sunyi wannn.Im male,so they told me to change up my dress.Then all starts.the horrifying moment which i think my parents definitely right with this low class beauty treatement is,they picit2 all ur jrwat u know,smpai brdarah2 konon2 laa tu yng dirty2 punya…dlm hati i,what the FUCK man! for sure i wont cme to this NYSS…dh abis tu,they bring u to tiny same room,they statrted tlkin about price.By that time i dunno hw to tell u laa..u just read other pple cmments.Its just irritatiing me.LUCKILY i dun sign up any of their package,just bt muka bodoh,n i leave.Pengajarannya ialah,dgar nasihat ibu bapa supaya jangan pergi mana2 tmpt kecantikan.Just eat nutrition and drinks a lot of water n do sum exercise also.This acne is all evryone will kena one,sum age wll have to face also.For the newly customer,plz think twice if u wan to try it.Thank you.


  153. I am not sure how much money those people featured in their ad spent to get their faces fixed in NYSS’s testimonies.
    I am a current customer but I don’t see any results , in fact my pigmentation has gotten worst after going for their treatments and with raw patches all over.
    I have signed up for their facial program which is very expensive, on top of that, the staff will keep pressurising you to buy more expensive ampoules.
    I am not sure whether it is a strategy that they will just burn your face with their plant extracts and get you to buy more expensive stuff to fix it.
    I just want to finish my course and get out of there. If anyone of you is thinking of signing up with them, don’t bother. That is all i have to say.


  154. Before they discuss price with me on the package, they got hold of my credit card with the excuse that not all credit card is accepted by their company. And they want to check whether my type of credit card is entitled to free mask treatment worth rm75. So I let them take my credit card cause i thought their claim is legitimate. All the while they kept me in the “analysis room” so that I cannot peep at whatever they were doing to my credit card.

    After I signed up my package of rm2800 (yes I parted with that money on that day itself) and reached home, I realized that the real reason they wanted my credit card is no other than to check my credit limit so that they can charge me up to that limit!!!! I felt so conned. I didn’t know they use such dirty trick to find out the amount of money we can afford to pay.

    Damn tricky beauticians and NYSS trained them to con ppl of their hard earned money with such smooth skills.


  155. i really want to try it tru that thei sevice is not as good as what they publish in he 8 tv or tv3(i’m not sure which tv)…help me…have anyone try adonis???!!!!please response to me..


  156. Totally agree with you Sylvia. They ask us to fill in a form that stated how much our income. They said the form just for their information (but what for the information do they need?). Every time seeing their different consultant, each of them never fail to dig more info, asking about our career, parents n siblings. I’m aware of this when they try to push hardly to let them know my career. What so important to them to know my job spec. I did tell them my job (without prejudice)but since they still didn’t get did, then no need to describe details, of course they didn’t know something out of their field. Then I started to understand why the info so crucial to them.


  157. Siteq, my opinion, don’t step there unless you are very firm not to be trapped by their sweet talk. And don’t step there unless you are very rich, don’t know what to do with your money. I get the info from my doc, with RM 10 000 can get rid off my simple tiny scar by laser. But I’ve spent RM 13 000 for NYS treatment plus plus RM for their product only to see more scar, burn n darkness on my face. Lucky, I stop earlier without continue the course n now my face gradually back to normal as before. I think if I still want to listen them, back to their treatment, n let them conned me again, my face will never recover. They try to make us rely on them, get their service continuosly so that they can make more money on us.


  158. Yatt, I feel so sorry to hear about your face condition that worsen with more burns and scars because of what NYSS did to you. My skin isn’t getting any better since last week incident which my regular therapist in NYSS overheat the ultrasonic machine and caused burns on my skin. My skin is rough like cow’s leather seat. I am 2 tones darker and face still feel itchy. So sad so sad :(


  159. Another thing i forgot to highlight – the skin on my chin area have been peeling ever since last year october. I showed them to my therapist and asked her is it because of their cream/cleanser is too drying because I am using NYSS whole range of product daily – cleanser, toner, exfoliating toner, soothing gel, soothing cream and tinted moisturizer and pimple cream. Of course she deny NYSS products are causing my peeling skin. I knew it she will always tai chi (blame other) to other things and never admit her fault. You know what silly excuse she says!!!

    So silly was her excuse that I thought I heard them wrongly. She said, “I suspect it is lizard’s piss that cause your peeling skin.”

    WHAT!!!??? How in the world will lizard piss on my chin. And if yes also the skin won’t be peeling for 6 mths would it? This just proves how unknowledgeable NYSS beauticians are and they will simply give whatever excuse they can find. I am so changing to other skin regime after this. NO TO NYSS!!!


  160. Sylvia, my case, last treatment on mac 2009. My skin became crispy (over over dry, I couldn’t sleep at night because of bad itchiness and warm skin). At first I got redness skin, I wonder why everybody in lrt staring at me, n one aunty so kind stroke her hand on my shoulder and gave me her place while looking at me like pity. It happened after finishing that nightmare treatment. Then I knew when arrived at home, so shocked to see what they have done to my face.

    Their staff put a mask on my face where that time I felt so hot and could see smoke got out on my face. I’m spokeless when she asked R u ok? Untill their staff (not my consultant)fanned on my face with her hand. So hot and sharp pain. The next day, I call them and they asked me to see my consultant the day after. Went back to my consultant, she and her branch manager simply said that it is normal for blotchy treatment, seem no worry at all at their face. They just asked me to go home. I believed what they said, wishing my condition will getting better.

    But, several days after, I couldn’t stand anymore. My sister said so scared to see my face. I am sad, very sad, where go the original pretty look of mine? I took medical leave a week. So shame to face people. The redness changed to dark skin after recover from itchiness. I never request or buy that blotchy treatment. Why they simply did it without my permission even they said it is free bonus? Why don’t they finish my course before doing the free course?

    They are so so liar!!! Shark species!


  161. thank god… thank god… i just made up an appointment next two weeks. worst i also made it for my mom as well. i’ll just cancel the appointment.


  162. omg! i just went for their free trial and i signed up for the package! i only saw these when i get home! can someone advise me what to do? are all these post real? i’m so scared now. i’ve signed for the package. how! stupid me! can someone advise?


    1. hi ance gals, im havin the same prob wit u, mind giv me ur contact? i jz signed up the package and i had cal bk request to them i wana cancel the package, n refund bk money to me, but they said NO to me, ….sign. my email add is


  163. AcneGirl, read all the comments/postings here. Then you decide. If you still want to continue, be ready and prepare to face come what may. If you want to stop,do it immediately before you lose more money.


  164. I m the customer of the NEW YORK SOLUTION SKIN…who is currently very good in their advertisement n poor in their customer services.
    i want to take legal action against them. suppose to hv another 1 more facial but they simply updated my record even i didnt go for the facial. when they want you to sign for course, they will treat you very nice but when asked them to chk on my record, i suppose to have another facial with them but i called more than 10 times, still nothing happen. all the while i got the reply from them was,
    we will call you back!! aldy 2 months but nothing happen..NOT EVEN A CALL from them…the last time i called, they informed, will ask
    their consultant n then later specialist to call…so far nothing happen…

    I just hope somebody will take legal action again them…
    lucky thing, i didnt continue to sign any course with them anymore..liar


  165. hey everyone… it is a tedious work to file a case. but let me say this, NO PAIN NO GAIN. if you want your money back, you have to go through the hard way. NOTHING COMES EASILY. anyway, i’ve just file a case against them. i went to the Tribunal Pengguna at The Mall (thanks to Diwi for her assistance). it is located at level 16. easy to locate. i went there by 9am. so, parking was not that difficult (compared during MATTA fair!). the office was already opened when i get there. just need to sit for a while and read all the post up on the board. the next thing i know, i was served by this lady. the things that you need to bring are:

    1) 3 copies of your own self explanatory letter, why you want to file a case on NYSS. it’s ‘butir-butir tuntutan’
    2) you need to have the address, company registration no, contact details of the NYSS that you go
    3) bring whatever documents for supporting, like your receipt, name card (if you have), the ‘contract’ of your facial package (if you manage to get) and any other documents related to what you want to file against them. all in 3 copies, please
    4) a pen, of course! and money, RM5 to open the case, and less than RM5 for the ‘Pos Berdaftar Akuan Terima’ (to post one of the copied to the company. if you want, you can send yourself) and RM4 for the parking at The Mall.

    it is not too complicated. at first i thought i was, but not, if you want to get a refund that you deserve. once completed, the setiausaha will checked all the documents and give you a date for court hearing. i must attend the court hearing. the date is usually one month after the date you file the case. thanks to wei chun for his guidance. now i am waiting for days to my court hearing.

    another thing you would like to do is to write to your bank (if you pay by credit card) to dispute and get them to hold the charges, if possible. at least the bank know about your case and they can beware of any transaction to be done to your card by the company. i was informed by my credit card bank that 99%, i can get back my refund. hopefully yes. but i still stand a chance for the 1%.

    DO NOT unwrapped the products. keep it as it is. remember your receipt too. remember to ignore all the calls from them. they will give up one day.

    all the best to myself and anybody else who also file a case on NYSS! may the luck be with us!


  166. Hi Frenz,

    I just had my free trial today at Takashimaya s’pore after i had a reply for sending an sms.One day before,i keep thinking whether should i go or not. then i made up my mind decided not to go and just sms them to cancel my appt with reasons given….and wat a surprise wen they reply me and said “why you send sms if you do not want to come?” and they said it cant be cancell due to my ID no already appeared in the tv records. So i told them that i will come but still confirm to make sure its just a free trial and no obligation to sign anything. they just reply yes,no obligation at all.
    so today when i reached there,as normal the consultant bring me to one room to scan my skin and she told me that i need to sign for the S$300 which i said no to it but still insist. then i end up paying just a deposit of 50bucks. she told me to pay another $250 before end of may and even give me my next appt date. i do sign te package with just the deposit only. i read thru whether do i need to pay any loss if i decide not to continue. but no stated. just stated that ‘the package sign under own accord’
    Dear frenz,pls advise me on this. do you think i can just avoid all this and dun bother even if they call me? pls reply….tq


  167. I knew a friend who recently just resigned from London Weight Management, which belongs to the same BIG company with New York Skin Solutions and Yun Nam Hair Care.

    This BIG company is hilarious in branding themselves as some ‘overseas’ beauty professional—London? New York? Yun Nam?
    Actually the big big boss of it is a couple of husband and wife who are Singaporeans.

    My friend said as one of their staffs, they must attend twice a year Dinner and Dance, where all staffs must present some dance/drama piece. The show is also a competition where the branches are competiting a mont each other.

    Actually the purpose of this D & D is also some motivation seminar to all staffs…similar with those doing in direct sale/MLM companies: a lot of speeches and blah x3 to call everyone WORK VERY HARD FOR MONEY AND LUXURY LIFE.

    According to her, the big big boss say since they are big company, everyone MUST wear very grand costumes, dinner gown, shoes, make up & hair done by stylist…usually those branches who spend a lot of money on the costumes and sets will win the heart of big big boss.

    I never try any service given by this company (neither New York, London nor Yun Nam), however the story told by my friend sure provides some information to us: this company is surface, money-faced and full of bullshit.

    Luckily, my friend couldn’t stand it anymore and resigned, regardless she earns better monthly salary in ‘London’ than in other companies.


  168. Hi everyone! I’ve come to put my two cents in.

    Actually, NYSS is pretty good. I’m only 15 years old and I’ve been going to their facials regularly (six so far, with my mother’s consent of course) since March 2009 and I’ve seen tremendous improvement. Then again, I never had acne, just brownish patches left over from my skin allergies. So I guess it all depends on your skin condition. It’s sort of unfair that you guys are making NYSS shoulder full blame, because at the end of the day it’s all about the choices you make that reflect. :P

    Um, also, NYSS the beauticians do NOT hard sell. Throughout the whole consultation process, there was only ONE consultant with my mother and I in the room. There was a point where I (or my mother, rather) had to reject one of their packages, and she said no more after that. She never tried to persuade me to buy their products, either.

    I don’t know about you guys, but maybe certain branches have different ways of treating their customers. Oh, by the way, I go to the Vivo City branch, in Singapore. (:


  169. New York Skin Solutions are fake right from the name. I never felt so cheated in my whole life. They all appear to be professionally dressed and almost everyone are wearing fake eyelashes and are not all are good in English.

    Aida, do email me. I went to Takashimaya branch and I signed up the package too and deposited $50 and similarly was told to pay $250 end of may!!! I went there on the 19th! 2 days after you.

    Back to the story. I sms to the stupid tv commercial was told given the opportunity to bring a friend or a family member for the “free facial”. Thinking that it is really from new york!

    I brought a family member along and yeah went thru all those scanning and questionaire before I was given the opportunity to sign up for 11 sessions for SGD500 (special student price) I told them I had a budget and only can pay $50 that day. And typically like some of the posts here, they mentioned that this promotion is only for the 1st time customer or visit or something. Either way telling me that if I can’t go back to think about it or it’s gone.

    Trusting their services and unknowingly putting myself at a risk, I paid the deposit and signed that godforsaken contract or invoice or something. I only know that I am at risk today. 22 may 2009.

    The facial was really basic as described in the package. Not up to my expectation though. Cleanse, barely-fantastic-few-seconds neck massage,mask, painful torturous forceful facial extraction and another mask.

    Though the environment is all dim and blue, small but slightly cozy, the facial was so simple and mentally left my jaw hanging.

    I didn’t want to be fussy and tried my best to be optimistic about this. After the session was over I was given the contract if u must call it. And no I didn’t get a copy of it. Which now I wonder why. They can really sweet-talk you till you forget to be cautious for yourself. That’s how they treated me and my relative.

    On 20th may, my sister told me that her necklace is was left behind. Apparently there were two face-masked consultants who did her facial. The 1st one spontaneously advised her to remove her necklace in order to perform the neck massage. Under the treatment mask my relative said “no need its ok” but somehow or rather this fellow still remove it and told her that she put it on the table and don’t forget to take it back. So in and out were two different people who attended to my relative… It was claimed to be peak hours in a town location branch. After an hour plus the facial is done. My relative who was in a relaxed destressed mode changed.

    I recalled that I overheard someone said in a flat brisk tone ” U can change now and wait outside”. First unconcious thought, it didn’t sound nice. On second optimistic thought, maybe the room needs to be used by the next customer. So I was still enjoying lying down with breathing the purified air by aromatherapy( not too sure if I was enjoying the treatment or the aromatherapy).

    So we were all somehow too relaxed too actually pay much attention on anything else. That’s also partly why people go for facial. It’s supposed to take your mind off stuff.

    So this necklace (white gold with diamond) issue was brought to their attention only get unfairness tretment in return. They didn’t get back as mentioned. We are the ones who keep calling them asking about the necklace. THIS IS THE MOMENT THAT ACTIVATED OUR MENTAL SELF-DEFENSE SYSTEM.

    They seem to be reluctant, pretensive over the phone, claimed to be busy, promised to look into the dustbins and vacuums and ask the staff around. Claimed to have the search failed.
    I didn’t wanna get involve thinking that my 10 sessions to go contract is at sake. But left me no choice because right from the few involved consultants to the supervisor to the branch manager are not helpful and certainly didn’t get enough customer service sessions. All the more we suspect that they purposely waited for the right time to grab the opportunity to get their hands on the necklace and now covering each other’s backside. And refuse to take responsibility. My aunt called tried to speak on our behalf but was told that the manager was busy and will get back to her. She called again a few hours later and was told to make an appointment in order to speak to the manager ( as if she was the queen or something) First was “will get back” then “need appointment”

    Without hesitation my aunt went over. They definitely appeared to be “so not sorry over what happen”, defensive, talking irrelevant points to outwit my aunt, no apology and as if they had done their VERY BEST to help find to no avail.

    The point is. You removed it with your own hands, and if you think you are working in a company with superb reputation, which we thought it was, you jolly put it back where it came from.
    You were hinted once not to remove but you did (though without force), fingers will still point at you.

    Think about it, a necklace that is worn and never once taken off and it is just so used to being around the neck and no thoughts of it being removed. When you’re relaxed, masked, calm and collected, feeling that you are really in good hands. And then this happen.

    We didn’t really expect for the necklace to return but in the least do take responsibility. And don’t get defensive when being questioned… I too work in the customer service industry and if I made such mistake and being complained against, I would have been sacked or something. They claimed that they are very busy outlet since they are in town and thus unable to get their manners right. Plus the manager said that there’s no need to to speak to her cuz her supervisor can speak on her behalf. What nonsense. If the supervisor was fabulous in handling this matter we wouldn’t even wanna speak to you . We are “not-fussy-peple-who-just-turned-fussy”

    I told them I wan service recovery. Don’t know if they know the meaning of that. This is just unacceptable and reflects greatly on your own management. Pardon my vocab and grammar cuz I’m just pouring it all out without editing.

    We are defensive and angry and unsatisfied because they made us so. And what’s wrong with them. I am so shocked to tried google search for the USA main outlet but there is no such existence.
    Is it really true the boss are just Singaporeans who could be con-people… I want out of the package. My instincts tells me so. CANNOT BE TRUSTED. I am just loss of thoughts of what to do next. I feel like my human rights have been abruptly stricken off myself… I’m just pouring myself out as I felt this could be the place where people share stuff they are experiencing.


  170. Fafa, I suggest you make a police report on your lost necklace if all else failed. I feel sorry for you. Even if the police won’t do anything useful to recover the necklace, at the very least there is a record against NYSS. I myself lost one earing on my first trial at New York Skin. I was wearing it during the facial and somehow when the beautician was massaging my jawline, her fingers must have accidentally loosened my earing and fell down. I brought up the matter to her about my lost earring, she just shrugged and said I could have lost it even before I enter NYSS. But of course that’s not true, I was positively strong that her fingers had snapped open my earring hook because I heard the snap sound ‘click’ and my ear felt something dropped. Just like you, I think I felt too relax and did not even bothered to argue with her or request a search. I just told her, “It’s ok it’s not your fault, accident did happen”. But now I regretted it because it was a gift from my husband.


  171. Im terribly sorry to hear about all of your accounts with NYSS.

    They called me up for an interview. Not as a sales person but in the management side.

    Has anyone or anyone has a friend who has worked for this company before?

    Anyone can tell me more?


  172. New York Solution SUCKSSSS!!!!
    they were doing a promotion which said free consultation and I signed up for it with another friend. Well, guess what, there is no such things as FREE in this world at all, they use some scanning stuff for our face and then tell us that we have HUGE HUGE problem to be solve from pimples,,she made it sound like the end of the world and said we need a thorough cleaning. Well, I admit we are a bit too naive to fall for the trap and they said it will cost us $330 singapore dollar each. they made it sound so perfect that everything will be gone after this so I paid this shitty $330 and this is what they did
    * cleansed
    * 2 masks
    * pimples, blackheads & whiteheads extraction
    * brief face & shoulder massage
    It wasn’t worth it at all..
    the worst has to come..they literally FORCED us to buy their products..with like $180 singapore dollar for a 3ml bottle of treatment and they said if we buy 10, then we get 10 free..which works out as $90 per bottle and they said it can have 60% effect as the treatment done in the shop.. is too expensive to think about it after paying $330 dollar and not even a bit satisfy with what they did.. we said, is too expensive and wanted to leave then they introduce another package which costs around $195 for a cleanser, toner and moisturer and said will give us 10 free bottles of that 3ml treatment thing. Imagine, u buy $195 worth of skincare and receiving $1800 worth of treatment???? which is pretty obvious that they are ripping ppl offf!!!! We still sayy SORRYY..we have budget, although it is not the main fact coz usually a set of cosematic use by me cost around 500-600 sing dollars so that 195 is definitely not a good quality..
    but but but..they continue to force us to buy and another lady came and persude us but we still rejected!!! so yaa..
    NEW YORK Solution SUCKSS at BIG time..don’t go there ppl!!! don’t ever fall for their trap


  173. hi anonnymous,
    since ur fren had worked in NYSS HR before, can he/she get the contact number of the HQ or any one we can contact for all these complain cases? i went down to the branch to get my refund but i doubt they are gonna do anything abt it. pls help!


  174. hey all… I’ve finally got a response from NYSS. They are going to refund me my money. at first they decided to charge me 6% of the amount i spent for the refund charges. please bear in mind, no such charges shall be applied to you. it is the merchant bank charging the shop for the refund and it has got nothing to do with the consumer. i decline the charge and told them if they still want to charge me for the 6%, i shall see them during the court hearing and i will let the judge decide if i shall pay the 6% or not. in the end, they decided not to charge me that stupid 6%. be brave and stand up for yourself. like i’ve said, if you want your money back, you got to go through the troublesome way. i’m now waiting for their call tomorrow. they’ll still sweet talk. be firm. be bossy. be like a gangster wanting your money back. you are doing well already.



    1. AcneGirl, I’m one of the victim of NYSS, exactly same case with yours (Not yet start any treatment of the package)…. after signed, then read all the bad comments here….. I really need a little help frm u, what’s the reason u wrote on the Tribunal form? coz the NYSS “specialist” kept saying my reason is not acceptable… I wrote “Bad company reputation & bad feedback frm people at varies website, plus lost confidence on their company” on my Tribunal form…. Is it strong enough to get back my money at Tribunal??


  175. Like I’ve said, the treatment doesn’t work for all skin types. Stop blaming NYSS! You people are really stupid.


  176. Hi Natalia

    It is good to hear that NYSS treatment suits your skin. For others who are not as lucky as you, it is unfair for you to call others stupid because of their dissatisfactions towards NYSS. It is our right and freedom to voice out our opinions and thoughts. Besides, NYSS offers different treatments for different skin types. If your skin is suitable with a particular type of treatment, isn’t it means that other type of skin should be suitable as well since it is a well known facial company and has so many so called specialists to analyze our skin types before they offer any kind of treatment?When we step into the NYSS, I believe the NYSS beauticians will say “don’t worry, this treatment will work fine for your skin”. Please correct me if any of them nv said this statement. Is it fair for you to say that “it only suit certain type of skin condition and not all skin types” ?If yes then why do they offer us the treatment at the first place? Or you are saying that their so called specialists can’t even analyze which skin is suit or not suit which treatment?If that is the case all of us are taking a big risk when we consult them isn’t it? If that’s the case don’t you think they should at least tell us that “this treatment is not guaranteed to work on your face, so sign it at your own risk???”
    So if you feel very satisfied with your treatment, we feel happy for you but don’t call people stupid just because we have different point of view from yours. Take care and god bless.


  177. I hv jus got my refund back fr NYSS thru d Small Claims Tribunal(for Singapore) so to all the victims of NYSS,DONT GIVE UP!!Go logde yr case at d Small Claims Court!!U can get yr $ back!N dont settle wif NYSS if they mk u pay for d products dat they ‘give’ u if u had never asked for it cos u dont hv to!!

    Here’s my story:
    New York Skin Solutions is just like the ‘True Spa’ case.They are only interested in making customers sign up their REALLY EXPENSIVE packages.Then when customers have problems like in my case where i am proven ALLERGIC to their products,it’s VERY DIFFICULT to contact the consultant involved and even worse,THE MANAGEMENT TOTALLY IGNORE YOUR REQUESTS FOR REPLIES AND EMAILS!!!

    I called up New York Skin Solutions(NYSS) about eye treatment and was told i can have a free first time trial.So i arranged to go Ngee Ann City branch but once there,they told me there is NO free eye treatment,only facial.Then the consultant Adel (anyone who gets her as the consultant will be in BIG trouble!), keep pressing me to sign up for a package before we (my mum went with me) are allowed to do the free facial.So everyone out there! DON’T BE CHEATED BY THE FREE TRIAL!

    And their package is VERY EXPENSIVE too! $3,531(with GST) for 10 treatments,and so-called FOC 5 treatments.When i said it was too expensive for me,it became 20 treatments for the same price.It was still over my budget but the consultant Adel say GUARANTEE that my eyes can be treated so my mum said can give it a try as i had been searching for a cure for many years to no avail.Only when i sign up then we are ‘allowed’ to do the treatments.And when my mum expressed no wish to sign up any facials with them,Adel gave her a ‘upgraded’ collagen free facial to try.

    But once i sign up the package,Adel don’t even bother to do my treatment for me! What’s more she even say i don’t have to bother to change into the robe when doing facial??And i was left lying there waiting for whoever is available to come.The supposedly 1 hour treatment took 2 hours all due to waiting for the consultants as i don’t know exactly how many of them take turns to come and do my treatment!And after we finished,Adel still keep pressing my mum to sign for their facial although we told her my mum already have a very big facial package elsewhere and we had not even had our lunch at 5pm due to Adel’s hardselling and kept delaying our time.And to make my mum sign,the supposedly minimum 10 sessions became 5 and then became 3!And Adel still can say that she is not forcing my mum to sign but to give them a try???I think they are so desperate that if you walk out they will offer you just 1 treatment @ $50!

    My mum was so hungry that she was having gastric pains already so in order to get out of the New York Skin outlet she just sign the 3 facials @ $321 as she knows Adel will not let us walk out like that.But the worse is yet to come!MY FACE BECAME ROUGH AND UNEVEN after the treatment which includes a face mask so i went down to show Adel and tell her I AM ALLERGIC TO THE TREATMENT and so want to cancel the package as i really can’t do it since it’s not suitable for my face.But Adel say its IMPOSSIBLE because their products are 100% botannical and so are suitable for everyone.Adel then gave me a face cream ‘for sensitive skin’ to apply and INSISTED THAT I CONTINUE WITH THEIR TREATMENT.When i asked her if my face gets worse,is New York Skin going to compensate me?She just PUSHED THE BLAME to their product people to come and settle.But i am dealing with New York Skin!!!They are the one who is FORCING ME TO CONTINUE WITH THE TREATMENT IN SPITE OF MY ALLERGY, not the product people!

    Anyway,MY FACE GOT EVEN WORSE after using the cream! It was PAINFUL even on application and RASHES DEVELOPED ALL OVER MY FACE,especially my cheeks and MY FACE GOT ROUGHER!! And when i stopped using the cream,BROWN SPOTS DEVELOPED on the areas where the rashes subsided.I called Adel again to tell her confirmed that i am allergic YET she still ask me to go down let their ‘skin specialist’ see first.I know she STILL WANTS TO FORCE ME TO CONTINUE WITH THE TREATMENT.The next day i went to see a doctor and he agrees that i am allergic and wrote me a note to show NYSS.The doctor says if after taking the tablets he gave me my face still don’t recover,i will have to go and see him again for a cream which will CAUSE THE THINNING OF THE SKIN ON MY FACE.

    This was on 23/4/09 Thursday.From then on,I COULD NOT BE IN TOUCH WITH ADEL DESPITE NUMEROUS CALLS, AND EMAILS ATTENTIONED TO THE DIRECTOR. She just called on 2 separate occasions in the morning when i was busy and when i returned call and leave a number of messages there was no reply.So finally i wrote in my email for NYSS to reply me by email then there are no excuses of not being contactable and i also expressed that i do not wish to deal with Adel anymore as she obviously can’t be bothered about customers after they have signed a package! Only on 27/4/09 Monday when i left a message for the manager of Ngee Ann City branch,Celina to call me,then Adel called.Once again she asked me to go and see their ‘skin specialist’.But SHE HAD PURPOSELY DRAGGED FOR SO MANY DAYS UNTIL MY FACE IS RECOVERING SO WHAT IS THERE TO SEE NOW?When i asked Adel if we can settle the issue when i go down to see them she said SEE HOW.What kind of answer is that??So what am i going down for??There is no clear instruction from NYSS.

    I had stated very clearly from my very first email to NYSS,ATTENTIONED TO THE DIRECTOR, that i do not want to be running up & down like a fool for them to ask me to try this & that anymore.Its not that i don’t want to do the treatment it’s i can’t! Yet NEW YORK SKIN IS STILL TRYING TO FORCE ME TO CONTINUE WITH THEIR TREATMENT DESPITE MY ALLERGY?? My last email to NYSS was on 27/4/09 Monday EMPHASIZING that i do not wish to liase with Adel anymore and requested for NYSS to send me an email explaining the procedure we are taking to settle the issue.And can you believe it? UNTIL NOW I HAVE NO REPLY FROM NEW YORK SKIN starting from the very first email that i had sent on 16/4/09 Thursday! This is the kind of service you will be getting from New York Skin that when customer have a problem,even the management do not bother! I think NEW YORK SKIN IS JUST ANOTHER TRUE SPA!!! They just want you to sign their package then they won’t bother about you anymore!

    If anyone still dares to try them out,good luck to you!

    I had tried other facials but never had my face been considered sensitive so i really do not know what NYSS is using.Someone told me NYSS products are all from China.Whether that’s true i do not know.Well,to everyone out there,please think carefully first if you really want to try NYSS out.Frankly speaking,with the prices NYSS are charging and yet with SUCH LOUSY SERVICE,you might as well go to a professional doctor.I think the prices are quite similar if i am not wrong and yet the assurance from professional doctors will be much higher too.

    And i was told NYSS and Yunnam Hair Care are under the same boss.If that is true,Yunnam Hair Care had an advertisement some time ago showing a man who is balding in the centre of his head but that man was never ever balding according to people who know the man.So judge for yourselves how honest NYSS can be.


  178. Don’t be a sucker for NYSS! Get yourself a free facial without losing a cent!

    Here’s my story.
    NYSS call me up for a trial facial today, I accepted and just went for the free facial. After 2 hours of 3 mask plus oxygen for the mask. I was taken to a room and she try to hardsell the packages as usual. Just simply say no. Do not be swayed by them and you got yourself a free facial without losing a cent. :P


  179. To Fafa,

    I do not know if u hv found yr sis’s necklace but if u hv not i strongly encourage u to make a police report becourse when i was there,i asked NYSS myself if i hv to take off my necklace & they said no need.So i believe they hv already planned to steal yr sis’s necklace when they remove it for her.N by right,after removing d necklace,NYSS shd pass it to yr sis immediately as wat other professional facial salons do as they would not want to be liable if it’s lost so it’s highly suspicious when NYSS jus leave it on d table like dat.I believe a charge can be made against NYSS & who knows,it may lead to d government closing them down as more thefts may be uncovered.


  180. Hi AcneGirl,

    I’ve also filed a case againts NYSS at Tribunal Pengguna.How can I contact/email you for advise to get my refund. I mean, your experinece at the Tribunal Pengguna hearings..etc

    NYSS suckss!! I even saw one of the beautician hand is really dry, more like a an allergic reaction towards abravise product. Imagine they are putting those stuff on our face..

    I wish I read through this forum before I went for the RM38 promotion…:( Ending up signing their expensive package..


  181. Hi Yatt, still remember me??? u have called me before, remember it?

    i try to update u the latest info, but last time i accidentally deleted ur contact no. i’m sorry….!!!

    if u have read this message, u can sms again ur no to me or email
    me at

    Thank You Very Much…


  182. Wiz,

    Over here in Malaysia, we have to lodge a report to the Consumer Affair department for our dissatisfaction. We filled up 3 identical forms (which we wrote outr dissatisfaction. so, I got to write my story.experience):

    – 1st copy is for ourselves
    – 2nd to be sent to NYSS, either by post (by Advice of receipt post) or by hand (if you dare)
    – 3rd copy keep with the Consumer Affair dept

    Right there and then at the Cunsumer Affair dept, they secretary will schedule us a date for court hearing. usually is 1 month after the date we file the case.

    So, when the NYSS receive the document, they have to acknowledge on this card that comes along with the Advice of Receipt post.

    So, I waited for them to contact me. It takes about 1 to 2 weeks. then, they’ll negotiate with you further, asked why you wanna cancel the treatment. They’ll start to tell you all the bull shit that you sign voluntarily and no refund policy and bla bla bla. Still, insist to get your money back. Remember, you have your consumer rights!

    Bear in mind, DO NOT CONTINUE with your facials. In Msia, once you have go for the treatment, they will be instructed by the judge to refund whatever UNUSED money. so, if you use your facial already, it’s consider a loss. therefore, DON’T GO anymore! besides, if you happen to get their product, STOP USING. DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT to open it. if you have open it, they’ll deduct the product money from the unused treatment.

    So, they called me to go to the outlet to sign this stupid form that ask why you wanted to cancel. I went and i wrote the truth ‘No confidence after reading people’s website’.

    So, I waited again, for about 1 week plus, they called back and said the refund can be done, but there is a 6% charge for the refund. it’s bullshit. i told them, if they want me to pay the 6%, i’ll see them in court and let the judge to decide. in the end, they decided to take the 6% charge off and refund me all my money less RM50 admin fee.

    1 week later (that is 1 week before my court hearing), they will call and said the cheque is ready for collection. If the cheque is cleared before the court hearing, we can cancel it. The secretary advised to ensure the cheque is cleared before cancelling the court hearing, just to be safe. if the chequ is not cleared by the court hearing, then just attend the court hearing. you’ve got nothing to lose.

    hope the above explains your concern. first move you need to do it to go to your Consumer Affair dept and lodge a file against NYSS. Asked the people there, what should you do next. I believe the people in the dept are supportive and helpful. =))


  183. Hi Natalia,

    Vaness is a gentle girl, i can feel it. :)

    but i come here to put few cents to u in future. U still young and probably never work before, duno the difficultly in earning the money…

    One thk tat i can VERY SURE is people who wrote in this blog mostly got skin problems and wants to solve it. Tat’s why we all went to NYSS. am i rite? the result shown on TV is AMAZING! many ppl were influenced!

    just thk, u come to NYSS with a hope they can solve ur skin problem, even it’s expensive, we still willing to pay just becoz we really want to solve our SKIN PROBLEM! which have cause us suffer many years…. u pay 10k, 20k or may be 30k, it still worth if our skin problem can be solved! even we may feel hurt to spend so much money, but the priority is to solve the skin problem 1 short! then we would have better life and more confident in future! rite? why not we pay??

    Do u thk those trmt involve small amount of $??? do u thk 5k-30k is a small amount??? JUST THK, now u have 20k which u have saved it many years and suddenly it gone aways 80% within few months, with no skin improvement result! wat would u feel? ur heart is BURNING, U FELT SHOCK, VERY HURT & PAIN, u even CAN’T sleep at NIGHT! those thing play surrounding ur MIND! IT STRESS U! DEFINITELY! u hard to forget the situation, it takes long times. i sure some of u have same feeling…

    We come here pay $ for trtmt if trmt is ok, FINE! We HAPPY & ACCEPT it and probably also recommend it to our fren. Free Advertisement… but the problem is we come here pay $ for trmt, the trmt is NOT OK, when NOT OK still NO REFUND! where is the HUMAN MORAL? where is the BUSINESS ETHICAL, and where is the CONSUMER RIGHTS??? can u tell me??? We will not proposely blame anyone without any reasons!

    i come here not to talk abt human golden words, but just to let u know to differentiate between the RIGHT and WRONG.

    U may not like wat i am say unless u or ur fren or relatives faces the same problem as we then u only know the feeling…

    I’am sorrryyy…..


  184. Today NYSS called me 3 times..
    The first time, I have to keep on saying that I only want refund, for about 10 times, but the beautitician keep on talking about ‘let me check your skin first..bla bla blaa’. Until I had to say, i didn’t want to continue with the conversation because I only want my money back.
    2nd time – the manager of NYSS, calling me again and keep on talking about she needs to check my skin bla bla and all those nonsense stuff..So, I just say my decision is final and I want money back.
    3rd time – This the manager keep the consertaion short, but said ‘no need to waste your time to go to the court bla bla.’ Well, I told her, ‘I don’t mind wasting my time and go to the court, as long as I got full refund’. So, she asked what time that I free, I was about to say tomorrow, Saturday, but she said, on weekdays la.. I said okay, on Thursday…another 3 more working days before the Tribunal hearing…

    Wish me luck…:)
    For those who feel cheated by NYSS, just go ahead and file your complain to Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna. Oh yes, the company registration number for New York Skin Sdn Bhd is 678698-H and New York Skin Solutions Sdn Bhd is 484578-W. So, it would be easy for you to fill up the calim form..:D


    1. hi , do u mind giv me ur contact number? i m one of the victim . sigh. wana ask u more bout the Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna information.i wana complain to Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna. thanks lots


  185. Natalia,

    Don try to be a jerk here. A 15 years old girl saying such thing is either your parents did not teach you well or you are working with NYSS and its a fake identity.



  186. Dear all..

    OMG…i juz read this page…
    I’ve already signed up there in NYSS JB for 10 sessions..RM 3,2K
    I really didn’t know…lot of costumers dissatisfaction..T_T
    first they offered me 20 sessions for RM.6,4K…Shocked..damn expensive..
    But..yeah…this face have been with me for 24 years…so why not!
    My skin need it..I need it…so Lets do it
    This already really confusing me..
    I think I still wanna continue the treatment, and finish up another 8 sessions left..
    But i also feel worry about the product and worry if it may make my face more worse, after read a lots of customers complaint here..
    So far after had 2 sessions (one each week), i feel no improvement at all..but i think thats normal, bcoz not that fast and easy, since my face condition is really bad and scars all over my face..

    I really shocked, some of you guys even take this matter go to the court..
    But if NYSS is really sucks, why it still open till now..Why Malaysia’s government do not take it seriously??

    I know NYSS from TV advertisement on TV ..i thought it was the most number one famous Facial treatment center..

    but i still hope it will work on me..i have 8 sessions left..lets see how…


  187. Hi missly,

    im one of the victim of nyss. i’ve made a report to tribunal too lately and soon gonna be my hearing date.

    u know y nyss is opened until now? first, thx to our media which really blindfold the consumers.We need the service and we see the suceesful samples,nyss gain our confidence to them.that’s y ppl r still going for it. Secondly,cos there’s still alot of innocent sheep out there in malaysia and they might not know what they’re going through until problems really comes.

    u’ll see nyss TRUE COLOURS when u start to have dissatisfaction towards their service. They ARE NOT going to save ur dissatisfaction but trying to con u even more.

    i believe there’s still much more better services out there. pls do believe that the compliants arised here are not purely due to NYSS poor TReatment but the way that they CON their costumer.

    Anyway..good luck to u if u’ve decided to go on wit NYSS. but wish u dun ever dump more money into their pockets after ur ten sessions if they’re really doing no good to ur face.


  188. OMG…thank GOD that I have found this page..It really helps a lot.
    I am so obsessed with the NYSS bcoz i saw the advertisements in TVs about the improvement of the skins of some of the constomers. I really didn’t know there are so many complaints about NYSS as well.
    My problem is that i had scars all over my face due to my severe acne problems 3 years ago. It was like mountains of painful acnes with pus in them jus like they would explode anytime. And the result is the appearance of deep scars on my face. I have tried so many kind of products for scars but fortunately the redness scars were already gone. Only the “hole” scars still there. This problem has made me falls into delima wether or not i should try the NYSS.
    After i read all this comments, i really think that i rather bear with my scars rather than wasting my money and risk my skin to be worst. After all, i believe that for each n every bad thing that happen to us, there will be the other bright side waithing which will promise us a good in return. Just have to be patient and make a right decision. Stand up for ur right GUYSS!!~


  189. Hi all…

    Today is my Tribunal Hearing. And, yup, I can get my money back. The tribunal has issued an award that asked NYSS to pay me within 14 days. I didn’t get full amount, because they minus the RM50 admin fee and 5% (it’s according to law, I know..). Tribunal hearing is quite quick and easy . You just need to explain to the President(they don’t call him judge), and NYSS will explain on their behalf. NYSS is repesented by their lawyer. No need to be afraid ;) It’s consumer rights to get your money back. The beautician that CONned me also they, she brought along her boyfriend, short and ugly..hahahaaa. She never talk to me, only the lawyer talk to me.

    I went to Tribunal Office Putrajaya, no traffic jam and plenty of free parking

    So, those who feel conned by NYSS, just go ahead and file your complaints. You got nothing to loose… ;)


  190. hmm, i was wondering to go NYSS for my treatment..luckily, i survey 1st, if not, money tat i saving hardly, sure PUFF! well, with little hope to heal my acne scar, which beauty centre can be trusted? anyone can help me? thx


  191. hey people.. wow.. thanks for those advices you people gave..
    cause.. i am someone who actually goes around trying for facial services to find the best. NYSS seemed so cool and popular on TV that i was attracted to it. now i realised i’m wrong? ^^ hahas. thanks!

    oh.. and some additional information i wish to share..
    i am 16 and have problematics skin problems, acne just wont stop popping.
    imagine, not a day with clear skin! oh ya, well, i’m a gal of high male hormones, that’s why i suppose.

    i’ve been to bioskin,sg, what i like is their services, friendly people and they IPL to heal acne and scars.. yeah, it helped.
    for a while. blackheads are still there! well, they dun do extraction, reason being, as heard from them, extraction is bad for skin and etc.. however, what i believe is that if you have the skill, scars and injuries wouldnt even happen. so i still trust extraction. i left after the 10th treatment-in a package.

    another in far east shopping centre,sg, well, i forgot the name xP where service is average, but they would keep pushing their packages to you which i said to them in a nice tone. i was there for a trial there at S$48. then as i knew that they wouldnt let me leave without signing a package, i lied. that my mum wants to see results before enrolling me for the package. besides, i was alone. mum working. i also mention that money wasnt a problem, which was obviously fake, and results is more important.

    another is beautyforever, service and everything else was alright, but it didnt quite work for me. didnt really see results.

    so far, afterall.. the best that i went to is still at..
    “at beauty wellness” people were very friendly and always greet you with smiles. consultants there would chat with you and give you more information about you skin problem. at times, you would hear laughter in between your conversation. they are really friendly. also, i went there for a trial,$38. hmm.. they actually add things that they felt good for you without charging extra since the price had been stated to you beforehand. at the end of it, they asked how i feel and directed me to a room with a cup of tea and meanwhile told me what was my skin problem and what treatments they have. also to sign a form that i tried their trial and payment of S$38. The price is rather affordable and they didnt even ask me to sign for a package! i had to ask! i was like… wow? wat’s best is that they didnt pester me to sign! i did it willingly??!?!???! my own money though): yeah, i work part time^^ now i had brought 2 friends to them and also went for 3 treatments. my skin condition is improving but, yeah, not totally good yet and i just started..^^ i’m still waiting for good results! wish me luck^^ you people can try if you are willingly to give it a go, it’s in front of paya lebar MRT, singapore post. Basement 2.
    good luck!(:

    and do leave me a mail for more enquiries about any of the shops i went to and their comments! also, i do sell face products from korean and you may wish to know more! do mail me and i will direct you to my webpage^^ take care!

    thanks for everyone’s kind help of NYSS comments!



  192. HI everybody~~
    Today i’ve gone through my hearing~ AND i would really like to thank DIWI and CHUN who gave me the support and courage to make it through…of cos to my dearest bf also…he’s been with me all the time!!THX dear fatty…

    Today is really a hard day for us…as the hearing was started bout 9am but we waited until 1.30pm to reach my turn…becos not me alone…there were other many victims around too…managed to make some frens and learn their lessons too at the end of the day =)

    well the same goes to me..i didn’t manage to get full amount. They deducted my FREE GIFT (rm800)which they offered upon taking up the package..

    *****SO~~~PLS ALL OF U OUT THERE…dun think that its really a free gift for u, if u’ve stopped the package half way, they’ll deduct from it from ur money at the end of the day.SEEE THEIR TACTICS!!!! and this is what happened to me.

    So be aware…no matter they’re offering u rm 1000 rm 2000 or rm 3000 free gift upon taken up the package, pls becareful!!! at the end of the day, they’ll say that its given if we follow up the whole package. Unless the products are not OPENED and USED then we can claim back lo~

    hmmmm…i would really say that i’ve really learnt a lesson from all this…will never trust any ADVERTISEMENT anymoreeeeeeee but blog like I AM RAINBOW…

    and anyway true enuff the hearing is not very tough, just tell the truth and u can get back what u deserved…SO ppl out there!!! what are u hesitating….if u’re one of the victims, Tribunal Claims will be the place for u!! Take Action now!!!

    ALL THE BEST~~~~


  193. My colleague went to Yunnam Hair care last year in the hope of getting rid of his hair scalp problem. For the first visit, he was being persuade to sign a package of S$9600 consist of around 50 treatment. at his 2nf or 3rd treatment, he was being pushed to sign a 2nd package which more than $1K. and he signed for some more package maybe at his 5th or 6th visit. in total he has signed for more than $15K.

    initially the girls are very hardwarking on removing pieces from his flaking scalp before they apply herbs. after a few treatment they just put some herbs on his head. and Only then he realize that he was being psycho of wasting money on unworthy treatment. His scalp condition is not really getting better.

    He told me everytime he went there they will put him into a “interrogation room” where the consultant will try some psychology technique to get him sign on the paper.

    And quite often he will see some angry customer scolding them. and asking them not to persuade them into signing and said will never come back after the package is all finished.

    He also told me that the senior staff were treated by the company to go for trip to overseas country like Japan.

    Better don’t go if you don’t want to use youe money to sponsor their trip


  194. To New York Skin Sdn Bhd ( 678698-H)/ New York Skin Solution S/B (484578-W)

    Attn: Managing Director/Chief Operation Officer /General Manager

    First of all, my regards to all top management personnel.

    Second, i wish to inform your that you have a very successful and convincing sales strategy towards all customers but your service management is totally SCREW UP!

    I was convince and impress with all services you provided during the discussion before i sign up. And the services was changed in 360 degree after i have had sign as a member. The most disappointed was the lousy services as below:

    1. Never revert/ come back to me with any info after promises.
    2. Empty promises at Service given.
    3. Lousy services during my facial treatment. (after the manager resigned)
    4. No appointment confirmation/reminder provided as committed.

    Lu San taking care on my complain and never come back to me as i know that she had been transferred to other branches. It take more than 3 months and still not revert me any information.

    Why should i suffer and still giving chances to New Youk Skin is because of the former branch manager was persuaded me to give a try to the new person in-charge. but you all never appreciate.

    Your Beauty Consultant/Specialist, the latest person in-charge for Subang Jaya branch, call her as (J) was spoiled my reputation to my friend with all words without fact.

    In closing, (J) has had tell me indirectly that i have to make a very firm decision at going to the tribunal office to make a complain and get my refund back from your because of your five star lousy services provided to me.

    I wish you management could tell (J) that management sending her to take charge of Subang Jaya branch is to obtain back the confidence of consumers but offense the customers.


  195. I was a victim of NYS too. I only realized I was cheated by NYS after I have done my research through this blog.

    I was impressed by their advertisement in TV and then I went for the free trial treatment. But when I reached their outlet at The Curve, they started with their strategy by scanning your skin and then told me how serious of my skin problem. After that, they told me that the free trial treatment is not suitable for me and I should try for a recommended treatment by them which I need to pay RM 580.00 for 1 treatment. According to the Consultant, I would not see the result if I go for the free trial treatment. Then, I paid the RM 580.00 for the treatment.

    After the treatment, the Consultant bring me to the discussion room where she started with her scanning of my skin again just like other victims. Then, she started with her marketing strategy and very persuasive until I cannot stand with them! She told me that I need a 20 treatments which the original price is about RM 16k plus and if I sign up today the price would be reduced to RM 9,800.00 and cum with a full range of products. I also enjoy 50% discount for further purchase of their product as I would be their company member. I told her that I need to think about it but she keep on pushing me to sign up. I was not allowed to leave the discussion room. She even asked her Manager to come into the room and scared by telling me that my face need immediate treatment, if not my cheek would turn into black colour. I was so scared by her words and at that time I thought they are giving me their professional advice. With her words, I was seriously considered with their recommended treatment. The Consultant also told me that she would give me additional free gifts with the package treatment, if I sign up today. I then signed up with them by credit card payment with installment plan.

    After I have made the payment, the Consultant gave me a set of the products without the free gifts that she has promised earlier. Then, I asked her about the free gifts. She said the free gifts would only apply to my face each time when I come for the treatment at their outlet. From that point of time, I knew I was cheated. But I do not know how to get back my money cos I have made my payment through credit card.

    Few days later, I submitted my cancellation notice to them after I have done my research through this blog. But they refuse to refund to me and then I proceed to file in a claim through Tribunal Consumer. A set of my document was sent to them for their completion as a defender. After 1 week, their so call Specialist who based in their HQ in Menara IGB, Mid Valley wanted to meet me to discuss of the refund procedure. I have made my trip there to see her, but in fact she has no intention to refund the money to me. She even threaten me that she has consulted their Lawyer that from the past they have a similar case like me, where the Tribunal court only awarded 50% refund to the consumer. I was so angry with her and I told her that I want my money back in full except she can deduct the RM 50.00 (admin charges) and the product value which I have already open up the products. She is really well trained by the company with her thick skin face. When I complaining about her Consultant cheated me by promised to give additional free gifts but in fact it was not a free gift. You know what is her answer? She said my Consultant did not tell you that the free gifts are allow you to bring back home and you did not clarify with her at the time she offered me the free gifts. All this is my misunderstanding and not their fault. I was so angry how can this girl denying an untrue fact in such a manner. I did not talk to her much after all she is unable to decide.

    Another week later the same Specialist called me back that the company has decided to offer me a lesser treatment which only charging me for RM 4900.00 for 10 treatments but without 50% discount for any purchase of the product. I told her that I have no confidence with the company already; therefore, I want my money back. Then, she told me that besides, RM 50.00 for admin charges and the product value, the company would also charge me for the 5% credit card charges on my total bill i.e. RM 490.00. I was not agreed with her and told her that it should be shared by both parties as I am also the victim. Moreover, these charges are between bank and merchant, nothing to do with consumer. She said her company did not do anything wrong but I am the one who requested for the refund. I was so angry and told her that we have nothing much to discuss further and shall settle the case in Tribunal court!

    I am very regret for signing up the treatment with such an insincere company of doing business. They are not professional at all and using their advertisement to cheat consumer to their outlet for free trial treatment. Then, they will start of with their tactics of pushing people for business. This is how they earn our hard earned money!!


  196. i have being to visit 3mths ago to make a trial to check it out what New York Skin Solutions treatment given to me. As i heard too much of thing abt them. As i being facing so call Acne problem as my skin is very sensitive with redness from teenager up to a working adult now, i really make no choice to give a try..

    Amazingly! i really saw the diff of my changes of my condition according going through their treatment.

    Firstly i did ask myself whether to believe those rumour that i heard the forum, web.. OR.. i should really give it a try before we judge anyone? My decision is to find a solutions for my face as it really being with me for more than 10yrs and NEVER solve by use any comestic product that is advised by those department store counter. As i heard from my understanding their product as they are using are natural. My advise to my friend facing problem alike with me, you can give it a try if you are really searching someone with expertise. Diff person have diff experience and judegment. THose who are facing bad experience might not cause the same.


  197. I signed up for my facial package end of January 2008 after being conned by one of the beauticians after that stupid Free Facial (mine was pigmentation problem). 1st and 2nd facial, some rashes oocur and it subsided. I called them and they say, normal la.. detoxify… whatever stupid reason. 3rd facial in May 2008, the nightmare began. My face become like burnt, darker, allergy reaction occured and I have to go to the doctor to get treatment for my face. NYSS did not care what happened, they say when my face condition settle, we will start back the treatment. Since I do not want to waste my package that I have paid for so much > RM8K…. after nearly one year, in May 2009, I call them back and asked can I get my refund of unused package since I do not want to contonue. They suggested me to start with a very basic facial treatment but I do not want.

    My question is, can I go and report to the Consumer Dept since I have sign for my package for more than a year. I still have my receipts etc and unused products.

    Please Help !!!!!


  198. I am also 1 of the victim of NYSS. I have signed up a treatment session with NYSS but there is no result after 8 sessions. I have stopped continuing with my treatment there. I felt very reluctant to step into NYSS again. The consultants there are really not concern about our hard earn money. What they care is about their commissions!

    Each time when I complaint about their services and their products. They would not admit and the worse thing is that they keep pushing me to purchase more products and they told me that these products would help me to speed up the result that I want. The thing is the treatment that I paid is already not cheap (RM 4900), but I did not see the result. They really hard sell their treatment and products when they pursuing me to sign up the treatment. The consultants there pretending that they are professional but in actual fact they are not. They dress up with a nice suite of uniform but they not even speak in fluent English.

    I totally agreed with the people comments here. I personally felt that these are not rumors but in fact are their true and bad experience that the people experienced in the SUCK NYSS! Through this blog everyone can express their feelings, no one would say bad thing about the company if the services and products are good. In fact, people would even recommend to others if the company is good as a free advertisement.

    From here what we can noticed is that the ratio of the good comment against the bad comment is about 1 over 1000. But please be remembered the money that you are paying for the services and the result that you are waiting for… is it really worth it??? The prices that they are charging are to cover their high advertisement expenses. Think properly… “Should we as a consumer to pay for their high advertisement expenses?’’ What we want is the result and not paying for their company’s expenses.


  199. Hmm..
    I got many calls from them yesterday and today. Today I agreed the consultant to go for the complementary treatment. The appointment was tomorrow. After that, I am doubt about their free things and so I searched the web to know about NYSS. Luckily I found forums and blogs about them. I am sure I shouldn’t go there. I’ll cancel the appointment for tomorrow. Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences.


  200. Dear all,

    I’ve finished my 10 sessions in NYSS….
    Juz for ur info…
    At my 8th session they’ve offered me to extend the next package which cost RM.18 K (SHOCKED) after less discount & got MERDEKA voucher (what the hell)
    Nicely I told them that I was not satisfied, and not interested to take the package…RM. 18 K…….GILA!! sigh

    now looking for new Facial scar treatment….any recommends???? in Johor Bahru??? somebody have tried NARDIA b4????


  201. I just back from NYSS. A “specialist” wallked in and asded me how i feel with their treatment. I told her “i dare not to say, as i know if i say i dun satisfy, sure you all will ask me to upgrade or buy more product.” And this rude lady replied me, “Oh, i was so hurt to hear that. In fact i just want to know your feed back and see how we improve.”

    Do u believe she is so kind? In fact, what i told he is another kind of feed back. She suppose to ask me why i have this impression with nyss, but not to say “i hurt her”.

    I speed more than 10k (hurt my wallet) and did not see any results, i still did not complain. In turn, she complain i hurt her.

    And as usual, whenever i say i haven see any results, they will say “your internal of skin and foundation is getting much better’. This is what i heard from 6 months ago. And im so curious, if the internal is getting better, why external cant see any improvemnt at all? In what way they can cure my internal without touching my external skin? That is no logic at all.

    Moreover, the previous “specialist” told me “this package will able to change your skin”. But now this lady told me, it helps to maintain your skin only and it works on your skin internal layers.

    What kind of bullshit they are talking about, and how rude is all this nyss “specialist”!


  202. I am also a victim of NYS and am currently pursuing a claim of RM8,000 from them. Similar experience with most of you…swollen face, burning , itchiness that can drive you insane after facial…oh how I wish I’ve stumble on this website earlier.

    I was shocked and horrified that this site started since 2007 and the damned company can still continue to operate till now! My blood boiling everytime I see their ads in the papers…hey…how can they get away with this!!! Why isn’t their license revorked after so many cases filed in Consumer Tribunal whereby the President ruled in favour of the victims?

    Anyone tried CAP to warn future potential customers?


  203. Hi

    I got conned too last two weeks! When I called to cancel the package, I am asked to come in person. I will update you other there later this week.

    Any advice for me??


  204. hey there.

    i went to nyss (in subang) after signing up with their free trial at their website. got a call few days after for my appointment (23/11/2009).

    my consultant is really nice lady. i told her i just want their free trial. nothing more. she did a skin analysis and said that my skin is really bad(acne scares and pimples) and need treatment a.s.a.p. also i need to upgrade the so-called ‘free trial’ to a whopping RM500. and the free trial wont do much differences to my skin as the trial is only a normal treatment. eh? i just told her i don’t have that much money (i’m a student). she said i can put a deposit of RM50 and can pay the rest later. fyi, the RM500 entitles me for a treatment and 5products.

    i just said, i don’t even have 50bucks (just to see maybe they wont persuade me). she asked me to go withdraw money of which i told her my mom keep my atm card(lol she really believes it).

    i wasn’t totally convinced. she showed me pictures of one of her client. within 7months her skin is flawless. i was in awed.

    in the end, i’m a total sucker. i pay 50bucks, got my intensive treatment and come back the next day to pay the remaining. the consultant said if i were to sign up for the package, it will cost rm2800. a student price as i were told. i just said i’ll be busy with my exams for this couple of weeks and might consider later. she said ok and i havent receive a phone call since. eheh? we’ll see what will happened..

    and like most of u, my skin really did improve after the first treatment. lucky i stumbled upon this blog :). after reading all the comments, i decided to see my dermatologist to see what he can do to improve my skin.

    better be safe than sorry!



  205. oh my goodness…Thanks god… im really2 appreciate with this blog…thank you for the owner… . i just made up an appointment this sunday (6 Dec 2009). and surf to get more info about NYSS…when i read all the comments…i realize that NYSS is cheated…i’ll just cancel the appointment. TQ so much…


  206. Dear MJ

    Thanks for your feedback. I want to get a refund or exchange balance of money (to be paid via credit card in instalments).
    Can you give me the contact email or tel of their NYSS HQ please?
    not easy to find in their website ….

    Many thanks!


    1. Christina, not sure which 1 is their HQ. Contact:
      Operating Hours:
      Monday to Saturday: 11am to 9pm
      Sunday: 11am to 8pm
      Public Holidays: 11am to 7pm

      Skin Care Hotline: +603-2284 5566


  207. Hi I am Rainbow.. i thok of ‘I am Rambo’ when i c ur nick..

    anywayz.. its gd that i bumped into this website while searching for info on NYSS as I was researching on a few places to do facial (nvr done any in my life)… NYSS popped into my mind juz cos of the beauty program on 8tv.. i guess we cant trust all this commercialised beauty centres… really gd ones dun need to go to such length just to show how gd they r cos ads + tv programs need $$$$ (dunno how many seasons liao).. only new comers will need to go all out to impress people.. i guess brands like Jurlique & Physician’s Formula are strangers to a lot of people.. and seriously, fr the way u guys described it, its definitely a scam la.. no doubt.. i’ve read Msian + Sgporean websites regarding NYSS.. all similar complaints..

    i thok of getting facial now just bcoz my face got sensitive (rough) after using Shi***** deep cleansing mask 1.5 mths ago… sigh.. so sad.. it caused my skin serious dryness, redness, blotchy and super itchy the next day.. rashes on my cheek…gosh.. ugly.. all this r signs tat the ingredients in the mask doesnt suit my skin.. allergic reaction lor.. i used it for the first time only n had to throw it away.. $$$$$.. its not some cheapo brand also ok.. but i din complain cos i know it probably doesnt suit my normal skin only n tat i bought it WILLINGLY to try on my own accord.. all i wanna point out fr granny story here is –> abandon products straight away when your face get shitty!!! u dun need more time n trials to prove tat ur skin will improve after getting used to the products.. it wont.. i guess i just hv to go c derma specialist la for qualified advice..

    Also, I’m very happy to come across this website as there are ppl i know of were having problems regarding con businessman/company a few months ago.. i think all scammers and con artists operates the same way (regardless whether they are beauty/food/professional advisors companies).. my very close relative went to a consulting company based in KL & Penang called Ozylife to make some applications for visas.. she found the company ad on The Star papers a few mths ago (the company is still advertising for fresh victims).. when she went to the office, the ‘migration agent’ was very keen and all smiling talking to her.. even bragging that he is a qualified lawyer as well as some famous clients he had handled(some are our current ministers).. urh.. hello.. real lawyers shud know wats called privacy act and u shudnt be talking on some high profile’s u know wat… anyway, my usually smart relative signed the agreement, failing to read the papers, failing to notice that he doesnt even have a real office (just rent an office room that operates in a shared services office with a few receptionists at the front)with no company name upon entering the ‘firm’… she was impressed by the look of the ‘firm’ with a few receptionists not knowing its a shared services firm.. usually ppl just have one.. ai.. she claimed tat she had been charmed by the sweet talk on his efficiency to solve matters (takes complicated cases n solve it like kacang) + impressive assistants he had.. ai yor.. then after signing the agreement that costs RM9k (this is only the first stage, more charges will have to come as RM9k is just service fees!!!!)..

    she had troubles finding him to check on progress… n everytime she got hold of him (2 out of 10 times), he wud sound rude and always said very busy.. meeting.. no return calls (unless saw different mobile numbers then will quickly return calls thinking it is from new clients)… even scolded her when just asking for something regarding some procedures (she just wanted to make sure she provided enough details).. did not appear when she go to his office.. then she got mad and wanted to terminate the agreement.. but he said no refund cos already done the things for her.. services provided.. HUH??!?!? wat services? not receiving calls? scolding customer??? giving Words.doc that can be done in an hour after she terminated the contract (just to show he had done some jobs)???? calling and threatening ??? gosh.. i also don know wat to do when asked cos i’ve nvr been conned (so far la.. esp not on such expensive services leh).. she had been scared and stressed.. i don know how to help also.. i jz asked her to seek lawyer’s help.. she admitted her mistake of not researching properly and thinking carefully.. all cos she was in a rush … desperate to get things done..

    tats y i am happy to c this blog.. although its not in similar industry n case, maybe i can ask her to try the Tribunal Pengguna or wateva.. i donno.. she was thinking of letting it go cos takut mati for her safety (in case the man comes to find her for revenge) although at the same time very super heartbroken for the flying away hard earned $$$.. aiii..

    I’m sorry to write something tats super terpesong fr NYSS issues here… i jz wanna share this to let ppl know tat we r living in a world where there are lotsa con men/ scams.. we shud always be careful and seek opinions from others before making decisions lor.. otherwise, hard earned $$$ will just fly over n PUFF.. gone.. then sad la.. depress la.. then the scammer goes Europe for 15 days tour with lovers leh.. while u r crying when receiving credit card stmts leh.. lastly, i wanna say bravo n gd job to Chun and Diwi… so brave to stand for your rights!!! sorry guys.. dun wanna b nenek anymore.. all the best.. take care all!!!

    p/s: to tat ‘Natalia’ who works in NYSS/management/owner.. u so fake la


  208. I just signed up less than 24 hours ago over at LOT 10. Damnit. 20 sessions @ 4k RM++ I’ve got acne problems and after going through this. Does anyone here get worse after their treatments? So far what i read above is that there’s a chance your skin will get worse if you’re treating it for scars, patches and etc BUT not acne. Im i right or wrong?


    1. Damnit, there’s chance for getting better or worse. It depends on individual skin, eating & health habits + how good the products are, how good is the facial/treatment.


  209. what about their products??is it really not good for us to use it?
    without their treatment, and we juz use their product, maybe it will be fine right? owh……. i’m so confused right now… i also new customer at NYSS but i juz used their product. i huv acne problems.. but now, when i found this forum, it make me confius weather want to continue or not….


    very2 konfius maaa…….


    1. cyan, Tribunal will hv to check if your claims are valid – ie. do u still hv packages unused, side effects after using the products & going thru the facial, etc.


  210. u know what…..

    i already have become their latest victim this year 2010….
    i already used their product for a month and the result….
    become more worst… but thanks to all of u and god… u have safe me from continue using this product…
    tomorrow, around 2 o’clock i will send back their product and want to cancel all my appointment even though i still have 2 session left… but it useless…
    i know that we cannot claim our money back…
    so, people out they please don’t try this product….. i guarantee that u waste your money, time, and skin too….


  211. dammit….
    i miss my old face…. before i use this product
    my face does not have pimple and white..
    after that a lot of pimple and become more dark
    i just have a few scar problem and small pore….
    that all…. i really regret, i miss my old face…
    i feel stress when i see my old picture… there are so beautiful…
    now, i does not have courage to face camera….
    what should i do….
    i recommend u all use tia amelia or temulawak…
    they are not expensive and i already read comment of other user…
    mostly positive feedback… and i use it too and it work on me before i use this
    bullshit NYSS product…
    they want to trick us and all u say was exactly happen to me…
    plez……… i hope people out there never use this product….


  212. i m writing this in the midnite coz i felt very angry about nyss..the victim is my gf..she has spend a lot of money there and at the is a failure to cure her skin problem…anyone can advise that can i use the current situation of her face to logde a complain at…her face w pimples and scars aft 2-3 years treatments..
    my gf always bring something back ever since she went to nyss for treatments..they forced her to buy this and that…she is the type doesnt know how to refuse ppl… and mostly the first time of using the product..her face cannot stand and turn red very easily and each time i asked her to stop using it…coz…she can feel the itchy at nite aft she applied any new product…her skin cannot take at all for those product…i think she had spend more then 30k at nyss after about 2-3 years..i really hope that i can reclaim the money back and to be fair to my gf…..she always cry at nite coz she feel the itchy at her face…and her emotion became very unstable…anyone can just advise me on these….
    i might b going to their centre to “fire” them by next week…


    1. catliew, take lots of pictures of current skin & compare with pictures before using NYSS when you go to NCCC. You/gf can try to claim back unused treatments & products at NYSS 1st. If cannot resolve, then go to NCCC.


    2. Mj,
      do u think i can claim back under failure in treatment..i did asked my is the result since the beginning…she different or worse…so..i just wondering whether can i help her to claim under failure(or what is the appropriate term)…she said she got the picture before the treatment at nyss (nyss oso have) and the current…and y the receipt she kept..

      tq for your reply..

      ps. drafting the letter to nyss (i dont think they will entertain us..anyhow i will go there and “yell” at them” and then continue to nccc


  213. hai..
    its me again….
    i already read all positive comment about some useful product
    first of all, i want all of whose has skin problem especially about acne problem,
    i suggest that u read this book ” acne free in 3 days” by chris gibson.

    it is really useful for me and after that i know how to solve my skin problem…
    actually, the problem came from inner body.. if u want to know more, read this book and other than that u can free download from internet..
    just search the title “acne free in 3 days”…
    gud luck


  214. WoW!! So many bad feedbacks.. I have really bad puffy eyes and dark circles so I send a sms for the free trail promotion. To my surprise they called me and made an appointment with me tomorrow. I was sooooo happy, I thought maybe just go and see the result how but after reading all the comments, i’m thinking twice especially after reading one comment that said the 1st free trail = beginning of nightmare. Woah! i’m was taken aback by it.

    I’m gonna be a no show, no pick up phone tomorrow to revenge for all the victims of nyss. Let them taste their own medicine like how you all keep calling them but cannot get them.

    Thanks for the this great blog! It saved me from agony worst than what I’m suffering now. But my eye problem how? Now I feel lost… Is there no way to cure it? hai~


  215. Now I see lot of their advertisement on Suria Malay Channel primetime. Late last year was on English Channel and I am sure they have advertised aggresively on Channel 8 or U. I just wish all the viewers do their check before making appointment and spend (because of aggressive selling tactics). Their products are made in Malaysia, no proper content label, no place of manufacturing and really look and feel inferior. Only the name so ang moh sounding.Just take a good look at their products and compare to those you have purchased.


  216. TRIFA wrote:

    its me again….
    i already read all positive comment about some useful product
    first of all, i want all of whose has skin problem especially about acne problem,
    i suggest that u read this book ” acne free in 3 days” by chris gibson.

    it is really useful for me and after that i know how to solve my skin problem…
    actually, the problem came from inner body.. if u want to know more, read this book and other than that u can free download from internet..
    just search the title “acne free in 3 days”…
    gud luck


    I’ve read the book (download it from 4shared), ya I think we should try that, very simple way to clean up ur acne in 3 days…
    but i haven’t try it, now i actually got problem with the acne scars all over my face, and sometime the pimples come out.

    u people recommended to try it, good luck
    thanks TRIFA


  217. omg so fucking man !
    i went to new york skin care last few days.. at ***** (malaysia), and at 1st they really served me right. from the 1st i already ask them that is’it true the 1st trial is free..? then thay said YES!! so after that, they bring me into a one blue small room to recognize my skin problem, ok and then suddeny SHE ask me to sign the agreement. And you know what, all what the above people said is TRUE, they are really FORCING US TO SIGN IT !! Then ask me to pay RM580, at first yes i did made a payment, becos maybe i thought i get the facial cleancer and all for skin problem, and after all chit chat…. they then bring me to the facial room, and start pulling my black/white heads, struggling to pulled them out!!!! put 1st mask, and 2nd and 3rd mask ! After done the facial treatment …… and start again to the agreement $$$$$$$$$

    Now here you go : i still got the paper that they wrote for me, saying that 1 treatment for RM580???? What the fuck??? just nw im paying is for only the “pulling white/blackheads only? without get anything…? oh damn, starting from that i knew that they trying to give me a shit! and you know what, they ask me to do for 20x. thats mean “580×20= RM11,600.. oh man, im not lying ok, i was shocked and telling them that why is it so expensive, infact i am not sure if i can make it for 20 times treatment, than she said ohh u can make for 10 times only, then reduces again until 5 times, hahah so you can see that they are really forcing ryte.


    at the end, she asked me to call my parents @ my bf to support me, so suckss man.. Yes, i got money, but the think is, this is so fucking LIE and totally wrong, i never heard 1 treatment for just putting a mask and charge for RM580 …?? and so on, i said i got to go and let me think, and know what she saID ” AYO SAYANG OO, BECOS THIS PROMOTION ONLY VALID FOR TODAY, NEXT TIME YOU COME WILL CHANGE OOO, I DONT WANT YOU TO WASTE MA” you see…. she bagging me like want to cry hahah… RM 11,600 ???? I CAN GET A LV BAG FOR MORE!!!!!!

    So anyone want to go to NYSC ..? i know beautiful is important, but you must becarefull !!! and from what i get from the 1st treatment RM580 , i only get the travel kit hahha that can only use for 2/3 times. SO KASIAN ryte …. ok then !!!! goodbye to my rm580 ihihhi


    1. If you don’t buy the products, you don’t have to pay. Just leave before your heart tells you that you have serious skin problem and maybe if you pay so much $, your skin will get better.


  218. Hi all, I just sign with NYSS yesterday RMXXXX for 10X treatment, when I ready all the comment above, it make my self scary, but when I read the active ingredient of thier product, I found its good, as a pharmacist most of all I’ll check the active content of every product, my face not much have problem, only a small pigmentation, I want to remove this small pigmentation due to Fair and lovely product not suitable for my skin, after 3 months I used Fair&lovely product I got skin pigmentation. I called this morning NYSS to cancel my treatment after i read all the comment above, but as i said their product contain active ingredient that can solve my skin problem. Anyhow my 2nd treatment next week, I’l keep informing u guys for my skin condation after my 2nd treatment…..I hope all the comment above not a business strategy to down other company reputation….


  219. hi, it’s me again, last week I had a free trail with NYSS and I just didn’t go and pick their phone but today they call me again and ask me to remake another appointment with them. I told them that I want to cancel the appointment and they say cannot because my IC is registered and it’s a $345 treatment so cannot cancel but I can pass the free trail to a friend if I really don’t want, but my friend’s IC not registered what, how come can pass. Besides, I don’t want to implicate anyone of my friend with their scam.

    wow, just to make an appointment they already so hard sell. They ask me or rather forced me to go down tomorrow. I say okay, so how? should I go down tomorrow? I’m scared they will force me to pay the $345 if I don’t turn up again. Free trail also cannot reject one? very weird this company. Pls help!!


    1. Jem: u ask for the staff’s IC & Full name. See if they will bug you again. If you don’t want to go for the free trial, you have every right to cancel it.


  220. JEm, do not go… juz ignore them…nevermind de larrr
    yup they will keep calling u…but they will tired and stop
    that happened to my friend too
    Me, i was their customer before, i finished my 10 sessions in NYSS…
    a bit lucky my face not get worse like other.
    I quit because so damn expensive and service not good enough…

    U do not worry, so what if ur IC registered there…
    we have full rights to cancel the appointment…
    Juz do not go there, ok
    No FREE trial…every service need money de larrr…big liar


    1. Thanks MJ and Lily.

      I have more confidence in rejecting their calls now. i am not gonna turn up today and i already registered their phone number in my head. So they call, I will not pick but if I accidentally pick I will do like what MJ say, I’d hard sell technique on their full name and IC, see they like or not.. lol

      Now i know, never enter any skin,weight or hair sms contest even if it’s advertised on tv! It’s a technique that they use to capture people who wants to improve their appearance especially those that are desperate for help and eventually scam them of a few k. But i’d still enter those sms contest for christmas giveaway, etc. haha

      Anyway, if they are really good then y do they still need to attract people with free trails. Only thing good out of this is a lesson learned!


  221. Hi all

    Need your help. I have also been a victim and I was conned into purchasing their 20 session facial package for RM8920 yesterday (It was supposed to be RM9800 but they deducted RM580 for the 1st facial which i did and deducted another RM300 based on another voucher they gave me.)

    It was only when i saw this website that i realised the danger of continuing with New York Skin Solutions. Now i really need your help because the payment has already been charged to 2 of my credit cards.

    How can i now get a refund? I went there again earlier tonight to demand a refund and the consultant said she can only revert to me by tomorrow as needs to check and i told them i was not fooling around.

    Technically, my face has not experienced any breakouts yet (i pray and hope that doesnt happen) and i already opened all my products because i wanted to test them. I dont mind having to paying for the products as long as i get the main chunk of my money back.

    The consultant said that i need to be interviewed by their Outlet Manager but i told them i did not want to waste any time. I told them i lost confidence in them because of all the bad reviews i heard and i do not want to continue any longer.

    If they do not give me a refund, should i lodge directly with the Consumer Tribunal? If i do, will i stand a good chance of getting my money back? I know it has been charged to my credit cards but i will not be using their facials in future.

    Please help, need your advice urgently, thanks all


    1. Hi all,
      Juz to share what i have gone through with NYSS. I registered my self there as I have a sign of early pigmentation problm. Eventho it is not so clear, but i just dont wish to see them on me. So during my first visit, the consultant said that im so lucky to come to NYSS as they can solve my ‘little’ problem from getting ‘obviously seen’. With her broken English and Bahasa, i was told that i need to go thru 20 sessions, part of it to make my foundation strong then only they can proceed with the pigmentation procedures which altogether cost me 8k but i ended up paying 7.2k in CASH after 10% discnt.After few treatmnt, I kept on asking my consultant on when is she going to start my pigmen treatmn as she said my base is already strong to start it.

      After my 6th treatment, my consultant had introduced new silk face mask with nano technology which cost RM980.00 but if i let go 1 treatment of all my 14x in balance,i only have to pay RM580.00, so i decided to give it a try. The treatment went smoothly until i was called to the consultation room only to be urged to add up another 9.8k if i want to continue the pigmen treatment. I told her why do i need to pay extra as i already paid 7.2k for the whole treatmnt. To my horror, she said what i paid 7.2k was only for the basic treatment just to get my foundation strong! So to make my pigmen removed, i have to pay another 9.8k! She talked as if the money fall from the sky! She even made her plan for me, if i let go another 5 treatmnt (i still hv 13x) i only have to pay 5.8k. And as pushy as b4, the offer is valid only for that day, next week no more. I felt so angry, confused, and conned as i never get even a copy of my agreemnt letter/file that iv signed.

      The product is so-so, only to make my skin dry. Im now on NH Collagen drinks which made my skin smooth, supple and even my pigmen seems to fade away after consumed for 2 mths. My consultant proudly said it’s a work of their product but only to shy away after i told them the truth. After what had happened, i already ignore neither their fon calls nor sms. Looking 4ward 2 bring up the case to the consumer tribunal in stead of hurting my self. My hard earned money become their prophit in such an easy way! Come on guys, lets take our first step together n teach them a good lessons. They deserved it!


  222. I went to New York Skin solutions (singapore) for a free trial. It went smoothly, the girl was ok but even if its true that they insist that we sign up after the free trial, I merely turned her down & said that I will consider them as an option for my skin. You see, I have sensitive combination skin with small visible pores on my nose. I am not going to spend so much on something I am not sure will work down the road so I told her that I will need to see if my skin worsened after the first trial. And I INSISTED I will see my skin condition after the first treatment before I decide to sign up and she agreed. So far so good and I did see a difference in my skin right after the free trial. No pimples popping out. Still considering if I should sign up but after reading all these feedbacks and complaints, turned me off completely about New York Skin.

    Word of advice: if its hard for you to say No, use my technic and say you need to check your skin condition from that treatment before agreeing to sign up and spend thousands on something you are not sure will work for your skin. Not all facials go with everyone. Keep on repeating yourself if she insists that its good for you or promotion is only for that day. You are the customer, she needs you not you need her.


  223. Hi me again, just wanted to update that the consultant called me yesterday and said that she would file a report and let me know in 1-2 weeks’ time of her management’s decision.

    I am wondering if they still refuse to refund my money, will I have a strong case to claim under Consumer Tribunal? Technically my face didn’t break out after that first facial yet and when she asked why I wanted to stop I just told her it’s because I heard negative reviews. I’m just afraid that their management will say that my reason is not good enough to get a refund.

    Also, she mentioned that she can’t cancel my credit card payments. NYSS will only write a cheque if they do refund the money. Is that true? Should I still continue paying my credit card bills?

    Please advice!


  224. Dear Conned,

    You have to be persistent in getting your money back irregardless what the Outlet Manager has got to say. Since you have opened the product, the chances of them deducting a big portion of the money is very high. They will take advantage on that. I can also tell you that they will prolong your claim. They will keep delaying issues. So, just take note on the tactics. They are right, they cannot cancel the credit card payment. Basically, if your claim is successful, then they will issue you a cheque with XXX amount. Then, it is like contra off already. Good luck to you. It is a lengthy process. So, just be patient. All the best!


  225. i just agreed to all off you up here, you can see the different prices right ~
    so now, are’nt we look like crazy and heart feeling person that wanted to share ur heart feeling in this pieces of empty blank screen, start typing all sucks things —>


    from my opinion, we should do something so that they know that we as a consumer know they trying to cheat us … ???? why dont we post something to them… publish .

    and one more thing, dont you realise why they didnt make ” TESTIMONIAL FOR OTHER CONCUMER TO SHARE ” in their blog new york skin care !!

    support for pour people man… !


  226. Hi AcneGal

    Thanks so much for your kind reply. After CNY i will try calling them up again and demand for my refund. If they still refuse, should i just write in to Consumer Tribunal?


    1. hey girl,

      i’ve gone thru these earlier on if u had read my post. I’ve got back portion of my money thru consumer tribunal.
      the product that u’ve already opened, they’ll deduct the money as u’ve already used it. if u still have the unused products pls don open it and u’ll be ablr to claim it back.

      and…donot turn up for any extra sessions of treatment no matter what they’re offering u. as each time u attend , ur money will be gone. So stop attending it.

      By going thru consumer tribunal, they’ll give a time frame to nyss to return back ur money. if not mistaken it’ll be within one week.or else action will be taken on them.

      i would advice u to lodge a complaint, the hearing might be 2 months later, better than u wasting ur time chasing after these kinda ppl. they’ll use whatever tactics to drag ur time and money.


  227. Hi Conned,

    You can go to Tribunal Pengguna. I can’t really advise you if you can get your money back or not coz your case is different from my case. Please get all your facts and receipts ready when you are in Tribunal Pengguna. Mind you, the process will get very lengthy. NYSS will call you last minute until the hearing schedule. Just be prepared to spend some unnecessary travel time. Good luck to you!


  228. Ha3 , NYSS ? that’s beauty centre is SuperBullshit treament , its only take a Few hour to see our skin being good , but after that ur skin will be normal back to previous skin , u need do the same treatment at NYSS to get ur skin get better , they all CHEATING , And Scammer’s ppl money , their products actually juz a CHEAP PRODUCTS that made in CHINA , FAKE SOLUTION , ITS EFFECT JUZ not too long . If U all want to be beautifull and healhty , juz buy from me , and order at me , I’m Franchise of Healthy Product , NOT SKIN SOLUTION OR BULLSHIT SOLUTION , my product more good even ultimated good than NYSS , if u spend RM12K TO NYSS that’s really waste of money , if u spend $ buy my product only RM3xx – RM5xx the effect of the product u will see in 1 month , ur skin will be healty also in ur body , its give ur skin looks smoother and clean , if u want know about this more and details ?
    email me , message me in ym or msn , or sms me .
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    – isky


  229. A little update..

    Wow! i thought after CNY they will stop calling me because my phone was silent for a while and 2 days after CNY they started calling again.. they are damn persistent!


  230. haiyya. i already sign up yesterday after the “free facial trt” 10 sessions for 3.5k (freckles skin problem) but i already paid for 1k, and the products 331, 50% discount she said. and i just noticed they charge me 1128 for my credit card. dunno what for, and there is another 70 charge. y so stupid i didnt check the receipts. i was told that 1 session = 350. next sat will be my first session.. after read all this in this blog i feel very disappointed and so stupid. fren, wht should i do, whether to go or not for d treatment for 2-3 sessions for what i paid, i already paid 1k or just burn the money like that? im planning to go for 2-3 sessions than remain silent dun want to continue or paid the balance of 2.5k. any opinioss from u guys?


  231. i hate nyss! they cost me rm 12,000 for my acne face. but nothing improved! i was so stupid to follow my consultant there to withdraw my money from atm machine. i was so desperate to get rid all of my pimples that time..
    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……so stupid, rm 12,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  232. if i already paid my deposit for product package in NYSS rm200, is it possible for me to refund my money back? somebody help me, my next appointment is this Saturday. i’ very curious.plz help me////


  233. i should have searched the net before i went to NYSS for the free facial treatment in late january this year. same as most of you, i got ‘forced’ to buy a package from them, 5 sessions for collagen treatment for RM1400. i guess i don’t have to mention the details how they made me do it, as most of you have experienced that. i instantly regretted the moment i stepped out the shop that day, but i thought if their treatment is really that great, i would just try it out and hopefully it will improve anything. btw, i didn’t really have much problem with my face, my only concern was dehydration, but during the ‘consultation’ they said that my face condition was so bad if i don’t let them treat it, i will look so super ugly in just a year or so, wow..

    ok, so i went for the first treatment late february, my face was clear, bright and radiant before i stepped in the shop, i came out with red face, that was fine i thought i was just sensitive with all the squeezing the consultant done during the treatment. but when i woke up the next day, i have rashes all over my face, dry, itchy, patchy.. all i can say is horrible! i waited another day hopefully it would go away but it didn’t, i called them twice 2 days later to complain about it, and they only told me that will ask the consultant to call me back, of course she didn’t. so i went there the next day to demand a refund, the consultant told me they didn’t have such policy, and they never had any client has such problem before, some that had was only the first time and then the rest of the treatments there were all satisfied. she offered a soothing treatment for me on the same day to see if that could sooth it down. i accepted and after the soothing treatment my face looked fairer but it only lasted a few hours. next day when i woke up, my face got worse. i had to go to work in that horrible looking face and the itchiness just drove me crazy!

    in the end i went to a dermatologist to get it sorted, my dermatologist told me that he has many clients having the same problem with NYSS. i went back to NYSS to demand a refund, and they gave me the same rubbish again about no such policy. they said they can only change my treatment or exchange it for products, or introduce a friend to take over my balance, i told them no way, i won’t want my friend to suffer the same problem as me!! i asked to speak to people in hq but they never wanted to tell me, just telling me no one can make decision in hq and only the IT people are working in hq. what?? the ‘best’ thing was, they kept telling me i was the only person who has this problem and when i told them my dermatologist said otherwise, they told me it was the other way round, that many of my dermatologist patients have problem with him and had to sort treatment at their saloon! what a load of rubbish, i searched the net and all the comments about my dermatologist are positive, and NYSS? well, need not to say.

    in the end, they asked me to fax them the letter from my dermatologist and they will try to send to hq and there is no time line when they will refund it to me or whether they will do so. i really want to file a report with tribunal but i am not sure should i wait, give them a bit of time to sort out with hq (if there is any at all), although i am quite positive that they will try to drag things until i give up on it.. the problem is i didn’t take any picture of my face with the rashes (i don’t want to keep pic of my face in that condition!), i only have a letter from the dermatologist to prove it, of course the consultant saw it the day she gave me the so called soothing treatment, but i don’t think she will stand by my side.

    if any of you would like to file a report with the tribunal, please let me know, or you already have done so and gone through the process, i need some advice, thanks!! my email is


  234. Dear all, again I’m one of the NYSS victim. It was my 1st time trying the facial treatment (the RM38 trial) and I signed up a RM3xxx facial treatment by Credit card instalment scheme on 25Feb1o after 2hrs sweet talk from the consultant …. Right after that I got a very bad comment from my friend who engaged with NYSS before & see all negative feedback from this website, plus found out that they have really “cut-throat” me (my other gal friends get a lot cheaper package out there with other well-known skin care centre….. ). At that moment, I was annoyed and scare ( my friend & I suspect that they might have putting some steroid contain product on our skin during the treatment, so that our skin doesn’t turn red after they did the black heads extraction). I returned to the NYSS on the same day to ask for package cancellation….Sigh, for sure they refused to do so, the consultant (via supervisor) asked me wait til 01 Mar said her ‘manager’ will let me know the answer to my request.

    Then the “consultant” called me said her “manager” want to see me on 06 Mar to settle my case. So i met up the “manager” as scheduled. She kept asking reason of package cancellation, i just told her that i’m not comfortable to start the package.
    Then she asked me write them a letter stated the reasons of termination & fax to them, said they will later arrange me to see their “specialist” again next week…. (i wonder what “specialist” they have in that skin care centre?!) After all, the “manager” pass me her name card which only stated her as “supervisor” …..(are they try to fool me?!)

    Actually now i’m half-way filling up the Tribunal claim form which i download from the website…. but get stuck at the “Particulars of Claim” session…. coz i don’t know if i write the reason of cancellation –“after read some bad comments on the website & friend’s bad comment”… is strong enough to get back my refund?! Does the Consumer Tribunal side accept these reasons?? i’m confuse…. hope to get some advise from u gals who successfully got back the refund….=.=”

    My email is


  235. Hi all, as per Sleepy Angel’s comments, i would also like to know what we should put as the ‘reason for cancellation’ and if we say that reading bad comments would be sufficient?

    NYSS keeps giving me all sorts of excuses when i asked them for a refund and it is gut-wrenching to know that so much money will be paid to them for no reason.

    Would really appreciate any advice i can get and what to expect from the tribunal process.


    1. Conned, have u filed to Tribunal?? I saw ur 1st comment in this forum is 8 Feb when u just signed the package… NYSS should have get back to u already rite? Same thing happened, their “specialist” called me for another meeting again…. said that my reason on the “Termination Letter” was not clear….. I decided to file it to Tribunal immediately…. we have the right to protect ourself from the skin hazard, we are the one who pay for the service, yet who are suffering from all this unnecessary “mental torture”. Btw, which NYSS branch u went to??


    2. Sleep Angel,

      Good luck for your session on 6 April.
      I just won my case against YNHH they are from the same mother comp. Guess what… they are sending the same person for my case and NYSS, they have lots of case already actually.

      Im using the same reason Im losing the faith for the unethical behavior of their so call specialist who manipulate consumer and I win it.

      Anyway, just get ready bcoz tey are good at cheating people and giving false statement and a great liar. They even lie in the tribunal court saying bla bla bla…

      They might use or adjust any card that you sign after treatment as the agreement that you alreaddy agree but you should knoe that under S112:akta perlindungan pengguna, the tribunal has the power to cancell the agreement between consumer and the company so stick with it.

      And also get ready for last minute hardselling tocture from them to cancell the case but don’t ever ever trust their offer. just let the tribunal decide and put it on paper… within 14 days you will get back your money but of couse after some small deduction.


  236. Dear Sleepy Angel,

    The reason that I wrote was that I lost faith and confidence to use NYSS products and services. Somemore, based on my skin condition that time, I have totally lost confidence and am very scared and terrified to try any of NYSS products and facial treatment. Then, I also mention a little bit of the staff’s bad attitude and service.

    My case was settled before the court hearing. The Branch Manager decided to refund the full amount to me, minus a handling fee of RM50, I think. I can say I was lucky at that time. You have to be fierce and do not have to be afraid of their threats and tactics. Just stand firm and not persuaded by their sweet talk anymore.

    Good luck, Sleepy Angel! =))


    1. Thanks for your advise AcneGirl. After reading, at least I’m more confident on the case. I actually went to file case at Tribunal at Putrajaya (Hq) yesterday, wrote the reason similar to what u had mentioned… Although the journey to Putrajaya was far, they are quite effective, they set my court hearing on 6 Apr which is less than a mth frm my filling date….
      I know the Manager tried to cheat me again over the phone said they will charge me certain percentage due to the bank charging them on creadit card transaction termination….But I’ll hold my mind till they agree to fully refund me (like what u mention). Now just hope that I’m lucky to settle it b4 the court hearing… It’s been really a nightmare going through this…. I don’t think I will step in any skin care centre after this.
      To those who feel being cheated by this unethical organisation, don’t be afraid, stand up for your right!


  237. Dear Sleepy Angel,

    Please note that NYSS should NOT charge you any percentage due to bank charge them and etc etc. No such thing! I work in an industry where I also do refund to client credit card. I never charge my client for any refund. So, that it NONSENSE. They are trying to grab as much money as possible from your pocket. So, go and tell them that this bank charging is a piece of crap. Threaten them to check with your credit card bank as well as demand for their merchant bank and tell them you will call up to check. This is to show them you ain’t foolish.

    Please bear in mind that NYSS is very last minute. For example, your court hearing is on the 6th, probably they will ask you to go and get your cheque refund on the 5th. If they do not respond to you by 2nd, Friday, call to harrass them. Give them some stress.

    Which outlet did you go, by the way?


    1. I went to the IOI Mall branch, was it the same branch with u?. Just went to meet their “specialist” as requested…it’s really nightmare dealing with this nasty people. I just kept quiet and let her do the the rubbish talking, the only thing i say– “I insist want to terminate the package, as I totaly lost confident on ur company after reading all the negative feedbacks on websites”. Then I pass her the filed Form 2 and zip up her mouth. After this 2 weeks of mental torture, I finally get a little realise….
      Thank you AcneGal, now I stand firm, WON’T let them charge me any fee!!!


    2. Dear AcneGirl n Sleepy Angel,

      Hi, i’m also facing same problem as you 2. After read all the bad comment, i decided to ask for refund and i’ve never attend any of they treatment yet. but my problem, NYSS didn’t give me copy of facial package ‘contract’ and i’ve heard several comment from this blog that state the ‘Contract’ said ‘no refundable’. (Let make this easy and say that i didn’t get any receipt or contract copy )Can i still demand for refund? and so stupid of me for not even read the papar that i sign.Please guide me.i really want my money back.I sign package for RM 4200(15 treatment) and already pay for RM 3000. and please give me the NYSS hq, i can’t find it on the net.



    3. Corner, i suggest u just write this in ur Form 1 as well, said they didn’t give u any “package contract” & receipt on the day u signed the package, so u were not informed about any terms & conditions(same to me, i only got it after 2nd meet up with the manger….). I believe this a strong point that the Court hearing judge will believe that NYSS is unethicaly conduct a misleading bussiness trade. For ur case, they shouldn’t charge u anything on the facial treatment package, besides the admin fee RM50 only. Aren’t u doing the RM38 first trial package (i mean u prepaid the RM38)??
      Of course u have the Right to demand a termination & refund when u are unwilling to start the package, Because we are the Consumer! Sure u will be asked to meet up their manager, specialist and they will try their best to persuade u stay with them… just don’t bother what they said during those meetings, meanwhile go file Tribunal(cause this would be ur capital to win back ur money–“the filed Tribunal Form 1”).


    4. Corner: in anything you buy, always always get the receipt even if you don’t need it to claim back tax or use it for filing. You can always recycle the paper a few months (wouldn’t say years for skincare treatments) later if there’s no problem with the purchase. That way, you’ll have proof of the transaction. Without proof, it will be harder to argue that what you claimed had happened but you can still try.

      Bear in mind that Tribunal also looks for proof – receipt, pictures of your skin before & after, unused/used products.


  238. i’m also thinking of cancelling the booked package previously….initially 4k was reduced to 3.2k for 10 sessions……this was on mid january…since then got many things to do……hadnt had d cance 4 the treatment sessions…….but still using the 6 products bought….milk cleanser, aqua cleanser, aqua toner, refining toner, moisturizer and soothing gel… first this product was ok….until 2 weeks later found out that has obvious white head on areas which i used to apply the products…..chins, cheeks, forehead…..already went for facial package at my regular salons……d beutician said d products may not suit me….already went there 5 times but the whitehead seems to stay….maybe has to reduce d usage…..try to avoid the 2 toners within this 1 week…c how it goes… bf was quite hesitant n insist 4 me 2 continue at nyss but i’m not confident wt the way they asking me to fork out d monet on d 1st place……thinking of coming bank to nyss next week to exchange rm300 deposit money for products…or better…refund…….should i??advice me!!!!

    also found out from the packaging that the aqua cleanser n refiner toner contains paraben which could cause cancer in long run!!!!

    oh god……..goin to get married end of this year n hope that i have that crystakl clear skin……
    should i just completely stop the product usage??????

    it causes whitehead n sum kinda bulges within my skin…….should i skip the regiments 2 c which particular ones that doesnt suit me????help gurls!!!


  239. forgot to tell…d first time i went i spent almost 1k….180 for the so called trial session as they r using d so called machines……kind of…cant remember….later….rm455 for the the 6 products for sensitive skin……n rm300 for the collagen treatment deposit…..kinda regret it…better spend it other ways or just save it……sob3….but now i’m still using the products…thinking how much i’ve spent on them…..but how bout d deposit??????300????thinking of getting refund or atleast exchange with other products…..maybe cleanser…eye cream….such……wat do u think…..lucky i come acroos this blog….or else be trapped with d scam….better save d money 4 my car installment or my wedding…….thank u…….no word can express my gratitude……u save me from pouring my hard earnd money to those sharkheads…….sucks!!!!!



  240. Juz won my case against NYS in the Consumer Tribunal last Fri. Hey, Girls…if you are not happy/felt cheated with what you have signed up for…please file your claim with Consumer Tribunal. Simple and fast process to get your money back…the Consumer Tribunal has a 45 days KPI to settle each case. Here’s a brief summary of my case :-

    Aug 2009- initiate claim of unused treatments after a blotched job facial, seeking RM5k
    Aug-Jan 10- correspondences with NYS , final offer from NYS RM2k.

    Jan10- filed with Consumer Tribunal for full refund of package of RM10k
    2 weeks later- 1st hearing- The judge(known as President here) tried to persuade NYS to settle at RM5k but they refuse to accept. President postponed to 2nd hearing to enable my doctor to give opinion.

    Mar 10- 2nd hearing- doctor was not present, President requested NYS to increase settlement amount and their final offer RM4k. President awarded RM6.5k, (RM1.5k more than my initial claim) and NYS to make payment within 2 weeks.

    Juz for info…on my 2nd hearing, there is another 2 claimants , one against NYS and another London Weight Management(same owner). All 3 of us won and got our money back!!!

    So, everybody out there…my advice, dont bother negotiating with them and waste your time…just file your claim with Consumer Tribunal. best of Luck!


  241. just to update here…i made up my mind this evening to take back d deposit money…
    when i came in there..they were all smiling but once they heard that i wanted to took back d deposit they made this face…umph…
    however, after saying that i got transferred at workplace…they have no other choice than returning d money 2 me…however cannot take pure money..have 2 exchange wt products la……ok la…..better than getting nothing at all…n also…persuade me to buy d collagen drink…..think saw d ad….rm196 times 3 ….aiyoooo!!!no more la…

    finally 300 turned to 4 products and plus another rm47 for eye cream…..great bargain…no any additional charge….n d beautician there also nice….tq….

    i just want 2 use the products on my own at home….

    now…i only apply bio-oil on nite tyme….nyss for makeup removing, moisturizing, soothing gel n eye cream…..

    too much laye r on face also no good maaaaaaa!!!!!

    had a great day…phew~~`


  242. hi all,

    i also had a really really bad experienced with NYS…at first when i came NYS 1 year ago, i only had scar problem without any pimples….during trial session, she said only rm49 but then, after registered, she asked me to pay rm120 for cold mask….i really do not know the procedure, bcoz of really desperate to have healthy skin, i just paid….then, she showed me the difference between & after the treatment & try to persuade me to pay rm2,500 for 20 sessions…i thought i only need to pay that amount….so stupid, after few treatment, my consultant asked me to top up another RM9K to get better result…really crazy, eventhough i said i dun have money, she asked me to call my brother & sister to borrow the money….when i said they cant borrow me the money, the manager showed the face to me…..i really felt the manager not being professional to the customer….but the staff really had a sweet talk…..but i also do not realised, almost 1 year, i had spent about rm17k!! wah, i’m so stupid, i’m not so rich & because of that, i cant pay my credit card almost 7 month…really suffer coz my salary only rm2k & 1 month i spent rm1k to my credit card….only recently, i have to use all my yearly bonus to settle it….since, now my face become more worst, & got a lot of pimples, & still left few session, i’m thinking to refund back my 17k…is it possible to do that…i also still have few products havent open until now coz the product not suit with my skin…i also change my hp no. so that they will stop calling me…& i thought just want to keep quite because really frustated & do not know that i can refund back my money coz last time my friend told me nobody can sue them coz i already sign the form…but, only now i know, can i still get my money back?? really appreciate if anyone can help me…thnx


  243. i have the same problem. As i just want to try for free trial, i ended up signing 20sessions for rm5.6k!!!! then i try to cancel..its too late! who can help me???


  244. OMG! i had just the same problem like yours. Im feeling like i have been cheated. The beautician failed to persuad me that she need to ask for her manager to do it. then they gave me 3 session for 600. so i sign up. just because i want to get out of there. they use very dirrrrtttyyy tactics to get their customer. ouh. should have gone to your blog first before going there. :(


  245. Hi,

    Instead of feeling regret and have lots of grumbling to nyss, I want to logde my case at Tribunal Pengguna to claim back my unused package (or maybe all money I spent!!) due to having itchiness, redness and even swollen on my face after 5 times of treatment.


    1) i just notice i dont even have the official receipt!! I remember they never gave receipt for package that i sign-up. They only gave receipt on product purchased. I even throw all the credit-card statement and slip. But, i have a so-called agreement photocopy which stated how much i paid, for wat package, i cannot ask for refund bla bla. Do you think nyss will deny that i have paid money to them? Will Tribunal for Consumer accept my lodegement if I don’t have proper receipt? (can any one let me know did nyss give you receipt for the package you sign?)

    2) I have downloaded Form 1 from Tribunal website. Im now stop at Name of Respondent, IC No, address etc. I don’t think those people in nyss will willing to give me this info. And im also not sure shall I fill in the name of the beauty therapist who did facial for me? Or the “skin specialist” who offered me this program? Any advise? Where is nyss HQ address in Malaysia? What is the company name?

    3) I read the instruction in Form 1, it said both party cannot be represented by lawyer. But I read one of the post in this forum, someone said nyss was represented by lawyer. True?

    4) Do I need a witness during hearing? I only have photo of my face showing the side effect. Thinking of who is willing to be my witness…



    May email me direct at


  246. Hi All,

    I just went to Tribunal on 23th April 2010. Is very easy. I went to PWTC one (near Legend hotel). We need to pay Rm5 for processing fees.
    My condition is i signed up for 20sessions worth RM5.6k using credit card (installment 18months). The branch is at Pavillion one.
    For address i think is better to write the branch that u went as it will be easier for the ppl thr to contact u for refund before hearing. haha.
    you can try to call the branch and ask for documents/add by saying “ur fren is interested, so u need to giv him/her some info. U will meet him later so better fax u asap cos my fren is sooo interested. he/she wont go to the branch before see all the documents that i signed up”. tat is wat i said to get some of the documents for me to put in attachment for Borang 1. haha…
    Now already 2nd day from the day i went Tribunal, my NYSS manager kept calling sayin she can reduce to 10sessions (she said cant before). Now I have to stand firm by telling her “i only wan refund, if not meet at the hearing”. she kept saying settle outside the mahakamah. haha…
    so guys, dont worry!!! juz go to Tribunal!
    FYI, my hearing will be on 17th May 2010. Hope I will get the refund before the hearing. haha…


    1. Hi Janice,

      1) who is the name of the respondence you put? in borang 1 we even have to fill in the IC number, which i dont think they will give la.

      2) when u sign-up your package, do you have a receipt? Or they just ask u to sign in their own document like me?

      3) your package is so cheap lar, RM5.6k for 20 session, just rm280 per session…student pacakge or just normal cleansing facial? this nyss price can be vary vary…terrible.

      4) why the tribunal need second hearing?

      5) do you need to have a witness to with u during the hearing?

      Thanks and Good luck.


  247. Kelvin,

    1. u juz put the co name “New York SKin sdn bhd”. IC no need to fill.
    2. i got no receipt, only the statement i sign from credit card. u can call NYSS to fax u. try to think of a lie so tat they will giv u the necessary doc.

    4. 17th may 2010 is my first hearing.
    5. witness no need la. if u can find someone also can. juz ask him/her tell the “judge” sayin ur face gettin worse la. but u can “sue” NYSS’s service, attitude, character etc.


  248. I filed with the Tribunal for the RM8k which was charged on my credit card to remove my facial acne scars. Treatments include a placenta treatment for the skin which was needed to ‘cure’ and ‘fade’ the scars but they never touch the area where the scars are with this super expensive treatment. My scars are pitted and deep and there were only 5 scar treatments in the package. They must be joking themselves if they think they can rid of it within 5 treatments. Some more tell me laser treatment to remove scars are harsh and their technique is so much better. I put every single detail of my account into the Form 1 and gave super HI-RES photos of before and after for the Tribunal. Had to spend some money and a lot of researching but it’s worth it to get ALL MY MONEY BACK!

    NYSS just made my skin break-out even more. I’m glad after all my 14 treatments I took close up photos of my face after the treatment.

    My hearing is on May 11th, and only today they called me to tell me they want to refund me for the other treatments which I haven’t used for 1K. I almost wanted to ask them to seriously go fuck themselves. They speak like 8K is not a lot of money.

    Wish me luck guys!


  249. Janice, good move! Keep saying NO NO NO. If they wanna settle outside by refunding you in FULL, then it must be a YES.
    Anon, you can only get back the money that is unused. if you signed up for 15 sessions and has used 14 sessions, then you only get a refund of 1 session worth of money.
    Kelvin, if you have any products, DO NOT OPEN at all! coz once unsealed consider sold.

    Good luck all.


  250. 1) Hi acnegirl, u mean we can only get back the refund ONLY for the unused treatment/product EVEN if v go to Tribunal? But from what i know, as long as v can proof that their product/services are defective, v can claim back no matter what is put in the “agreement”.

    2) below of wat i wish to share we shall bring out during hearing :-

    a) nyss always claim that their product is formulated in usa and packed in malaysia/singapore, so that their product can be sold tat cheap (which in fact is still not cheap). Some product even not stated is formulated in usa at all.
    b) she told me all nyss customer has 50% discount of product, but the price she sell to me is still same as price printed on the box, i ask her why she said is for the customer’s “convenience”. I also ask her in what situation the product will be sold at 100% price (bcos earlier she also told me nyss dun sell product to outsider), she said nyss will sell product to those 1st time walk-in. Sound fishy rite?
    c) Their face & eye ampouls, eye mask, collagen drinks (3 of the main product that they make money from us) do not have any discount – this one they never mention during sign-up, but will keep asking us to buy ! She told me, if i dun use it, then it waste the money i spend for my treatment. And do you notice they r not interested to ask us to buy other cheaper product (cleanser/moisturizer etc?) even v need it? i guess is bcos they dun make lots of money from selling tat stuff.
    d) the treatment they initial propose to us, mostly is for “repair” and to strengthen our foundation. This is a good tactic because even if v dun see any good improvement, they still can say “oh, your foundation is much better. Now if u want to see results, u hav to continue with more advance treatment. Else, u just waste your money.” Then they start to introduce us with their expensive treatment and seem like v r stupid if v stop the treatment. Curious to me is, if our skin foundation is strong, why cant v see any improvement at all as our inner layer of skin will grow out to the outer layer of skin.

    Besides, anyone can advise me where can i check the details of the product approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM). I want to check their ampouls where on the packaging stated “diluluskan of oleh KKM, MAL 05040675K”. From tat maybe i will know where this product is from….china/vietnam??



  251. Hi Kelvin,

    If you read all the above comments, most of the victims only get back what is unused. =(( I know how painful this can be, esp when you feel cheated and your pocket is burnt. But you can always try to convince the judge with your above comments. Perhaps the judge will command NYSS to refund you more. But just have the minimum thought in mind to avoid any disappointment later. Bottom line, NYSS is a total scam. Spread the bad news to everyone! I wish i could write to the press to complaint also. =)))

    Good luck!


  252. Hi acnegirl (sorry to call u this way… ),

    U r rite tat nyss is a total scam.
    I did know this world is full of con, but i wouldnt dream of there is such an con organisation with all the ladies doing the same con job (no gender descrimination here).

    p/s: if u still having prob with acne, mayb u can try 100% organic product which free of any chemicals/petroluem by-product. Ther is an organic face-care shop in the Garden 1st floor now, funny tat their product all 100% organic and 100% made in USA but still CHEAPER THAN NYSS !!


  253. and further to my previous post, product with main ingredients from plants does not mean organic. They may add in lots of chemical to preserve and process the plants….im wondering nyss always told me their products all natural but what else they put in tat make our skin redness and itchy, as complain by many ppl here.

    My previous salloon’s ampoulse have a very strong aroma of natural plants, but this nyss ampoulse other than color look nice but i cant smell anything at all!!


  254. My sessions with them has been going fine till yesterday. (the outlet in lot10) When i got there they told me my usual Beautician is on leave and i got this girl Audrey or something, from the 10 min mark onwards she was trying to sell me the “upgraded’ package that’s 580 rm for 10 sessions. Ive alraedy paid 3k ish i think for the package im on now (20 sessions) She was so hard selling i really felt like reaching up and snapping her neck while she was trying to talk me into upgrading. Ive been at work the whole day and wanted to go relax and sleep while im getting my facial but that girl kept on rambling about how my skin is now solid (ive got an acne problem and really i dont see the difference after 10 sessions) so my current package would be a waste and i should just upgrade. I kept trying to stall and saying i will have a think about it and after an hour she came back in and offered to start the upgraded treatment on the spot and i could pay 300 first. I told her ive got a 100 on me – (this is where i almost lost it) she said i read your file and you paid by credit card so why cant i sign it on my card again, so i said that it was my parents card and i really just started working and im not going to be able to spend that sort of money. So she actually asked how much i have in my atm card! I said nothing havent got paid etc so she said how about i pay the 100rm in wallet first then the rest next week. I rudely replied “how the hell im i suppose to pay parking and eat my dinner if i give you all my money?!@ wtf” then she said why dont i call my parents to ask if i can start the upgrade next week. Does she really think people piss cash out? Damn 6k package is like my half a year pay. Im really wondering about how im going to go back for my next treatment (Im fine with just finishing my package whether it’s a waste of money or not now, it’s too late) with them hard sellign again. It’s quite fucked up when they are trying to hard sell you things with needles on your face (extraction) you feel kinda vulnerable and scared to say no to them. I want to complain or just stop going for it.


  255. Oh it’s 580 per session. So that would make the totally package cost around 8k including the pacakge im on right now. And im only 22. Find me another 22 year old who has 8k to throw around.
    . Re read my comment and it wasnt that clear. Heh


  256. hi all,

    good news from me! NYSS called me and I went to see them this evening. i managed to get back my money before the hearing. THanks GOd!


  257. Hi Janice,
    So glad tat they willing to pay you back.
    Does they pay you back only the unused amount or what?
    Which nyss outlet u sign-up to?

    For those who have no yet make up their mind, i guess shall act fast, im wondering how long this company can sustain …


  258. kelvin,

    i nvr started my session so they paid full. if you feel after u gone so many sessions, u still not satisfied with the result, u can try to claim for full amount. i read tribunal booklet we can “sue” NYSS if not happy with the result they promised.
    I signed up in Pavilion but they will refer you to Midvallet if wan refund cos the “big” boss is at Midvalley branch.
    dont care if they can survive or not. juz go take back ur money…


    1. How is everyone? Manage to get back your refund?
      Nyss has promised me to refund me some of the amount, but they r keep dragging and giving empty promise and stupid excuses for the pass 2 months. And the person who can make decision is always hidden, only the clerk in HQ or the lady who did facial for me entertain me by saying,”i oso cant do anything wor, bcos i cant make decision de…”.

      So, just go to tribunal, dun wait. This is consumer’s rite.


    2. kelvin22: the staff that does the facial usually is the staff only, not branch manager or PIC (Person In Charge).. They also work there to earn money and their loyalty should be with the company. So if the staff can’t help your claim, look for the branch manager or it’s customer service. If all these fails, then go to Tribunal/Consumer Rights with proofs.


  259. My trial is over today but I will need to go back there June 22 (because for the next few weeks I will be out of this country)for the verdict of my case.

    NYSS will say anything to get out of trouble and even questioned how come I never claimed with the Tribunal earlier and finished 90% of my treatment then only claim with them. DUH! They already said I couldn’t get a refund, so I might as well go through the whole process and see what will happen right?

    Has anyone else had to come back to here the results of your trial?


  260. Hi Kelvin22,

    If you want to get back your money, no need to waste time to beg them pay you back. Just go to tribunal. Their manager or PIC (they said is Singapore HQ) will NOT see you if you don’t bring this to tribunal.
    It is a tactic they use to avoid you, and you will free sorry if you keep pushing the staff who cannot make decision and pretend to be very pity in front of you.

    I settled my refund last year without sueing them to tribunal, and now I regret.
    Reason is, this nyss will only pay your refund if they know that if you bring the case to tribunal, they will have to pay you more. So why satisfy with just some amount of refund only? And if they know that you don’t have enough proof/fact to win in tribunal, they will just ignore your claim. They are now experienced enough of being sue, so they know all this.

    One more I hate most is, they forced me to sign a so-called agreement letter before I got my refund/cheque, “ I agree that I will not disclose anything confidentials on nyss, and its product/service bla bla.”

    Damn it! If their products/facial left scar on your face, we also have to keep quiet? This is a fact, not their company secret. By what law or act they have the right to ask us stop talking?? They want us not to tell about their unethical business conduct which I think now is well-know.

    No wonder as I read through the forum here, those people will never post anything here after they got their refund, as scare of being sued back by this “con-pany”.

    I wish there will be a guy who is so rich, free and brave enough to sue this con-pany to the fullest.



  261. OMG! i don’t know from where did i get the idea to google NYSS in thefirst place, but i’m really thankful i did. n i stumbled upon this blog of urs. THANK YOU for warning us. i’m a student, n i have pimply and oily skin. i was quite interested with the ads NYSS made and i was thinking of trying their 1st free trial. my sister also tried it a few years ago but it did not improve her skin at all. now that i’ve read all of these comments, i know i should not go there n try. thanks!


  262. I am a 17 yrs old student with pimples all over my face. Been suffering it since form 3. I feel so stupid and used right now. Last week, I went to NYSS after my mum made an appointment for me. To my surprise, it was really a free trial but everything changed after I went through the facial. That lady was so pushy towards us. She offered a RM12000 and a RM8000 promotion price but my mum had to say no cause she needs to save some money for me to go to college soon. So after a few talks and all, the lady told my mum to pay RM500 because its only valid on that particular day. Surprisingly, all the things she said is totally the same with the comments above. If only I could turn back the time and refund that RM500 my mum paid. Too bad, I just came across this web.


  263. Hey SF,

    Sincerely, it’s better you spend only RM500 than RM 5,000 later and not have to go thru what we all went thru. tell your mom to bring you to see a skin specialist. it’s worth the money to spend it on a specialist, a doctor who is certified than these beautician who are more into commission, commission and commission for themselves and god knows who certified their skills. or they are just mere salesgirl?
    there are a few good specialist around. go see them. your pimpls will all soon go away. remember, you must be patient. your body takes time to adjust. no miracle can happen overnight. =)


    1. Hi AcneGirl,
      Ive been thinking the same too. Currently searching for a doctor who specialize in skin care. Let me know, if you know any! Thank you so much for the advice (:


  264. Hi SF and the rest,

    May i know what have those con-lady told u that make u pay them RM500 deposit? Since u already felt the facial is very expensive even with the “discount” and have decided not to go for it, then why u still want to pay deposit? So that they will maintain the “good price” if u feel u want it later or when u have enough money for the facial (or for them)? I just cant make out…

    Anyway, i dont mean u r all silly bcos im more silly than u all – i signed up their package in 1st visit!


    1. I noticed that the lady used the same tactics and words to all of the customers. Its like me and my mum was being hypnotized by her! Lol. But since I stumbled upon this web, I told my mum and we definitely doesn’t want to go there again. Never ever. But now, the lady is bugging me through phone calls telling me about their promotion. Again :/


    2. Hi SF,

      Same tactic u r rite, but why not u tell us wat tactic they use to convince u paying them RM500 deposit, even u r not intend to go for their facial? so tat the public can be awared and dun let this con-pany (good word from Karen) to do watever it likes.
      Pls take note tat even if now they offer u “good price”, but later on they will ask u to top-up and buy this and tat in order to see results. They will say if u dun top-up and buy their ampoules, it will be a ‘waste’ for what u have paid or done. Tats the tricks. U will still end up spending more than 10k in a year or so, and results not gaurantee (in black and white, jsut from thier mouth only).
      Their ampoules is the most expensive i encounter so far, RM180 per bottle and use 1 to 2 bottle everyday for 3 months! Crazy!


  265. kelvin22,

    I think SF wont tell you bcos he/she may have an unfair agreement with this con-pany that he/she wont disclose anything about nyss aka liar.

    Anyway, im now consolidating all their dirty tactic, their unfair price policy and over-exaggerated products/treatment, and i will compile all this and publish in all forums and papers if possible.

    Pls contribute your comment in point form here.



    1. The thing here is, they told me about all the so called price promotion after they have given me the facial treatment. Before they brought me in for the facial, that lady scanned my face and she actually said nothing about the price when my mother asked. The only thing she said was “we’ll discuss it after she (me) has undergo the facial treatment”.


    2. Dear SF,

      I think you dont get the question.
      Kelvin22 asked u why and when u pay them RM500 deposit and what was that for? Before the “free” trial?

      Do u mean that u straight a way pay them RM500 deposit (to book for the “good price”, which u did not know how much) before the con-lady explained about the price?

      But from wat u wrote: “She offered a RM12000 and a RM8000 promotion price but my mum had to say no cause she needs to save some money for me to go to college soon. So after a few talks and all, the lady told my mum to pay RM500 because its only valid on that particular day.”

      Seems like u still wanted to pay them RM500 even u felt that was expensive.
      They are really amusing!!


    3. Karen,

      I think i got wat SF mean.
      She was pulled into the facial “free trial” after the scan, after tat the con-lady will scan again and told how amusing was the 1st treatment and started to offer her “promotional price”, her mum refused and said need to save money 1st, then the con-lady offer a so-called deposit to book for the “good price” which is “limited”.
      Since SF have undergone the free trial, they may feel ambarrased not to sign-up and pay for anything. So they just paid 500 even they knew the chance they come back was very low.

      This nyss con-pany is using a well planned psyco tactic. So for those who go for “free trail”, be ready to sign-up (no matter how expensive it is), or pay them RM500 deposit (for nothing)!


  266. It’s unbelievable!!! How can this company still survive all these years to mislead the consumers. Wow, there are lots of negative comments, complaints in the Malay mail, cases in the tribunal too…

    How lucky am I to google first before going for my first trial. Thanks for the comments.

    Any suggestion for a good reputation beauty center? =)


  267. Yes, unbelievable!
    I oso dun believe b4 i went ther, as their ad in 8tv is so impressive but the negative comment in forum is so “exaggerated” (which turned out truth after i went there)!
    They still can survive is bcos of the tv ad(8tv shall stop it!), and many ppl (including me) have pre-assumption that tv ad cannot be that wrong and things that are expensive shall have a minimum quality. The fact is, they purposely raise the price yet their product & treatment is zero value.

    Take note, they r NOT from New York! They r malaysian and singapore company who are here to make money, worse than direct selling!


  268. NYSS SUCKS!!

    i have a severly burnt on my both cheeks and forehead after my 1st treatment on their so call the most expensive range! Please tell all your friends and family not to sign up any package with them. I suspected the beauty consultant turned on the ultrasonic machine temperature too high which they denied.

    Any recommendation for a good dermatologist for treating burnt scar?

    Please let me know.


  269. regret4ever: burnt scar on face!!! wat a terrible treatment =( . shld inform our frens & family to stay away from tis company.

    kelvin22: agreed wif u, their tv ad is persuasive. read ur story, wat a bad experience. pls read d following news, they have successfully claim their money back (hope it’s helpful & a little support 4 u, =) ).


  270. Thanks to unbelievable, im sure it will b useful to me and other victims here.
    I will get my refund soon, and it is true as mentioned by others here that nyss will not entertain u unless u go to tribunal or
    So for those current nyss customers(or victims), if u dun c the results as promised or even encounter worse skin problem (which nyss will say is ‘detoxation’), stop it and NEVER listen to them to top-up your treament, or buy their ampoulse/mask/collagen drinks which cost you thousandsSSS$$$ yet zero value.
    Go straight to tribunal or to refund watever you can.
    Do not feel that u hav “wasted” wat u have done/spent if you discontinue it. The money that u safe will allow u to go to other sallon for one year, bcos u cant find another sallon like nyss that can slaughter you 10 to 20k in just one year!


  271. hahaha…today i become a laughing stock in
    NYSC…a big applause to me :)…i go there as
    they advertise free trial on 1st customer…to
    make it short here it goes
    1. i register
    2. have skin screening
    3. get consultation
    4. get treatment(cleansing..mask applied by
    consultant..cleansing…extract whitehead by
    finger and tissue paper…mask applied by
    consultant…cleansing…mask applied by
    consult…cleansing…use anti static device
    claim to kill bacteria..mask applied by
    5. go to counseling room…said need 20 session
    to get results
    6. said no budget…zit…zero..
    7. said come for free trial…the consultant (ms
    kitty seem suprise)
    8. then i said to consider to continue…
    9. then i stop the persuation by saying these
    “I HOPE NYSC WOULD SPONSOR ME…” n what do i
    get..i become the joke of the day..n THEY NOT
    save me a lot of negotiation :)
    well…i don’t mind…although it bothers me a
    little…but look at the brigther least
    i brave enough to ask…


    1. hi suhaila,
      U r not just brave but great too, revenge on behalf of many of us…hahaha.
      If those con-lady felt tat u r a laughing stock, ask them does it mean those ad in 8tv about the free facial is a con and u r ‘stupid’ to believe their con.


  272. Damn. I signed up for a $3000 package. All their methods are the same. I have been scammed. I want a god damn refund. Any way to do it? I swear I will never step into a damn beauty salon again.


    1. hi haohao,

      U paid RM3000 for how many sesssion?
      Y u want to refund right after u sign up only?

      In fact, RM3000 is worth if that really bring u results (tat is wat u hope when u go there rite?), but, nyss will want u to go for facial every week, u will finish your package very fast and have to pay another 3000 again even u dun see any results. This is only happen in nyss, not other sallon. Later one, they will ask u to buy their mask and ampoulse which will be another few thousands agian!! they will say: If u dun buy, your facials are “wasted”? Die again…

      Omg, 8tv is putting advertisement for nyss again!! How can they do it?


    2. So you mean that there may be a chance that they can treat my skin? That they are no scamming me? If it cures my skin problem… I really dont mind paying…

      I’m from Singapore actually…I paid 3000 Sing dollars for 15 sessions.


    3. haohao,
      pls read my msg again.
      I said “IF it can cure, it is worth”. Since u r the one said u was scammed and want to get back refund, sure u has some issue with their treatment, and therefore i discouraged u to continue with nyss in my msg. But I do not know how u interpreted my msg as encouraging u.


    4. Hi all,
      8tv is helping nyss with all the impressive tv advertisement again!!
      It is expected many of them will be trapped again. One of my fren (who I forgotten to share with her the trick of nyss, so sorry) has also went there. B4 she went there, she has asked in-and-out, upside-down, again and again over the phone was the free-trial really free. The con-lady keep saying yes yes yes to her. But after she went there and after the facial, the con-lady asked her to sign up 20session at RM8k, she refused. Then the con-lady told her you have to pay for the “free” trial, bcos it is only “free” if you sign-up!!

      Therefore, all brother and sister, let help to stop this by writing and posting to all forum, newspaper, and if possible the person-in-charge in 8tv. I have listed out all my points, some of the point I copy and paste from other people. You may add in more and copy and paste to other forum which you can think of, in order to stop more victims.

      By doing this, this is not a crime, this is public welfare! If they don’t believe, ask them to go to Tribunal of consumer claim and see how many cases logded there.

      Unethical business conduct of New York Skin Solution:

      1) For the so-called free trial, you will be pulled into the facial after the scan, after tat the con-lady will scan again and tell how amusing was the 1st treatment and start to offer her “promotional price”, you will refuse and say need to save money 1st, then the con-lady offer a so-called deposit to book for the “good price” which is “limited”.
      Since you have undergone the free trial, you may feel embarrassed not to sign-up and pay for anything. So you may just paid 500 even you know the chance you come back is very low.
      This nyss con-pany is using a well planned psyco tactic. So for those who go for “free trail”, be ready to sign-up (no matter how expensive it is), or pay them RM500 deposit (for nothing)!

      2) Take note tat even if now they offer u “good price”, but later on they will ask u to top-up and buy this and tat in order to see results. They will say if u dun top-up and buy their ampoules, it will be a ‘waste’ for what u have paid or done. Tats the tricks. U will still end up spending more than 10k in a year or so, and results not gaurantee (in black and white, just from their mouth only).

      3) or they will ask you to go for facial every week or even every 3 days (they don’t care your skin can take it or not), so even if they offer you low price, u still finish your package very fast and have to top up again and again before you can see any results!! You can easily spend up to 20k in a year if you listen to whatever they said. If you have redness or peeling on skin, they will say “it is a detox and healing process” or they will say “you eat seafood rite? You dun get enough sleep rite?” and still ask you go there frequently to quickly finish your package and top up more. They don’t care want happen to your skin. When you sign up their facial, you will have to sign an agreement form (to protect themself) saying that you understand that you may have skin redness/itchy/etc on skin due to facial, and they will ask you to sign without any explanation and only after you have paid!! Watch out!

      4) nyss always claim that their product is formulated in usa and packed in malaysia/singapore, so that their product can be sold at cheap price (which in fact is still not cheap, and I don’t believe they are so considerate). Some products are even not stated are formulated in usa at all and they still say yes. Some product package stated “Product of Malaysia” but the lady told me just the box is product of Malaysia!! It is totally no logic tat the product is formulated/mixed in usa, then stored in big container, bring to Malaysia/Singapore and pack in small bottle. This is in fact more complicated (unless it is done manually – not sanitary!!) and how much it can save?

      5) she told me all nyss customer has 50% discount of product, but the price she sell to me is still same as price printed on the box, i ask her why she said is for the customer’s “convenience”. I also ask her in what situation the product will be sold at 100% price (bcos earlier she also told me nyss dun sell product to outsider), she said nyss will sell product to those 1st time walk-in. Sound fishy rite?

      6) Their face & eye ampouls, eye mask, collagen drinks (3 of the main product that they make money from us) do not have any discount – this one they never mention during sign-up, but will keep asking us to buy ! She told me, if i dun use it, then it waste the money i spend for my treatment. And do you notice they r not interested to ask us to buy other cheaper product (cleanser/moisturizer etc?) even v need it? i guess is bcos they dun make lots of money from selling tat stuff. Besides, for those expensive mask and ampouls, they will ask you to use EVERYDAY in order to see results!! Without caring your skin can tahan or not.

      7) the treatment they initially propose to us, mostly is for “repair” and to strengthen our foundation. This is a good tactic because even if v dun see any good improvement, they still can say “oh, your foundation is much better. Now if u want to see results, u hav to continue with more advance treatment. Else, u just waste your money.” Then they start to introduce us with their expensive treatment and seem like v r stupid if v stop the treatment. Curious to me is, if our skin foundation is strong, why cant v see any improvement at all?? as our inner layer of skin will grow out become the outer layer of skin.

      8) their staff facial skill is extremely low – their hands are either too soft and too hard, and one more for sure is too fast. Their cleansing takes less than 1 minutes (even without wipe off completely all cleanser), not thorough (they just simply touch both sides of your face and forehead only), lousy and forceful extraction skill, their facial massage less than 2 minutes too and really unskilled (I also can do it), and the so-called advanced ultra-sound treatment takes less than 5 minutes and only a few rotation around eye (it is a magic if that can improve your skin). Why? Because they serve more than one customer at the same time and want to make as much money as possible. They are not interested to improve your skin after you have paid them.

      9) they are very stringy on the material they use during facial. Their first mask is just a normal cheap sheet mask (like cold water or toner, cant feel any gel/cream texture at all). Every time I asked they will say it contains a lot of ingredients but don’t know what. Their second mask, usually they apply a very very thin layer of gel type mask on your face, then cover with a very very thick “cement” which will dry off and harden in 5 minutes. You can pick it from the dustbin and check after she walked away. And they isint any ampouls during the facial even that costs you a few hundreds per facial!! If you want, you buy separately, RM180 per bottle for one facial.

      10) their so-called “skin specialist” and the staff who do facial for you will “act” drama together to attract you to sign-up. If you feel the price offered is too high, then their “skin-specialist” will walk into the room and pretend to use her “power” to reduce the price “specially for you”, the normal staff will talk to the skin specialist “Wah, u offer her price like this low ah, then you have to sign on my behalf because I cant offer that low price…”. Then, you will feel that u r really stupid if u dun take that good opportunity to sign-up that “special price” package. I still remember when the staff told me that a “skin-specialist” will see me, I asked who she was, was she a doctor? That lady dared to answer me “Yes.” Later I found out that this so-called “skin specialist” are just her partner to convince me and make more money from me!

      Claim back money:-

      If you want to get back your money, no need to waste time to beg them pay you back. Just go to tribunal. Their manager or PIC (they said is Singapore HQ) will NOT see you if you don’t bring this to tribunal.
      It is a tactic they use to avoid you, and you will free sorry if you keep pushing the staff who cannot make decision and pretend to be very pity in front of you.

      I settled my refund last year without sueing them to tribunal, and now I regret.
      Reason is, this nyss will only pay your refund if they know that if you bring the case to tribunal, they will have to pay you more. So why satisfy with just some amount of refund only? And if they know that you don’t have enough proof/fact to win in tribunal, they will just ignore your claim. They are now experienced enough of being sued, so they know all this.

      One more I hate most is, they forced me to sign a so-called agreement letter before I got my refund/cheque, “ I agree that I will not disclose anything confidentials on nyss, and its product/service bla bla.”

      Damn it! If their products/facial left scar on your face, we also have to keep quiet? This is a fact and public welfare, not their company or product secret. By what law or act they have the right to ask us stop talking?? They want us not to tell about their unethical business conduct which I think now is well-know.

      No wonder as I read through the forum here, those people will never post anything here after they got their refund, as scare of being sued back by this “con-pany”.

      Good luck.


  273. hi nyssVictim,

    u really did a good job by listing 10 of their guilt…haha.
    Yes, nyss aka con-pany is making ad in 8tv again. 8tv make it like an ordinary tv program rather than advertisement, sure lots of ppl will get conned again. See their so-called “expert” to give advice, really want to smash my tv screen….benci!!
    This ppl will never pity u, they will keep asking u to pay more, even u hav spent over 10k without any results or even bad results. So no need to pity these unethical greedy women.
    Do write more!!


    1. Just saw nyss aka con-pany advertisement on newspaper, they claim can cure sensitive skin and somemore show an exaggerated before and after photo of “successful” story.
      Damn it! My face get sensitive due to their own facial and product, and the ONLY way they “solve” it is to ask me stop the facial until it cure by myself.
      And now they somemore dare to claim can cure sensitive skin.
      Wtf, u shall be thankful if nyss dont make your skin become sensitive!!


  274. Dear All,

    i’ve recently been conned as well, by London Weight Management.
    I did not realise all these posts until i signed up and later that night search in the net for their information.
    Then i came across all these n decided to cancel my transaction.
    i called them early next day, in the morning before they start their business, n the consultant asked me to present at the outlet personally to discuss over it.
    During the discussion later that evening with the consultant and a manager, i realised they do not intend to make any refund at all, instead, try to convince me to continue. also, they mention that it is really rare that a customer asked for refund from them and their reputation is good.
    They told me that they cant make decision on what to do with me yet, whether to give refund or not as they need to highlight it to their management. The manager also said that most likely i can only exchange with some products or sell the package to other friends. I want nothing else but my money back!

    i just sent a complaint to NCCC yesterday, hoping to get a reply from them soon.

    Can anyone here try to give me more insights of what i can do besides these?


    1. i doubt they will give u refunds. but if u say yes to their package, this is what will likely happen…

      well, for the first trial, they will make sure u lose at least 3kg to gain ur trust. but later on after u have signed up and paid for everything, u will only lose several grams for each session. the machine and treatment they use during trial is ‘better’ than the actual slimming session.

      if ur weight does not show an improvement, they will of course, put the blame on you..saying “u mesti tak jaga makan”, or “mesti you tak ikut diet kami beri”, or other shizzz.

      even if u sign-up for say, 10 sessions, they will try as hard as they can to extort more money from you by extending your sessions (of course, that means more money)..until they are satisfied that they have sucked ur pockets dry, only then will they stop.

      during ur sessions, they will try to sell their products to you i.e coffee, and whatnot. and if u say no, u will notice a major attitude difference and keep pressuring you till u say yes.

      these ppl are used to being sued and facing all sorts of attacks, so they are always improving in their defense strategy. they get better and more sly each day..for normal naive customers, they will twist their words and make u feel like ur at fault.

      but then again, by the end of the day, its up to the customers themselves to make a if you want to say NO. then just do so. with pride. ^_^


  275. Omg!! I have just paid RM3,700 as deposit for 30 sessions that costs RM10,000!! And now, I regret for signing up after reading these comments!! Damn regret now!!! Is there any way that I can cancel the package? Just tell them I wanna cancel? But I’m sure they won’t allow…how?!?! Can I file to Tribunal straight?


    1. Hi Ching, Can I know wht the result of your case pls? Did u manage to get the refund?\ I am in a similiar case with you, I am so so regret to signed a package with London Weight management which spent me 6k, after reading all these bad comments! Please advise. Thanks!


    2. Hi Ching, May I know how was your result with LWM at the end? Do you manage to claim your money back? I’m so so regret now to signup with them after read all the bad comments! I even insomnia at night to keep thinking…It not a small amount. Please advise. Thanks.


  276. Dear Ching,

    i’m on the same boat with u, still wonderin wat to do..
    10 for rm3900 at LWM.. they said the most give me rm2000 back, another rm1900 for products, wtf~ i haven start using anything..
    i think just talk to them first, then file a complaint to tribunal.. see wat can they do for u~


    1. Hi BabyJac, Can I know wht the result of your case pls? Did u manage to get the refund?\ I am in a similiar case with you, I am so so regret to signed a package with London Weight management which spent me 6k, after reading all these bad comments! Please advise.


  277. if you don’t take into account the extremely expensive price tag, is NYSS effective?
    my friend signed up for a rm5k program recently, she’s getting married soon so she wanted to get rid of her acne far, i don’t see any improvement..


    1. sarah,

      Just hav a quick look at comments above, already gave u answers from different ppl.
      Ur fren shall be thankful if they dont make her acne scar worse. Some said nyss purposely put scar on ur face so that u hav to continue the facial. I dun surprise on that, bcos those con-lady only want ur money(no matter u r rich or poor), they really dun treat u as human!


  278. haaa…u got that one right. these people force u like s#!%, and give terrible attitude when u say no..(compared to the fake smiles when u first enter)

    my friend had a similar experience…she had her trial session at a weight management centre and ended up saying yes (coz of the terrible pressure by the staff) and whats more irritating was that the staff ForceD her to buy the so called slimming coffee. currently she’s saying no and the staff got to a point saying “you buat treatment tak gunalah if tak beli kopi ni”…

    wtf? so the rm3000+ treatment is useless? have to buy the rm200+ coffee that is the ‘actual’ reason to the weight loss???

    now i don’t teman her to the centre anymore cause i will end up cursing watching their attitude towards the customers… they’re just pure money extorters who don’t give a shizz about their customers life….


  279. it’s true guy, NYSS is lying… i’ve done finished my treatment with NYSS for 3 month. You know how much i spend for this bullshit treatment??? it’s Rm7900.00..!
    it’s very dissappointed when the result is still same….
    i did my treatment at NYSS Empire gallery subang, selangor.


  280. oh my god…i cant believe how bad is the nyss…
    i just made an appoinment for trial…i was happy at that time, thinking of having reborn of my life..since i have terrible skin problems…
    however, i dont think i will attend for it after reading so many negative comments..
    thanks for pulling me from the tricks…


  281. i had my court session last monday, n managed to get 3705 back from the total 3900..

    for those who feel conned, just try and file a complaint to the consumer tribunal. they will help.


    1. Hi Babyjac, Seriously u can get back your money??? I haven’t start any session with them now, do u think I can get my money back thru NCCC? For your case, how long it take? I’m also worried if I fail the case, then their attitude will become more worst! I’m really dunno should start the 1-2 session with them first, or not start at all with directly complain to NCCC. Please advise. I really hope can get my money back…=(((


  282. really that NYSS so bad?????i baru jer meet my consultant yesterday???yes….mmg betul the staff forced me to pay for my next treatment…and before i go there, they told me that i will get free facial treatment for the 1st time..but after my consultant told about my skin problem, she introduced me to get 10x treatment for rm2k….but she give me student package rm 580 for 5x treatment….n im just a student cant pay that price…but she forced me to pay them rm200 first..but i said cant….n she forced me again paid rm100….n im very stupid dat time….i paId that price…..n what im very3 dissappointed about NYSS,they DIDNT GIVE THE FREE FACIAL TREATMENT just because i cant pay the full price……………….im really feel very stupid n fool there……………..plez help me, how can i get my money back even rm100 only……


  283. someone can tell me, if they call me for doing that treatment but i want cancel it…..can i do that???what will be happen if they told me that my ic no. have been registered?????plez help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  284. i’ve been paid for rm500 on 22-02-2011,and they gv me 3 product, full package is rm5000 20treatments + 8 products,they want me to paid d balance on 28-02-2011,should i continue to go thr? or jst walked away and cancelled it??
    im rely afraid if thr’s no effect after d treatmeants


    1. I suggest you to cancle it.. otherwise you will be like me.. spend more and more money to them but no result n skin getting worse… say NO to new york skin solution.


    2. this is my honest opinion on nyss.. it’s a waste time and money.. if you are willing to waste your hard-earned money, then go ahead..

      i’m telling you this from my experience.. i have to admit that i’m quite naive when i 1st visited nyss.. so they managed to trick me into spending thousands on their packages and products..

      to tell you the truth, i did not see any improvement on my skin condition and luckily it did not worsen them.. their basic salary is really low.. so they depend on their comission… that is why they are very aggresive when it comes to forcing you to buy their packages and products..

      my advise, if you have a skin problem go see a dermatologist..


    3. yes cancel it.. my situation also like u… they will forced u to spend ur money…i already been there… so fool of me…nothing effective…


    4. OMG!!! I paid almost 8K for 20 sessions @ the curve! Anyway, I’ve been there for about 5 sessions and really can’t say that anything has improved much except that after 1.5 hours of cleaning, well…my face was clean. For the 1st 3 sessions, the consultants were trying to get me to “upgrade” but just before I went to the 1st paid session, I saw my credit card bill and the blood just drained from my face. (Apparently I can’t say no to other companies asking me to donate or buy stuff on 0% installment..those installments DO add up to a lot…groann) I think they gave up trying to push me for an upgrade cos I miraculously managed to be firm and said no (Hurray!)
      Before this place, i’ve been to 2 different places and its the same thing…they’re always pushing you to buy their products or upgrade or something. Anyway, I think after my 20 session is up..I don’t want to continue…
      Is there anywhere that they don’t push products/upgrades on you ? please tell us so we can go there!


  285. hi. i pun kene. my credit card has problem. i tot i can runaway, but they forced me to pay cash. now, i used all my salary… and i have moredays to survive with no money…hv to wait my next salary. they are very mean and not pro. i went to NYSS empire-subang use rm28 voucher. now i am composing letter to them to claim back my money as i want to cancel this. they aren’t pro practising unethical business. if they do not want to return my money, i will straigthly complain to tribunal. i’ve emailed them asking their feedback… the feedback is “Puan,

    Dicadangkan supaya puan memfailkan tuntutan di Cawangan TTPM yang berdekatan. Dimaklumkan pendengaran di TTPM berdasarkan fakta dan undang-undang.

    Sekian, terima kasih.


  286. i went to NY skin care last year @ pavilion KL (around nov 2010). it made my skin EVEN MORE WORSE. i had bad break outs, acne & stuffs like that cuz i’m still a teenager. i was very very dissapointed with the treatment. my parents spent like thousands of ringgit hoping that NY skin care will cure my face condition. during the treatment, they’ll do the blemishes extraction (like mentioned in the article) & later, it leave bad scars on my cheek including red spots & ice pick scars (google it to know more). the beautician forced me to do the other treatment to get rid of red marks that will cost me RM 5800. But, i said NO!. seriously, that lady made my face even more worse. i suspected that she made it intentionally so that she can force her patient to spend more RM. she said that 10 treatments = RM 2800. but if i pay RM 5800, i’ll get 10 treatments FREE 10 treatments. if u multiply
    RM 2800 X 2=RM 58000.
    actually u BUY for those 10 free 10 treatments. there is NO FREE IN THE FIRST PLACE. they just want to tempt people with the word “FREE”…
    i’m really really regretted for going there. i wish i could sue NY skin care.


  287. Went to New York Skin Solutions for a first trial ytd.. I admit their service is good (for the 1st time only) and have seen slight effect aft that.

    But what i dislike is that they use their freaking hard-core methods to force people to sign their package the day itself if not you don’t need to walk out of their shop. Super idiotic consultant they have there. But luckily I nvr fall for their trap and just walked off.


    1. I went too. I like the result but really dont like their method to force people. They asked me to buy 10 session facial + 20 session eye treatment (i have dark circle), I managed to get discount. So end up signing the package RM1500 for 5 facial + 10 eye treatment. I will say NO until I finish all sessions then decide if I want to continue or not. My sis also sign-up but she scold them first because they keep her waiting too long so they really treated her well. She also get discount. Hope can see better improvement. Btw, they have gut to ask my sis to pinjam my credit card to pay my sis’s treatment…what the heck…my sis scold them again…hahaha…


  288. Thought of giving it a try for NYSS. Glad that I read this website before deciding to go and starting a nightmare…………..phew !

    Thanks to those who had shared their experience here for others to escape from this terrible salon.


  289. NYSS really a shit company,which look for hard-sell to archieve company target.Never care about consumer feeling.Must learn to said “NO” for this type of company sales if not than sorry to said u’ll the victim.NYSS consultant or beautician are not well train,professional,they will try us only.Please be extra carefull.


    1. I have buy this voucher from My deal and go to the facial last week at Ipoh Branch..Guess what..just like the previous post..after the facial,they push me to sign up a package 10 treatment RM2800 + free 3 product..I say i have financial contraint and they offer me half means RM1400 for 5 session + 1 free product..i say no..they offer again 3 session RM840+3 eye treatment..i say no..and they say have 0% installment..and again i say no..then they offer me again student package RM560 for 3 session and i insist say that i dont have credit card.. surprisingly they ask me to use my parent credit card..i wonder they can ask me like that..

      Finally i only buy a soothing cream RM92 and take the free gift and go off..i think this is over..but they keep on calling me to reduce the price of the package and is so annoying..anyone please help…


    2. If you tell them you are very poor, they will give more “discount” than the original price. It depends on how they perceive your $ status & how you project yourself. So, the price of the products & services are not standard. Just be aware of this tactic.


    3. I believe you can lodge this complaint to also so that they are aware of such bad service and is able to anticipate more customer complaints and deal with NYSS directly.


  290. Hi, I’m very lucky coz i’ve found this thread…u know, i’ve the appointment with nyss on 28th May..I came across this “super magic promotion” from newspaper where ppl need to match the person b4 n after da treatment n they will get free treatment..n i was just saje2 sent msg n nyss called me n ask my prob n gave da appointment date….actually i don’t believe thsi but wanna try, after read all the comments here i decide not to go. N if they call me i’ll ignore them..


  291. Yesterday my sister went for NYSS for facial treatment, she got the free treatment because of sms to join the contest then won the prize. This one was the cheating, when she reached there the consultant help her to scan her skin then said her skin more serious need get the special treatment so need to top up cash to get the special facial treatment, she asked my sis to sign the facial package for 11 sessions for $1700, my sister refuse to sign package because quite expensive, then she keep to ask my sis sign 6 sessions or 3 sessions but my sis still refuse to sign package. Then my sis ask can think she never went there because she dun think to try this facial already but the consultant say cannot, what the meaning “cannot”, I am the customer I got the right to reject any trade however this one still is free treatment, my sis still young and alone to there, because of this “cannot” she just paid the money then do the treatment. After I know this event, i very angry then go back with my sis to get the explanation what the meaning cannot leave, we hope can get the answer from them, but the answer was because they reserve the 2.5 hrs to let u do the treatment so must be finished to doing the treatment, wat the fucking answer, I am the consumer I got the right to decide, I never see any T&C must be doing the treatment after doing the skin scanning however this one still is free one, they just keep to said this point and is the company rules, we dun agree then finally the branch manager just ask us get out from there, what the poor service and the word shout out from a manager, I never saw the service like that, how can they treat customer like that, this is a cheating and bad service, I suggest better dun want consume in this shop, 0 star service and bad reputation, I must be complaint to the consumer association of Singapore and newspaper to get back our dignity.


  292. hi, yesterday i went to the NYSS coz winning their contest and get free treatment worth RM699. I wonder after the treatment, the cost of the treatment actually was only about 300++. never mind coz i thought it was free.Then suddenly the beautician approached me to signup package worth RM9000 and after less is about RM4500. i said i cannot pay for the price and she go for the lowest package worth RM3000++ (not too low actually). Arghh.. then my credit card got problem n she want me to pay deposit RM500 and she gave me 6 step products. After read all the comments and i also cannot afford to signup the package, should i cancel straight away?help me..i’m in dillema whether to cancel it or not.


    1. Dear Faza,

      I have signed up a RM6k package with New York Skin Care but I have decided to cancel it due to financial constraints and the negative comment from the public. They did proposed me the refund amount but I have rejected them as by law they have to pay me more which they reluctant to pay and keep saying that I will get lesser if bring the matter to consumer tribunal. With the advise of NCCC and consumer tribunal, I have lodged file with consumer tribunal and my care will be hear on 9 August 2011.


  293. Hi, 1st of all I would like to express my gratitude to Ms Diwi on her advice given. I too is almost a victim of NYSS. Two days ago I brought my girlfriend for a trial on their facial treatment. It was a deal in which I purchased from the website which costs me only RM10. At 1st it was kind of attractive whereby it was a 90% discount deal with a free set of mini facial treatment set and RM300 voucher. Since it’s just RM10, I brought my girlfriend for the trial and there’s no harm trying,right? According to the NYSS staffs, the treatment will take 3 hours to complete however I was shocked when my girlfriend called me to fetch her after an one and a half hour. When I reached there, the so called beautician is presenting the package to my girlfriend and guess how much it cost? A whooping RM7,000 for 20 treatments. Again, I’m in shocked. Upon seeing my arrival, the beautician try to convince me into signing up the package for my girlfriend and I told her that I would like to consider and discuss it with my girlfriend upon reaching home but the beautician seems like over hard selling and she even try to sweet talk us into signing a lower package deal or just purchase a set of the facial treatment set which is around RM500++. Again, I told her that this is not the time for us to commit. The beautician told us that the promotional price is only valid on that day itself and ask us to at least purchase 1-2 sessions of the facial treatment to secure a membership so that in the future, the price will remain as a promotional price. I was reluctant to sign and from my working experience in customer service and front line sales environment, there is no such thing as “TODAY ONLY PROMOTIONAL PRICE”. These are all marketing tactics and strategy. Finally, when we ask her to give us a few hours for us to decide only then she let us go. Upon leaving, apart from the beautician’s name card, we don’t even get the free gift and the voucher as what have written in the deal that I purchased. To add on, according to my girlfriend, during the session of the treatment, the beautician even asked her how much is my girlfriend’s credit card limit. Why would they want to ask such a private & confidential question even though they want to sell us something? It totally ridiculous. No doubt that every man would like their other half to have a healthy and beautiful skin however for me, like most of the writers who wrote here, it’s better to find a skin specialist or dermatologist.


  294. hello i always go in jusco kepong for grocery so while waiting for my husband somewhere i saw this NY skin solution,,my face doesnt that bad but i do facial every month so,,i was standing outside and looking for there broch 1 chinese lady talk to me and explaine there package she told me its for 580rm i told her i willl think 1st but she just keep talking taht there promo just untill that date then she told me i can sign up frst so that i can avail the promo wen i decide to do it,,but i refuse coz i want to check first in google because were talking about a hundreds of money here so i just want to be carefully spending…wen i check in google it’s all bad comments,,,not even a single gud 1 comments..lucky i didnt sign up for that treatment..thank u guys for sharing your views…its really helping


  295. hii…

    not sure if what i’m going to post suited here…

    1st of all…thank God that i’d managed to read this thread b4 made my way to NYSC…currently am having eczema (due to asthma, that’s what the dermatologist told me) and is constantly looking for skincare that suited my condition…thinking of trying Dermalogica…but then my bf suggested NYSC since they are more specialized in skin –> dn know where he got that info…any way right now will certainly not going s 2 there…ever!!!thanks to all…

    however…i would 2 suggest this 1 aesthetic clinic called as ‘Klinik Ayu Jelita’…somewhere in TTDI…was recommended by one of my mom’s colleagues…this clnc is more towards skin and weight management –> ooops…does not include hair…sorry…(n_n)…

    anyway…regarding on their service…the best i’ve encountered b4…my mom 1st went for their weight management…she undergo lipolysis on the tummy 4 around RM3500…including several other services like radio frequency and some what i can’t remember…later on…mommy decided to take their laser package 4 my big sis (she used to be suffering from acne breakouts…which cause her face full of acne and scars!!!)

    the package my mom chose was about RM1500…included was 3X laser treatment…3X skin whitening shot…3X microdermabrasion…and 3X mesoplasma…to me…it’s quite affordable to such by just RM1500…(not sure with u guys…hehe)

    later on my mom bought another laser package to reduce her pigmentation…which is also RM1500…but with other things almost as the same as the 1 my sis took…and i have been taking their whitening package since my skin is not as bad as my sis –> not sure if eczema is more severe than acne…but mine is not that severe…pheww…thank God…

    so far…i could see differences in both my mom and sis where mommy physically slimmer than b4 –> especially her butt part…o.O…sorry mommy…and sis where her acne gradually decrease by the time she’s having her 2nd laser treatment…on her 3rd…the doctor (yup!!!it’s been handled by real doctor specialized in aesthetic field) said that what’s only left is to clear off her scars…

    also forgot that mommy’s pigmentation do also decrease through every session…and their product is not that expensive…except for some of their medications…but still…everything is done direct supervision of the doctor –> forgot their names…1st timers are required to make in-clinic appointment and there’s a price list for all of their services tooo…no pushy assistants and this i can assure you…been there almost every weekend to accompany mommy and big sis…

    hope this will help for those who’s looking for affordable services in skin and weight management…again…sorry if my post is somewhat inappropriate for this thread or make u guys feel like “ish budak ni…buat semak thread orang jela…” hehehe…

    thanks and best regards,
    -aba abdul-


    1. plus…their won’t force u 2 become members…BTW…mommy’s is thinking of becoming 1…RM12k annually with unlimited treatment…not sure if this apply to all of their treatment though…didn’t hear enough when mommy’s discussing with her clinic assistant…


  296. I too am a victim of NYSS (laughable that it has a connection to New York since it’s a Singaporean company). I’m not usually a gullible fool as I have lived in London and New York but I have been in this case. They took advantage of my skin condition (syringoma) and first misdiagnosed it as milia seeds which I corrected and then asked me to get a package to have the treatments. This was just the beginning….. They deliberately made me sign a package that didn’t include the actual syringoma treatment so I would sign up twice, thus costing me twice as much. I am disgusted with NYSS and my consultant (who is totally two-faced without a genuine bone in her body). I feel sorry for my consultant as she lives in her mother’s home with her husband and son but it’s not my problem to pay for her to have a better life at my financial expense just because I have a skin condition? It costs $350 to have laser or less and thousands to use NYSS. They even lied to me about the benefit of ampoules for syringoma (typical). Needless to say I won’t be using NYSS after my sessions. I’ll give them a New York “like hell no”. Just kidding – I’ll continue to be polite and bore them with my financial constraints so they will force me out of the door before you can say “ampoule”!


  297. Hi all, after reading all these comments make me doubtful whether I should continue the treatment package or not. My sister paid FULL amount (RM 2888 ; so called the CNY promo. 10x treatments plus complete set of products) I paid deposit RM 500 on the same day my sister signed up, supposed to have another appointment this coming weekend to clear off debts. Erm, I should have googled before signing up. My sister called me today, told me she has a lot of breakouts after her 1st package treatment. So I googled to see if there is any case and to my surprise found out so many complaints. Gosh. Should we continue? My foot is half way in, should I proceed further? My skin was alright, nothing major. >.<


  298. All victim,

    You definitely can fight for yourself if you lodge the case with tribunal. I got back my money. They approached me immediately after received the notice I given to them that I have lodged my claim with tribunal.

    If you personally request a refund from them, they will not entertain you unless u bring the case to tribunal.

    Fight for yourself … don’t wait.


    1. Hi Cal, How you claim to tribunal?? What documents or evidence u bring to? Very unlucky, i also a victim NYSS….. They made my face scar!!!!! I complaint to them, they said must have scar because it is too deep, very sturborn & cannot move out easier……. so the result must have scar!!!! Somemore, they always like to change the service gal to me as gave me alot of excuse said she was very busy on others customers!!!!!! Therefore, i am very dislike their service attitude, not proffesional!!!! I said I want to complaint, they said NYSS never rcv any complaint & will not make ppl face become ugly!!!!


  299. Hi all, I think i’m another victim here, I signed up a package RM3000 for 10 session 3 months ago. I have only used up 4 session but found not much improvement on my face and not worth for RM300/ session, also not satisfied with their service. They also asked me to sign another package for step 2 to see better improvement but I refused. After see all yours comments I also want to stop it and get back all my balance money for the non used session. If I lodge the case with tribunal can I get back all the balance money RM1800? Tribunal means ” Pejabat Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi Dan Kepenggunaan”? Please help. Thanks


  300. I’m another victim, may I know the tribunal means Pejabat Perdagangan Dalam Negeri,Koperasi Dan Kepenggunaan? Just fill up the form and submit to them? Thanks


  301. If only i read this post earlier, then maybe I wouldnt be the next victim. Last month, I signed up for their package which costs me RM4,000 for a 10 + free 3, collagen treatment. I paid by credit card with 24 months installment. I have a very sensitive skin. It becomes red easily when exposed to sun. I do have pimples occasionally especially during periods time but mine are not serious. My only concern is that I have a very large pores… The so called consultant was really very hard sell. She would say something like, “You are still so young, u wanna live like this forever?” And continue to persuade you to sign up for their package. Then she continue like… Since u r still young, ur skins can repair vr well. But the thing i hate the most is when she said… You sign up la, help yourself and also help me ma… (she probably talking bout her attractive commission) I was like… WTF, why should I help you at my own expense? At the end, I signed up…30% is because of their hard sell tactic, 70% is because I wanna make a difference, I wanna look pretty. Seriously, the package is really overpriced… But i was thinking if it works, then it is worth. But reading the comments here really make me lose confidence on them. I already went 2nd treatments. And she already starting to persuade me to buy their collagen drinks. Not that hard sell this time… but i believe she will try harder n harder next time. I’m not scared of them… If they r rude, I will be more rude.. I’m just praying that the treatments works, or else….. my money would just gone like that. Anyway, from what I read above… Some I have encountered and it is true. Even u have made appointment, sometimes, u will have to wait n wait n wait. They will clean ur face for less than 20 second then start putting mask n leave u there for 40 minutes.


  302. The facial offered by New York Skin Solution is really bad. it is the worst salon i had never seen before. i went to the seremban branch to get my first free trial facial. After filling some forms, the beutician started to do some scanning on my skin. She said my skin is oily,dehydrated, sensitive and most of my pores are clogged. She was scared me by saying my skin is in a very critical condition and need to get a proper treatment immediately. Later, she brought me to a small room for the treatment. After a two hours facial session, that beautician did some scanning on my facial also and she did some comparision of the skin for the pre and post treatment. Then, the beautician was started to persue me to purchase the detox facial treatment. The price for the 20 times facial treatment was rm5600, 10 times facial treatment was rm2800. Wasai, it was too expansive. That why, i asked her to offer me another promotion package. That was a 3 times facial treatment which costs rm988.Then, i purchased that package. After two weeks, i went to have my facial treatment. During the facial treatment, i found out my beautician was using another type of gel as the smell is totally different. The peppermint smell is getting stronger and stronger and i got panic attack. The beautician quickly remove the double mask and replaced it by using a paper mask. The next day, i found out my facial was started to get inflammed and the pimples are reappered. This caused me have to spend another sum of money to get a consultation from a dermatologist. This is my bad experience in new york skin solution. i hope you guys will not go to any branches of nyss to get a free first trial because it will the begining of a nightmare. The consultation from a dermatologist will be the best choice.


  303. I have been browsing online more than 3 hours today, yet I by no means found any fascinating article like yours. It is lovely worth enough for me. Personally, if all webmasters and bloggers made excellent content as you did, the internet will probably be much more helpful than ever before.


  304. I’m really regret didnt do proper search before i sign up package at NYSS. I went there by FOC 1st trial. That time i’m facing acnes problem. It helps but there is how night mare start. Even i’d sign 3.5k collagen package after 1st trial. Later their tactic is try to get u sign as much as they can. 2nd visit persuade me buy on ampules. Another 1.8k. Then 4th visit again introduce another facial package. Saying my skin tone not even and dry need top up better package to see improve. So damn another 4.2k. Later they are never ending hard sell more and more. Even saying credit card limit end, they’ll ask you apply another credit card to sign their crazy ampule package which 50bottle @3ml each RM14k…. See how they wanna kill and eat you deeply…